Crazy - Gnarls Barkley (Space Jazz Cover) ft. Hannah Gill & Casey Abrams


Ukens Utvalgte

Once again, inspired by the greetings, this annual UU is kind of ‘omni’. It is an attempt to uncover some issues of the midway milestone of the current Era (Age). No one seems to be willing and able to end the Church’s millennium war towards itself. Still, the Game ends itself due to the expiring date of this Era. Then, the quest is rather how to overcome this shift in a saner way than the previous ones.


The ‘Great Schism’ came to attention just recently, - although it has been an epic milestone for a thousand years. In fact, -that discovery alters most historical perceptions of our world. The Church was united by the Trinity until the year 1054. Then there was split into the Orthodox East and the Catholic West. The orthodox claimed that spirits had become superior to humans. The disagreement escalated into mutual accusations of heresy. Finally, the East and the West excommunicated and expelled each other. Our world is still split into East vs West. This millennium of the Church’s war towards itself is probably a cause to most East-West conflicts. For example, a recent conflict is that the Ukrainian Church broke free of the ROC dominance. Therefore, there is a reason to question if other conflicts are as fundamental, like; the Inquisitions, the Crusades, The Mongol invasions, the Thirty Years' War, The Great Northern War, the Fatherland Wars, the JFK assassination and the Cold War – as well as the current global conflicts.


Clinically, the Great Schism is ‘self-harming’ due to a collective Minor Complex syndrome. Yet, a healthy positive attitude towards oneself and others is; OK-OK (I’m, OK – you’re OK). The Great Schism is degrading the counterpart into not-OK (KO). This mutual downwards spiral of negative attitudes and actions towards each other leads to the KO-KO mentality. This negative mental state produces and projects psychosocial traumas like mass-psychosis, -neurosis and -schizophrenia. This never-ending GoT (Game of Temples) has been its deadlock for 1000 years - and escalates like a Pyramid Game. The wholy Church could resolve its dysfunctionality - if willing and able. Still that requires a collective clerical mental shift from Denials to Realizations – which requires admitting that Believes include some untruths – and admitting that even priests have human faults. (Note that GoT is not of true Belief, but Games People Play. See more in blogs like UU20160401.)


Some kinds of denials and deceptional untruths are described in blogs like UU20151023:

·         Based on theories found in Wikipedia, the merged stages (of crisis handling) are here defined as: denial; acceptance and hope; grief and anger; diagnosis and conclusion; bargaining and settlements; treatment, healing and post-traumatic care. There are different kinds of denials too, like; denials of responsibility; denials of impact; denials of cycle; denials of awareness; and denial of denial.” 

·         Furthermore, “A classification (of deceptions) counts 34 categories. Bad faith, Barefaced lie, Big lie, Bluffing, Bullshit, Butler lie, Contextual lie, Cover-up, Deflecting, Delusions, Dismissal, Economical with the truth, Exaggeration, Fabrication, Fib, Fraud, Half-truth, Haystack answer, Honest lie, Jocose lie, Lie-to-children, Lying by omission, Lying in trade, Minimization, Misleading and dissembling, Noble lie, Omission, Pathological lie, Perjury, Polite lie, Puffery, Speaking with forked tongue, Weasel word & White lie.”

The reason for the Great Schism of the Church is not officially explained. However, models from the previous UU blogs could be helpful to such a quest, like; the 3^3 psychosocial model of Drive, Will and Belief; the 3D models of ethics (Good/Constructive/Right vs Bad/Destructive/Wrong); the 5D model for history and scenarios; and the P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) analysis. (More about this in blogs like UU20160513)


Nevertheless, here are some untraditional views that are related to this Black Hole in history:

·         Basically, the Christian calendar is fundamentally based on Egyptian astrology and the 12 zodiac star constellations. The Moon makes a full circle in a year and the Sun in ca. 26000 years. Now, after 2000 years, the Sun moves out of the Phishes Era and into the Aquarius Era. This is as epical as when the time was reset to 0. (More about this in blogs like UU20170414)

·         Great astronomical events have been interpreted as miracles, like revelations and a Second Comings. One such major event was observed in 1054, although it really happened about 5000 years earlier. Midways in this Phishes Era, - Orion’s head went supernova and became the new brightest star. The Orion’s Belt, i.e. the Three Kings, still follow the (previous) brightest star, Sirius. The interception line with the Southern Cross, points to where the Sun turns to a new Zodiac Era/Age. The event occurs every 2160 years at an average. Moreover, the constellation Orion is located between the Zodiac constellations, the Twin and the Taurus, which represents the last of the true Egyptian Ages. The Taurus’ horn touch Orion’s head, which is now seen as the Crab nebula.

It must have been as impossible to explain this sudden ‘miracle’ as well as the myriads of altered consequences. The dilemma might have caused unanswerable theological disputes and escalated into the Great Schism.


If any conclusions, The Great Schism of the Church seems unresolvable as a Gordian Knot. However, this spiritual knot cannot be resolved by such violence – or any kind of insanity. The respond to destructive GoT Games are probably Good Games. Yet, some suggestions are here:

·         Dare to communicate again by nullifying the expelling and excommunications.

·         Dare to end the KO-KO syndrome by altering to an OK-OK mentality.

·         Dare to go from Denials to Realizations in order to end the organisational dysfunctionality.

·         Dare to annul occults scrips like the ‘John’s Book of Revelation’ that condemns most humans.

·         Dare forgiving yourselves and each other for sins in the past.

Heresy – maybe, - but never blasphemous.



The original song ‘Crazy’ needs no introduction – it is overwhelmingly reflective. It was the debut single by the American soul duo Gnarls Barkley. No wonder, it is selected by Post Modern Juke Box. Also see the presentation of the original at UU20130405.)


Crazy - Gnarls Barkley (Space Jazz Cover) ft. Hannah Gill & Casey Abrams + Lyrics

The original 'Gnarls Barkley - Crazy'


Some Wikipedia links:–West_Schism
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Extra UU1 Thomas Dolby – Eastern Block

Thomas Dolby has been selected several times in these UU blogs. He had many innovative songs in the top of his career. The ‘Eastern Bloc’ is a synth-pop classic and is inspired of the atmosphere of the Cold War. It makes one think that it still is as relevant today, - and even in the near future. Thomas has also some political texts. The names ‘Joey’ and ‘Georgie’ refers to the US and SU presidents at the time. The guest guitarist is Eddie van Halen.


The Brexit heist has dysfunctionalized the UK Parliament. The organisation is in a state of schizophrenic mass-psychosis and paralyzed. The Brexit is related to the non-European attempt to split the EU parliament. However, it backfired, since no true European could see any gain of such a CdE Game towards oneself. The parliamentary crises have rather raised the western awareness and strengthen the defense as in ‘One for all – All for one’. Moving from Denials to Realisation is the main cure for such organisational Dysfunctionality. Therefore, the UK parliament should ask their allied in EU parliament to end this futile attack.


Thomas Dolby - Eastern Bloc + lyrics

(The title song to the album ‘Heretics and Astronauts)

Thomas Dolby - That's Why People Fall in Love + lyrics

Heresy – maybe, - but never blasphemous.



Extra UU2 Nick Cave - Messiah Ward

“Dagmar’s last meeting with Rasputin’ is an association to the blog UU20140530. The song title ‘Messiah Ward’ hints to mental institutions. In other words, this is a different point of view on 1914, EWW1 and that century. With all the hinter sight in this century, it is easier to see the Moves, the Players and the Motives, in addition to see who really won and lost. The plot should be discovered after a hundred years, namely to convert Roma3 from Throne/Temple in St. Petersburg to State in Moscow.” “The rivalries of the past century are previously investigated in UU, especially in the Theme ‘LifeQuality and Empires’. Now, as the theme has reached 1914, it is built on the previous writings and with a different point of view. It certainly goes very wrong if one tries to explain insanity only with sanity. The two are not correlated and should not ever be presented as such. Unfortunately, exactly that happened after the unpredictable ‘Big Bang’ in 1908.” (See UU20140530 for more.)


The extraordinary astronomical event happened in Siberia/Tunguska in 1908. Soon the Church abandoned the Throne in St. Petersburg and allied with the State in Moscow. The Siberian Shaman Rasputin entered the Palace via Moscow and caused great distress to the Throne. Theocratic interpretations probably forced the abdication of the Tsar. However, there were warnings that an assassination of Shaman would release something even worse. That might have been Mongolian shamanism, where Genghis Khan is the main spiritual embodiment, which consists of 99 gods (tngri) where the 44 are the terrifying black ones.

Still, today, shamanism should not fill the vacuum left after blasphemous imams and preachers, that blames God for own misleads and misdeeds.


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Messiah Ward + Lyrics + live



Extra UU3 The HU - Wolf Totem

The Hu is a Mongolian heavy metal band. They call their style ‘hunnu rock’. It includes Mongolian throat singing and the Morin khuur. The video ‘Wolf Totem’ was released in 2018 and got 10s of millions of views as well as reaching the Billboard's Hard Rock Digital Song Sales. The band wants to release the first album 'Gereg’ this year. The album tittle is the term used for a diplomatic passport from the time of Genghis Khan.


Mongolian shamanism is as underestimated as it is unknown. Such theocratic ignorance has caused comprehensive overrun like the two invasions of Beijing and Europe. The ROC should not have provoked the polar shamans and blamed the RCC in the 1400 century. That seems like a Game of LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight) - based on the script in ‘John’s Book of Revelation’. Obviously, the Mongols did not like that description of themselves.

·         Moreover, as indicated in the song ‘Messiah Ward’, there were warnings that an assassination on the Siberian Shaman would release something worse. That might have been Mongolian shamanism. Genghis Khan is the main spiritual embodiment, which consists of 99 gods (tngri), where the 44 are the terrifying black ones.

·         A present omen is that an agent was placed in the presidential seat in 1999. He is as important to the spiritual ROC as the secret stats-police. That constitutional shift seems rather a set-back to the state of 1500 when an orthodox monk declared Moscow as the 3rd Rome - and the secret police ‘Oprichnina’ was established. (See more in blogs like UU20170428.)

Occult shamanism seems to still be present in politics. The 999 vs 666 is based on the meme 69 which represents the Crab/Lobster/Cancer Zodiac constellation – and the Crab Nebula.


The HU - Wolf Totem + lyricsчонон-сүлдэт-wolf-totem-wolfs-totem.html

The association to the video is the PPP on a tricycle, - riding along with the Night Wolves - the Russian Hells Angels.


Wikipedia: Mongolian Shamanism