Introduction to the 5D Scenarios

Any Coup d’ Etat is High Treason by any criminal law. Obviously, all ‘Western’ nations’ criminal laws are undisputable about the ultimate crime towards their Constitutions. The CdE US2017 Game demonstrates its magnitude in manpower, resources, money and mass-delusions. Let's say that a simple thumb rule is true, which says that the organizational disloyalty is 2% at average. If so, in 2016, the spending for the CdE US2017 might have been 0.5 trillion $ and involving 3 mill citizens. In 2017, it might become 100%, if the ongoing P5GO is not played well. The ‘Western’ defensive counter-acts should not be based on the simple 1D political model, because the results will be as simple. In order to widen the perspectives, these P5GO blogs will demonstrate the models of LEJ Quality and 5D scenarios.

‘High Treason’ is now a hot topic in the free ‘Western’ mass-media. The newspaper The Independent wrote before the election: “A law professor and former senior State Department official says that there are four ways Donald Trump could be guilty of treason: (1) He is trying to solidify the political standing before the electoral college vote, which is set to happen on Monday December 19. (2) He wants to undermine the US intelligence agencies that conducted the investigation so that he may intimidate them or shape them to fit his own agendas. (3) He’s testing US intelligence agencies to see how far he can push back against their investigations or findings. (4) He could be covering up any possible involvement or knowledge he or his team had in regards to the Russian cyberattack.” In 1999, the former president Clinton was found not guilty of ‘obstruction of justice’ (lying) and in 1974 president Nixon resigned during the process. At some point of time, PPT will also be in such psychosocial LEJ Games of ‘Courtroom’ and ‘Want out’. However, then the CdE Game definition will be too limiting. The escalation will require expansion of the model with the 3^3 Game category ‘GdE’ (Games d’ Etat) (UU 2015.mars.06).

Treason is clearly a main subject in any penalty law. High Treason is the ultimate crime towards any Constitution, Parliament, - and ‘Western’ democracy. This subject was focused in UU 2016.juli.08. “National Penalty Laws against Treason is the instrument for reactive counter-move to such Pyramid Games. Any Executive and Judicial parliamentary power are obliged to counter-act upon such Treason. Generally, treason is by law “the violation or betrayal of the loyalty a person owes his sovereign or his country, especially by attempting to overthrow the government is high treason”. Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...a citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the nation", “even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor.” In UK, the law protects the Throne against "to compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend … to deprive the sovereign of the Crown … to levy war against the sovereign … by force or constraint to compel her to change her measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon or in order to threaten or scare Parliament, .. to move or stir any foreigner to invade.” “There should be no doubt that international criminal organizations won the Dane Europol/Eurojust referendum (Dexit). PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists) won the Dutch EU/Ukraine referendum (Nexit) and the Brexit, - all three due to massive disinformation by media, politicians and organizations.”

The combined 5D & 3^3 model was explained in the previous 7+12 EU related blogs (UU 2016.sept.23) “All the 19 blogs also relate to the theories presented in the introduction blog of UU 2016.mai.13. They are explained in UU 2014.sept.12 as; a consistent definition of “LifeQuality; a 3D ethics model, a 3D ethical system of GCR (Good/Constructive/Right); a 3D political model relating to the constitutional LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical); a 3^3 (3*3*3) psychosocial model of Drive, Will and Belief; an extended psychosocial Game models; a 5D scenario model for past as well as future (UU 2014.sept.12); and extended terminology by extended use of suffixes. (UU 2015.juni.12).”

“Determination of the Parliamentary Quality is based on the term ‘LEJ quality’ that is based on the 3D political model, the 3^3 psychosocial model and the definition of LifeQuality. In brief, the model can be used to determine the balance between the LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical). The 4D model includes time as a factor and shows changes over time. The 5D model can be used to determine future scenarios as well as alternative historical dogmas and facts.” (UU 2015.nov.06)

The balance of US LEJ powers was certainly challenged this week, after the White House CdE US2017. (See UU 2017.jan.27.) The Executing President has shifted Game mode to offence, from defensive Games like ‘ISR (It Started with the Retribution) and ABD (Attack is the Best Defense). The Constitution’s LEJ powers are currently under stress-test with 18 controversial President Orders. The President even fired the defiant acting attorney general for “disloyalty to the department” while very aware that the legality of his order is highly disputed in all the LEJ powers. Consequently, there is made a Constitutional confusion of whether the US military must obey illegal orders from the President. Such fundamental and alarming questions arises because the President behaves like a 3rd Party plutocrat. Allies in ‘the West’ now clearly alarms the US that such controversial foreign orders will cause division, powerlessness and possible war. The present US President need to be reminded that a President is like a federal Prime Minister and not any Emperor.

Furthermore, a summary from the newspaper Aftenposten sets some further perspectives on the Games imposed at the US LEJ powers. “The US president’s executive powers shall be held in check by the Court’s Juridical powers. Yet, the President tests these boundaries. He issued 18 President orders (memorandum) – instructions that in practice can be as powerful as laws. There are two fundamental rules for president orders, they must be within the president’s mandate and must not contradict the Constitutional law. Professor Cooper from Portland University claims that the US President breaks both. He says that the language in the orders also uncovers that the orders have not gone through a hearing or been consulted by legal experts. There are therefore questions of who are consulted and have evaluated the orders. According to Politico, several orders are written by the highly controversial consultants Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, that have now become political advisors in the White House. This seriously rocks the confidence to fundamental values in USA and the political legitimacy.” This bureaucratic war-declaration towards the President’s own Executive power might be a symptom on an unhealthy LEJ System the needs proper response to avoid its own CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).

What 5D scenarios can be made for this CdE US2017? First of all, there is always the ‘null scenario’ with no considerable changes. However, this Amexit Game proves most likely to cause multiple responses and rise the Game to the 3rd degree (damage) - and even the 4th degree (war). Such a condition is far too complex to analyze here, if not focused on the main actors’ real motives. Yet, it will still be impossible to predict all the cascades of fatalities of their failures and projections. However, in this UU theme ‘the 5th Pyramid’ Game Over’, the main focus is the 5th International of ‘Putinism’ (see UU 2016.sept.23). The following list merely indicate some 5D scenarios for this CdE US2017.

Anyhow these listed examples of 5D scenarios, the 5D LEJ model can be used on any organization at any time, - not merely the ongoing Amexit attempt. For the other half of the ‘West’, it should be interesting to do likewise for the Rexit, Brexit, Dexit, Nexit, Grexit and the upcoming European Nexit2, Frexit and Gexit. The challenge is to maneuver in the global psychosocial Games in order to minimize the damages and promote organizational human sanity.

The Putin Olympics of Russia was spectacular indeed. In this video, Beatles was used to hype the event. However, soon after, Russia was globally banned due to the massive Game fixing with drug abuse. Still remembering the ‘60’s, when the Russian female athletes looked like MC bikers on steroid, it shows a cultural attitude towards ‘fair play’. Nevertheless, this song ‘Back in the USSR’ certainly made the first suspicion on who really promoted the band and who really change them so radically. Suddenly they were singing: “Ukraine girls really knock me out. They leave the ‘West’ behind. And Moscow girls make me sing and shout. That Georgia's always on my mind.” That was half a century before Moscow invaded and annexed Georgia and Ukraine. Historically, and in kind of 5D sense, the Beatles was at first a simple ‘Bier Stube’ band in the post-war and occupied Berlin. The band might as well have been manipulated by the east-German Stasi. The true schismatic alteration was revealed when The Beatles became the world’s largest promoter of illegal psychedelic drugs in the ‘West’. That had unmeasurable damages to the sanity of millions of young ‘western’ bourgeois citizens. The band’s unproportionable success was most of all due to over-exposure in the mass-media.

Lennon ended up in Manhattan NYC. Soon he dressed and spoke like some RAF agent. However, still actually caring for the working class, he was assassinated in a curious way - just like another JFK. (UU 2016.juli.22.)

Beatles cover - Back in the USSR (Россия Путин Олимпийские игры) + Lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lp9-_SmnX4

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MTV’s Saturday Night Live did frequently satire on the US President election. However, parodying Trump is now less frequent now, when he became their president. On the other hand, the SU president Putin seems out of reach, - until SNL realizes their own jokes, - and those jokes are just as risky.
Vladimir Putin Cold Open – SNL