JCS - Hosanna

It is Easter time again - with the annual rituals and annual blogs. The epic ancient drama about JC must be the most complex, important and intriguing political Game of all, - because, viewing beyond the theologies, it is all about humans and their Games at personal and imperial levels. Therefore, the last weeks of JC’s life will be evaluated as a psychosocial Game in accordance to the 3^3 model. Three scenes from the JCS opera set the focus on the prequel, the climax and the sequel, - i.e. Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Day.

The setting and interpretations to the Easter Game have been expressed for six years of weekly blogging. One summary of the plot is translated from UU 05.April.2012. “The political situation at the time and place was that the State, Thorne and Temple needed to get rid of Jesus, although he did not do anything illegal. The epic injustice climaxed when a Jewish crowd apparently sentenced him to death and the Romans did the execution. However, there were several intrigues and Games at play at the same time since all the major political powers were involved. The region of the event is in the interception between the empires of Persia, Egypt and Roma. Historically, it was their endless battlefield. Persia, Greece and Roma occationally occupied Egypt. A new power at the stage, the Roman republic, got rid of their ‘divine’ Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and their firstborn son Caesarion about 30 BC. Consequently, Julius adoptive son Augustus was ‘son of god’ (divi filius) and became the sole ruler of the Roma/Egypt Empire. Caesarion, the other son of god and goddess, escaped after his parents’ deaths. Thus, he was probably caught and executed in the roman way, by crucifixion.” This historical drama is probably the background for the ‘Piscean Testament’.

The Testaments requires some more clarification. JCS describes an eternal reoccurring astrological event based on the Sun rather in addition to the Moon. It is far slower though. As Easter is dated dependent on the Moon, the New Age of JC was determined by the same astrology for the Sun. The basic is the same zodiac astrology with the 12 signs of star-constellations, only in backwards order. “All Ages (Era) and ‘Testaments’ have expiration dates. The Old Testament expired 2000 years ago and replaced with The New Testament.” “The previous Testaments should rather be called The Piscean Testament (N.T), The Arian Testament (O.T), The Taurean Testament (BC 4006-2006), The Geminian Testament (BC 6006-4006), The Cancerian Testament (BC 8006-6006) and The Leonian Testament (BC 10500-8000).” (UU 2015.april.10)

Still, even such an Era-transition should not be more dramatic than the Mayan 2012 AD shift of Age. Even though there were global occult speculation of apocalyptic proportion, - no such happened – of cause. The reason is simply because such an astrological shift is no different from a clock turns to another day or calendar turns to another year. Knowing this, - JC himself preached a natural and no-violent shift from the previous Age and next Age. Still, JC might be the most violently abused martyr - and the theocratic violations escalated in the millennia to come. It does not seem to be stoppable. That is alarming, because this Era is determined to end in the near the future.

However, in socialpsychological terminology, there was a clash of three major Gimmicks (rules) on Palm Sunday. The Pharisees stems from the joint Jewish and Muslin forefather Abraham that claimed a superior divine right to Egyptian domains. (UU 2013.des.27). The Roman republic conquered Egypt after being seriously traumatized by Julius/Cleopatra’s CdE in Roma1. Egypt were in an Era transition and regime shift so the regimes particular vulnerable for CdE Games. All were very aware of the previous CdE Games that was clear in writing in the Old (Arian) Testament.

Transaction Analysis (T.A.) are fundamental to Game analysis (UU 2015.mars.06). The plot in JCS ‘Hosanna’ sets the political situation rather clear, with JC entrance in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The democracy wants a theocratic regime-shift from autocratic to democratic. Neither want to give in. The T.A.s are: Democracy to JC: “Love us”. Theocracy to JC: “Retreat or die”. Democracy to JC: “Fight for us”. JC to Theocrats: “Resistance is futile”. Democracy to JC: “Die for us”. This simple TA shows there are more than two actors in this 3rd degree Game. The most relevant classic Game is LYAHF (Let’s You And Him Fight), which is played at all 3 levels. The Game even evolves to 4th degree in the following Piscean Era. However, there are some extended Game new definitions like DAC/UAC, when using the 3*3 and even 3^3 instead of the simple 3 model.

Finally, some explanations of socialpsychological Games seems necessary, since this epic Age shift is here defined as such. A summery is in UU 2015.feb.27. “Anyways, the basics of Games and the 3x3 model are explained in UU 2014.dec.19, UU 2014.sept.12 and UU 2014.aug.15. Some main points are; “Dr. Erik Berne developed the T.A. (Transaction Analysis) further in the book ‘Games People Play’. Psychological Games are dishonest and ulterior per definition and occur amazingly often in real life. Berne explained about 60 general Games and how to eventually reduce the negative consequences by disclosing the hidden motives and the moves. Players use ulterior and false moves (Transactions) to get the gains/spoils. Berne also mentions classifications of Games based on the number of players, means, methods, instincts (ID), ‘clinical level’ (Ego) and psychodynamics. The Games can also be classified according to flexibility, endurance and intensity.” (UU 2014.aug.29) However, most of the time is spent on other activities like Pasttimes, Rituals, Work, Withdrawal & Intimacy. (UU 2013.mars.15.)” Additionally from (UU 2015.mars.06). “The self-defined CdE (Coup de Etat) Game is clearly of 4th degree. However, with afterthoughts, the CdE term is so comprehensive that it has an own category of several Games. There can clearly be very complex relations of several underlying Games of all degrees, since such a kind of Game can cause revolutions, coups, wars etc. CdE is originally a national Game that can be executed locally, but also international organized. CdE can trigger several other Games like LYAHF, DAC&UAC, BGGG, RPPP and EDAB.”

The rockopera JCS (Jesus Christ SuperStar) was the first and only vinyl record I ever had. The songs, lyrics and plots became a foundation for ways of thinking and probably a main reason for developing the 3^3 socialpsychological Game analysis. Tim Rise wrote the lyrics to JCS and the ex-ABBA’s musical Chess. Originally, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillian was JC exceptional voice. Actually, their album ‘Made in Japan’ was the second to own.
Jesus Christ Superstar 2000 – Hosanna + lyrics + original version + all songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x530xSkAdk