3rd Pyramid Game - WW2

The 3rd Pyramid Game relates to the preparation, execution and seizing in the 2nd Russian Fatherland war and WW2. The CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) of the Russian Throne and Temple was iconized by Dagmar and Rasputin. Realizing that the Coup could not hold, an extreme extra-ordinary 3rd International was made global. Lenin was iconized as the alpha patriarch for the CCD and CdE attempts on Europe and American too - ‘the West’. ‘The 21 Conditions’ were autocratic scripts to anyone bondaged to the 3rd International, the 3rd Comintern, - the 3rd Pyramid Game. In brief, the altered 2nd International was a hard-core mafia dogma for anti-national high treason to corrupt any national Parliamentary Powers, - i.e. the Legal, Executive and Judging (LEJ). In 3^3 psychosocial view, the deployment of the 3rd Pyramid Game was clearly inspired by ‘organizational toxoplasmosis’ and ‘balance of diplomatic terror’. That did not end with the next Pyramids, but was rather the main mean for them all.

The 1st Russian Fatherland war is the Napoleon wars in Europe that ended in 1813 (UU 2016.mai.20). The 2nd Russian Fatherland war was based on the 2nd International (UU 2016.mai.27). The 3rd International, and Pyramid Game, is really an hardening of the planned 50 years CdE project for the 2nd Fatherland war. It was a Coup within the Coup and not as originally agreed on. However, once again, there were unpredictable 5D events causing fatal historical shifts, - like Lenin’s 3rd International. This time, ‘the suckers’ of the 1st and 2nd Pyramid Games were also on the termination lists, - in order to finalize the previous Pyramid Games. Lured into joining the Pyramids by illusions of great leaders of higher ethics, - the bondaged were probably more surprised than the sceptics to find that the very opposite kind of leaders were placed in their nations’ regimes. Now there was no voluntary recruitment anymore, but worse bondage and misery than in the 1st Fatherland war.

Once again, a reminder that the Global Games of the 20th century are far too comprehensive and complex for thoroughly explorations in these UU blogs. Still, the concept of the theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ should provide some ideas along with the following quotations and translations from previous 5 years of UU blogging:

The Secret anti-national high treason Conditions of the 1st and 2nd International are still ulterior, - as in any Underground Game. However, the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International are now public at Wikipedia (See links below for the full text.) The following quotes from the conditions (C) documents the international high treason crimes towards ‘Western’ Parliamentary LEJ powers. (UU 2015.okt.30)

Most of these conditions towards European citizens and nations are high treasons and subject for the most serious paragraphs in any national penalty Law. There is only one explanation for the failed Legal counter-actions, - the Executive and Judicial systems were seriously corrupted - and still are. The C3 dictations are very clear on building para-organizations in European and American nations in order to commit high treason as CCD and CdE. Such para-parliaments are in 3^3 psychosocial sense ‘organizational toxoplasmosis’.

The 2nd Pyramid showed the relation to ancient occult mythology that influenced the fatal outcomes of ww1. Occult Beliefs were certainly abused in the 3rd Pyramid Game as well. “With theocratic consideration, a motivation for the EW can be occult interpretations of the Tunguska event in 1908. (UU 2016.05.27). The formalized temples in Europe was protected against occult theocracies and protected the European empires and churches. However, with EW1 the whole system of Throne/Temples fell and opened up for figures like Rasputin, Gurdjieff and Hitler. The apocalyptic ‘John’s Book of Revelation’ laid Europe wide open for occult scripts like those that Nostradamus prophesies. ‘The Revelation’ tells about four doomsdays horsemen and Nostradamus wrote about the doomsday dictator ‘Hister’. The scripts are absolutely no divine prophesies, but rather scripts for psychotic sociopaths determined to cause civilizations’ ‘worst case scenarios’. The occult fundament lies in the old-Egyptian Osiris worship, where death and resurgence follows the cycles of the Sun. The great cycles are 2150 years at an average. They are called Age (Era) and follows the Sun’s passage through the 12 zodiac constellations. Moses represented the Arian (goat), Jesus the Pisces (fishes) and occultists awaits the next, the Aquarius (water bearer). Aquarius’ profile represents group-conscience, entertainment, self-expressions and dictatorship. The mini- mustache on Hitler might be inspired by the popular Chaplin and the movie ‘The Dictator’. It should be problematic for the occultists that the Tunguska event happened 250 before the new age should enter.” (UU 2013.juni.28 & UU 2012.dec.21.) Evidently, the occultists did not care about that.

The following citations and translations are taken from (UU 2013.juni.28). They presents some considerable investigation of ww2 using the 3D political model:

“There are some other 5D conclusions in addition to the chronological. Figural said, the pre-EU, ‘the League of Nations’ acted like a ‘Hen farm of headless Hens’. Germany and Japan were ‘voluntarily’ drawn into two-front wars. The unpredicted war against Japan delayed support from US to UK and the race for European domination. Nazi and SU war-machines rolled back and forth over Eastern Europe with large civilian losses and let the ruins be easy for SU to occupy. SU waited for the collapse and capitulation of Japan in order to invade them. Unpredictably, the Japanese emperor resigned and made a peace treatiy with US instead. SU got considerable access to Nazi war-machines and they destroyed eastern European nations together. Therefore, it is not possible to prove whether Nazi or SU did the Blitz-wars towards Rotterdam, Warszawa and Finnmark etc. Hitler saluted ‘Das Dritte Reich’ (the third Reich), that probably is the Third Roma’ - not Germany Berlin, but Stalin’s Moscow. There is no reason to believe that the incompetent corporal, that media clown, was capable of making qualified strategic or operative decisions. However, his Stalinist comrades from the Red Army certainly could. Neither was that self-declared ‘Man of steel’. He did not even have any military experience at all and probably merely capable of terrorizing civilians at mass-psychopathic levels. Furthermore, Hitler saluted ‘the Arian race’, that certainly is from the Muslim Iran, - not the Christian Europe.’ ” (UU 2013.juni.28).

There are some further thoughts and conclusion, when knowing the ulterior fatalities of such 4th Degree Games. However, first, one needs to realize that deception is the foundation for Games like the Pyramid Schemes. Furthermore, such Underworld Games are based on ulterior motives and ethics like ‘honesty is for suckers’. No offence to all the poor deceived vassals, workers and ideologists, but they are ‘useful idiots’ in the views of their Game Masters. Unrightfully Gains from preys are seized with decisive moves and expressions. The preys’ gains are merely mass-psychoses. Still, Pyramid Games are designed to collapse in themselves and leave the preys in a Win-8xLose Game without a clue of what happened and illusions on who to blame. However, with the 3^3 psychosocial model, - the 3rd Pyramid Game can be sociologically understandable. Here are some related quotes from UU blogs:

Although too early to draw conclusions to this theme ‘The Fifth Pyramid’, - some reflections on the 3rd Pyramid does. The failure of the two previous International failed, mainly because of conceptual failures. The hard-core 3rd Pyramid was made on the same concept and thereby also built to fail. However, doping regimes with manic extremist caused the obvious outcomes of CCD. After the 1st Pyramid, there were temporarily mass-psychotic delusions to overcome. Now, with Leninism and Stalinism, the self-lobotomisation in Russia, by terminating millions their own citizens, caused organizational mental invalidation that will take generations to overcome. That is, - if the condition is realized and the need for sound mental health is admitted. Imagine - letting a brain-surgeon operate himself is obviously no good idea at all. That should rather calls for a psychologist or psychiatrist – other than himself. Anyways, the global shock of the Tsar Bomba was a wake-up call for most of humanity. “This is insane”. Unfortunately, the following strategy of Iron Curtain and ‘The Wall’ proves the opposite. Their CCD spread like an organizational toxoplasmosis. What to do then, - when there clearly is extreme escalating violent isane crimes going on in the neighborhood?

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Van Der Graaf Generator (VDGG) was one of those art-rock bands in the 70 with complex music and lyrics. Still, the VDGG lyrics are highly philosophical about humanity at universal level. Their style is not mainstream and made for whoever that is interested. The original concept was to organs, sax /clarinet and drums, - quite by the side of mainstream of guitar bands at that time. The lyrics are often of high philosophical reflections that are Inspiring. Peter Hammill voice swings between the very melodically to sometimes at the boarder of breaking. The name VDGG is taken from the machine that was used to prove that the fundamental Greek fundamental science was rather based on a Belief, - that atoms are unbreakable. That ‘scientific fact’ was proved wrong – and has been wrong Belief through the thousands of years. In the previous century, the traditional scientific Believes fell apart as new Beliefs were developed like the String theories, the Big Bang, and Multiple universe. Once again humanity is reminded that scientists’ mostly claims their Belief is absolute fact and seldom admit being wrong. This goes most certainly for the Believers in the isms of Pyramid Games as well. (Also see UU 2012.okt.05)
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Extra UU – Supertramp - Better days

UU 2016.jan.01 presented a sincere new year’s wish: “Still, there is an alarming omen. One outcome in particular should not happen, because of the likely cascade of global fatalities.” “This video, ‘Better days’ by Supertramp, is a warning against such 5D scenarios. Two theatrical demons lure a juvenile on a path concealed as illusions of ‘better days’. However, as indicated in the video, that is just like another Stalinazist Molotov–Ribbentrop pact. Puppet presidents, personalized as Trump and Putin might be tools for such mutual self-destruction, - with global consequences.

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