The BLOG site:

is a reconstruction of over 10 years of weekly bloging about music, politics and trivial issues.
This brand new site is a reconstruction after some unfortuante incident.
Still, the content will be the same.

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is a list of some novel that are free for anyone to read.
(Click on the links.)

Novel to read (links) Description
Norden Star Norden Star - en novelle om grenseløs politikk i grenseland.
0,11% (XXY-47) En ny novelle-samling baseret på den dystopiske verden i historien 11%.
Hovedpersonen er dog en mand i eksil da gynokratiet ikke ved hvad de skal gøre med hans genetiske afvig.
Newfound Land

An adventurous fiction that hypothesis on questions related to the Greenland colony.
It can now be seen as an spin-off to the TV series ‘Vikings’ – although written long before that.

Accidental Genesis A Science Fiction novel (draft) where some tries to explain why and how most of our solar system seem like the ruins of a battle-field. However, the hypothesis has unforseen concequences that lead to where we are today.

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a playlist of 370 live concerts during a year of lockdown

Festivalen (link to site)

 Lunar Visions