1st Pyramid Game - 1863

The 1st Pyramid Game relates mainly to events around 1863. There was a total regime-shift at the Dane Throne of Coup d’ Etat proportions. It happened exactly half a century after the Norwegian constitution. The next year, 1864, Danes went to war on Germany with a certain massacre of their own (previous) ‘kings men’. UK prevented another ‘Napoleon War’ simply by refusing to join the fight. Simultaneously, an UK oligarch initiated the first International, - a vassal-like bondage of workers in order to start national civil wars called ‘class-fights’. These fatal events were interrelated to previous events and future plans. However, that anti-European war-Games failed and the European confederation continued for another 50 years. Still, the 1st Pyramid made a foundation to far worse Pyramids to come.

The first blog to this new UU Theme, ‘The 5th Pyramid’, provides descriptions and links the models and theories in use, - and a brief historical summary for Norden until 1813: “Pyramid is the newest discovered psychosocial Game and relates to the so-called ‘Pyramid scheme’. The main concern here is the corruption of Parliamentary Quality. This is an unorthodox attempt to explain some ulterior reasons, - hidden in plain sight.” “Therefore, with the intention of promoting Parliamentary Quality and prevent worst-case scenarios of The 5th Pyramid; - there has to be extra focus on cells of organized international crime.” “In 1720, Peter the Great constituted the Russian Empire and secured domination of the Baltic and Nordic nations. St Petersburg, the new imperial capital became the "Window to Europe", as well as a rival to the original capital Moscow - as well as the Nemesis to any opposing nation.“

The fatal year 1863 followed exactly half a century after the constitution of the new union of European nations. It was a vital and obvious consequence of the anti-European Napoleon wars. The warfare appears remote controlled and is considered the worst Global Games until then. The following two paragraphs provide brief summaries about this from UU 2014.okt.31.

Napoleon political relations are mysterious. His lifeguard was an Islamic slave. The catholic Pope refused to crown Napoleon as emperor. Therefore, it is legitimate to ask if Napoleon was tricked into Moscow to be crowned a new Tsar by the Russian orthodox. He surely was close to the real Tsar in the Winter Palace (See the video in extra UU2). Anyways, in relation to Pyramid Underworld Games, the gimmicks are; ‘honesty is for suckers & there is born one every minute’. Napoleon seems to represents a 4th Game degree ‘sucker’, where ‘one is born every century’. In other words, the remote controlled cascade of CdE in European Thrones was a finally formalized concept for the 1st Pyramid Games and the 4 subsequent ones.

In Denmark in 1863, there was a complete royal regime-shift of CdE and revolutionary proportions. Simultaneously, Denmark made a fatal suicidal act of war-declaration towards Germany, following in 1864 to invade Germany with the obvious slaughter of ‘the (previous) king’s men’. The process is close to identical with the Napoleon republican CdE and slaughter of French loyal royalists, - as well as the neighboring European nations. However, Europeans remembered Napoleon Games all too well and were not lured into such a cascade of European wars this time. Some summaries from UU 2016.mars.11 elaborates the Game:

The first International, the public constitution for a ‘workers and vassals union’, is merely a one page in addition to all the ulterior and illegal schemes, treaties and bondages for the prey nations. Such will be uncovered and related in later Pyramid blogs. Anyway, it started in UK at an oligarch’s production site. Some citations from Wikipedia highlights the events:

The constitution of the 1st International seems to become an anti-national system in order to cause anarchy and cascades of CdE in the European nations. Consequently, the European ‘Union’ should fall too. Surely, the propaganda of the ‘1st Comintern’ promoted re-distribution of wealth, innovations, prosperities and ideals, - like any national democratic party did. However, that rather suits the very definition of Pyramid Schemes and Games as well. The Game-masters, as in a Pyramid scheme, gave no guaranties to the workers, except that they had to pay at risk in advance, - with jobs, families and even death. Knowing the mafia-like brutality of the labor unions at that time, - their threats were probably more effective than the temptations, - rather the wipe than the carrot. It was not even a null-sum game, but guarantied loss in enrolment in sabotage, corruption, murder and even civil war. The Game initiators were third parties in several Games like LYAHF (Let’s You and Him Fight), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul) and DAC/UAC (Devide&Conquer/Unite&Conquer). (See Games in UU 2014.aug.29)

The 1st Pyramid made the foundation of Workers Unions and Parties that have been very influential ever since. It also made the foundation of in-prison breeding to the powerful Red Mafia. Their anarchistic terrorists made the concept of urban suicide terrorists like RAF (Red Army Faction) and Islamic State (ISIL). However, even though the 1st Pyramid was designed to collapsed, it founded some underworld anti-European sub-cultures and oligarchs that prospered on international crime. The similarities between the 1st the other Pyramids are striking. The anarchists seems similar to the present suicide bombers, pro-Russians separatists and autonoms. Today’s Oligarchs seem similar to the past’s royal feudalists. Their working-class seems like their feudal vassals in bondage. Strikingly, merely UK and Norway still have working-class parties like Labour and Arbeiderpartiet. They refuse to rename to embrace democracy, as most other European socialist parties have.

The royal CdE in Denmark in 1863 might seem unimportant and irrational to outsiders. However, it was probably remote controlled by the royal Russian Imperial Tsar. The new Dane king was not even directly heir to the throne, but became such by marrying his second cousin. Their six children married into some European Thrones, earning him the sobriquet "the father-in-law of Europe". Most current European monarchs are descended from him, including in Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Romania, Spain, Luxembourg and Greece. No offence to any present royalties, but at the time of the 1st Pyramid, - it seems an OverConcience strategy to breed into most European Thrones – and breed out others in ancient feudal ways.

This all leads to a far deeper analysis of the nature of persons, organizations, nations, empires and even humanity. As mentioned in UU 2014.okt.31, about the first realization when the S-E/S-I relation was discovered. “The (Russian) Oprichnina/Praetor is like a definition of psycho-social Games. The Actors and the Games are ulterior and concealed like the very nature of secret services. It is however, a problem if the democratic Quality of Life is not respected. It is serious if the organization consider itself as a Superior-Ego and individual as inferior. It is catastrophic, if it also inherited the properties of Ivan’s murky mentality as a collective obsession.” (UU 2015.nov.06) “In relation to social-psychological 3x3 Game analysis, - such is not about Belief (Superior-Ego), but rather Drive (Superior-ID). There is an ancient war strategy called ‘Breed Them Out’ (BTO) that suits the Drive category AF (Animal Farm).” (UU 2015.feb.13)

Relevant Links; International Pyramids https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Workingmen%27s_Association https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_International https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-one_Conditions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concert_of_Europe

‘Lazarus’ is the official music video by David Bowie was released just days before his death. According to Bowie's producer Tony Visconti, the lyrics and video of "Lazarus" and other songs on the album were intended to be a self-epitaph, a commentary on Bowie's own impending death. The video features Bowie lying on a death bed with a bandage and buttons sewn over his eyes, and finishes with Bowie retreating into a dark wardrobe, Bowie is wearing a diagonally striped suit referencing the back cover of the 1991 CD reissue of the Station to Station album, where he is pictured sitting on the floor drawing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is also referenced in the Station to Station lyrics, a "magical movement from Kether to Malkuth". The association to this UU is the Kings’ self-epitaph to consequences of the five Pyramids.
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Extra UU1 - 1864 TV Series

“The Danes are thrilled after the victory in the 1st Schleswig War. Danish politicians now dream of incorporate Schleswig to the Kingdom of Denmark, in defiance of the peace agreement. In a small community, the brothers Peter (Jens Sætter-Lassen) and Laust (Jakob Oftebro) grow up, and both fall in love with Inge (Marie Tourell Søderberg). When the Danish President of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Monrad (Nicolas Bro), claims that Schleswig must be incorporated to the Kingdom, everyone is aware that it is the start of 2nd Schleswig War. But only this time, the Danish troops are met by Otto von Bismarck's (Rainer Bock) Prussian and Austrian army. An army much bigger and stronger than the Danish. 150 years later the maladjusted teenage girl, Claudia (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) is on the edge of a meltdown and is forced to be visit friend to the old Baron, Severin (Bent Mejding). Inges old dairy catches Claudias interest, and through Inges writings, Claudia experience thousands of young Danes.” (IMDB)

TV-series 1864 – Trailer + Season 1 Episode 1-8
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