Music Break - Led Zeppelin

The legendary English rock band Led Zeppelin appeared in the first episode of the new TV series Vinyl. The band is widely considered one of the most successful, innovative, and influential rock groups in history. Its heavy, guitar-driven sound, rooted in blues and folksongs, has earned them recognition as one of the progenitors of heavy metal. These ‘Whole Lotta Love’ heathens combined heavy rock with flower power, - euphoria and psychedelia, which became surprisingly popular.

Suddenly, the band literally died. The drummer Bonham was found chocked in vomit after heavy drinking, - and presumably a ‘Whole Lotta Dope’. Nevertheless, the band could not substitute any of the unique members and dissolved itself. Later, Jimmy Page (guitar) and Robert Plant (lyrics) made their own solo careers. Led Zeppelin reunited in 2007 and made a video of the O2 concert ‘Celebration Day’ in 2012. (See Extra UU2.)

Curiously, Led Zeppelin is being sued these days for ‘stealing’ the opening to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ from the song ‘Taurus’ by the band Spirit. The accusation came just when the TV series Vinyl portrayed Led Zeppelin about some other legal issues. Mick Jagger, from another English band, is a co-creator to the TV-series and certainly influential. We can expect a lot of digging up of ‘what really happened’ -stories. For example, Bonham appears in the first episode, which indicates that his, and the band’s, fate is likely to be continued in future episodes. Maybe there will come a scene relating Led Zeppelin to the band Spirit and their song Taurus. Nevertheless, as occultism seems to be important in Vinyl, they might imagine that a possessive Taurician Spirit might be upset by a having its artwork stolen, heathenized and utilized. Led Zeppelin is previously presented in UU 2013.des.27 and Extra UU 2014.juni.13.

Led Zeppelin: Companion live: The Song Remains the Same (short version)
Led Zeppelin accused of stealing 'Stairway to Heaven' intro
Lyrics "Stairway To Heaven"
Taurus- Spirit

Anyways, ‘Led Zeppelin culture’ might have been inspirational to description of the culture of the Vanir tribe in the novel ‘Newfound Land’.

Led Zeppelin History
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Press Conference

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Extra UU2 – Led Zeppelin Concerts Led Zeppelin Live at Knebworth Festival August 11, 1979 Full Concert

Extra UU3 - Vinyl - Losing Led Zeppelin

Plot description: “1973, New York City. Together with his partners, Richie Finestra, President of American Century Records, is on the verge of selling his struggling company to German Polygram, an impending distribution agreement with Led Zeppelin part of the package. But after an awkward encounter with Robert Plant, it's clear that the sale is in jeopardy.” The loss of the ‘milking cow’ causes the managers company serious financial crises. He has to search for new actors and re-invent their business.
The TV series is like some rock & roll version of the TV series ‘Mad Men’. https://youtu.be/uL238RP_j9M