Music break - Supertramp – Better Days

A true wish for a good year to anyone on this very first New Year’s Day. The past one was a bit hard though - in certain ways. That should give hope for things to get better. Still, there is an alarming omen. One outcome in particular should not happen, because of the likely cascade of global fatalities. No pro-Russian oligarch should be president, - especially not a narcissistic one. Alarming is that the Puppet President Putin promotes Trump, - and vice versa. The US do not want to become nova-SU puppet states and should uncloak that pro-Russian oligarch and all his associates.

A main objective to the Kremlin’s PPP is greater oil income that requires dominance over the Arabian competitors, dominance of the oil-rich Chinese border-region that requires Chinese distraction towards US, and dominance over EU policies that requires cascades of pro-Russian uprisings. The narcissistic Trump, parroting Putin’s Nashi (Наши) politics, will soon be lured into such conflicts, - like another Bush.

This video, ‘Better days’ by Supertramp, is a warning against such 5D scenarios. Two theatrical demons lure a juvenile on a path concealed as illusions of ‘better days’. However, as indicated in the video, that is just like another stalinazistic Molotov–Ribbentrop pact. Puppet presidents, personalized as Trump and Putin might be tools for such mutual self-destruction, - with global consequenses.Some previous related blogs are UU 2015.okt.09, UU 2014.nov.07, UU 2014.nov.14, UU 2014.nov.21 and UU 2014.nov.28.

Supertramp – Better Days + Lyrics
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