5D-1 scenario – The WTF Tower

‘5D-1 – The WTF Tower’ is the second scenario to the Coup d’ Etat US2017. It shows an alternative future where the US Parliamentary immune-system fails in restoring proper LEJ Quality and cannot heal itself in time. The WTF Tower (World Trump Finance) elevates as an anti-wester ‘parallel organizational apparatus’ to the White House, - and the PPT acts like a remote-controlled Emperor instead of a Federal Prime Minister. This scenario continues the negative trend of the 5D-0 scenario by paralyzing the Legislative power with mass-psychosis, engaging treasonous staff and advisors to the Executive power, and overload the Juridical power with conflicting President orders. The 5D-1 Coup d’ Etat (CdE) can be categorized as a ‘dictatorship veto coup’ (UU 2017.jan.27). Still, the intention to these 5D scenarios is to promote P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over). Besides, some previous in-depth historical and theoretical quotes are used in order to describe that.

The 5D-1 introduction was:” What 5D scenarios can be made for this CdE US2017? First of all, there is always the ‘null scenario’ with no considerable changes. However, this Amexit Game proves most likely to cause multiple responses and rise the Game to the 3rd degree (damage) - and even the 4th degree (war). Such a condition is far too complex to analyze here, if not focused on the main actors’ real motives. Yet, it will still be impossible to predict all the cascades of fatalities of their failures and projections. However, in this UU theme ‘the 5th Pyramid’ Game Over’, the main focus is the 5th International of ‘Putinism’ (see UU 2016.sept.23). The following list merely indicate some 5D scenarios for this CdE US2017.” “5D-1: The US LEJ powers shift so the President’s Executive power dominates the Legal and Juridical powers. Cascades of domestic President orders radicalize both public and private sector in a redistributive null-sum Game.” (UU 2017.feb.03).

The 3D+t political LEJ model (Legal, Executive, and Juridical power) is initially set to powers (+5,+5,+5) at 2017.01.01. The increasing Presidential anti-powers drops the Executive to (+5,-5,+5). Finally, Executive disables the Legislative and Juridical powers to (0,-5,0). This 5D-1 scenario indicates that the Executing power has become a so-called “parallel organizational apparatus which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution” - as clearly stated in the 3rd Condition of 3rd International. Treasonous advisors become like Trojan Horses to the Executive power, the loads of conflicting President orders are like hacker attacks causing ‘Denial of Service’ at the Juridical power, and the diluting tweets and media overloads are like mass-psychosis to the Legislative power. The Senate and the Courts becomes paralyzed, while the WTF Tower becomes a beacon for remote controlling the White House.

What powers do a real US President have? The US President is like a federal Prime Minister, not an Emperor. The President is the head of the Executive powers and controlled by the Legislative and the Juridical powers. In brief, the Constitution of the United States says about the president powers:

The intense abuse of these powers was listed in the previous blog 5D-0 (UU 2017.feb.07). Such an ABD Game (Attack is the Best Defense) might have meant to knock out the US LEJ powers. However, this 5D-1 scenario will follow a hypothesis that the PPT continues the path of ‘anti-western’ actions. Moreover, the PPT will obviously not run for a second period in this HAR Game (Hit & Run). The delayed Democracy’s fury of misled voters has no effect on the PPT, that practices the Pyramid Gamers ethics ‘Honesty is for suckers’. It should also be alarming that the PPT is overconfident in threatening to prosecute opponents, even judges, - like if the Juridical powers are seriously corrupted.

The blog ‘P5GO11 - Mass-psychoses’ (UU 2016.sept.16) focuses on deliberate abuse of mass-media to cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) to enable a CdE (Coup d’ Etat). Both the PPT (Puppet President Trump) & the PPP (Puppet President Putin) act like they are in bondage to the mass-media, as described in the 3rd International’s Condition 1. “The dictatorship of the proletariat must not be treated simply as a current formula learnt off by heart. Propaganda for it must be carried out in such a way that its necessity is comprehensible to every simple worker, every woman worker, every soldier and peasant from the facts of their daily lives, which must be observed systematically by our press and used day by day.” “The periodical and other press and all the party’s publishing institutions must be subordinated to the party leadership, regardless of whether, at any given moment, the party as a whole is legal or illegal.” The FSB warfare towards ‘the West’ is now so alarming during the Brexit and Amexit, that it has become a highest priority for cyber defenses of the US and EU military and police. (The upgrade and adaption from the 3rd Pyramid to the 5th Pyramid Games is described in UU 2016.sept.23. The electoral fraud to the CdE US2017 is focused in UU 2017.jan.13.)

However, a main concern related to the 5th Pyramid Game is the long-term mass-psychosis on humanity caused by the propaganda promoting the electoral frauds in SU, EU and US. The effects of extreme isms go for politics as well as religions. The 3^3 psychosocial model is an extended combination of Freud and Jung’s theories. It can be used as an extension to escalate the 5D LEJ scenarios of past and future events. A brief summary indicates the potentials. "In brief, the S-E (Superior-Ego) can be sub-categorized into Matriarch and Patriarch (and Authority), whilst the ID can be sub-categorized into Jerk, Sulk and Nerd.” (UU 2013.mars.08) “Collective terms like mass-psychosis and double-moral (standards) are related to psychological terms like psychosis and schizophrenia. Therefore, it is social vital not to promote unbalance between societies’ Supremacies; Superior-Ego/Authorities, Ego/Organizations and ID/Emocracy. It is alarming that such unbalance from the 20th century’s global wars are not balanced. The Law-giving and Judging State powers seems weak related to the States machine.” (UU 29.Juni.2012) The combined 3^3 & 5D model is a foundation to these blogs in the whole ‘5th Pyramid theme and will most probably be used to psycho-analyses the real origins, traumas and remedies.

The WTF Tower (World Trump Finance) at Manhattan is a term that started the UU 2016.dec.16. The relation between the fall of the 3 WTC Towers at 9/11 and the rise of the WTF Tower at 11/9 are mentioned in several subsequent blogs. It seems that the 9/11 event is dominated by mass-psychotic (3^3) Belief, like shown in the video documentaries like “9/11 - Anatomy of a Great Deception”. If so, there are anti-US powers well established in the US and at operating inside the US secret services FBI, NSA and CIA. Snowden and Manner are not ‘lone wolves’, but supported by 100 years old ‘parallel organizational apparatus’ from within. Such a historical 5D event is mass-psychotic and dangerous to the ‘western’ civilizations’ existence. The plutocratic 3rd Party PPT promotes a next phase, following the fall of the 3 WTC Towers at 9/11 and its subsequent global plutocratic warfare.

Furthermore, from 2012, “there is global economic crisis – and the mass media stress that. Who on earth can be surprised by this? Any politician has seen the development for a decade. Symbolically, it was the starting-gun for the process was by the fall of the two (3) Towers – WTC. Since then, lots of planes with layers have reached Washington too. The world trade has been in financial wars since then. It seems trivial to mention, though, but the deregulations and unrestrained loaning policies can destroy any economy. Anyone knows, from personal experience, that pay-day finally comes and spending too much is to using up ones’ own future. Even though some managed to outrun their bills, they do not disappear, but are handed to innocents that cannot take anymore.” “The video documentary «Financial Meltdown» last for 3 hours. It is worth seeing. The prequel to today’s crisis are the same as in the 30’s (when the 3rd Pyramid Game started). Republican plutocrats arranged deregulated loans and allowed massive unsecured loans in addition to the massive outsourcing of production, work and valuables to China. When the bobble eventually cracked, the state aids were handed to banks of piracy, - not the bourgeois citizens or firms. The tragedies were massive. It is obvious that the Pyramid Game was well arranged between republican senators, layers and plutocrats in advance. This is organized crime at the highest level, - and they are more powerful than the Juridical powers. Drugs, prostitution and corruption were means in the Game. What in the world can have both republicans and democrats continuing this self-destructive Game? The answer is obvious – a much greater threat toward national security.” (Translated from UU 2012.jan.27).

Symptoms of present anti-constitutional activities of PPT and the WTF Tower were listed in the 5D-0 Scenario The list was, in brief; “Widespread distrust by the republicans, provoking illegal counteractions, DAC (Divide & Conquer) Games towards the US allies, favoring US rivals, causing dysfunctionality to the Executive powers, massive spamming of diluting tweets, threatening opponents with trials and firings, causing brain-drain in domestic IT industry, planning a ‘Festung US’ towards Mexico, weakening NATO alliances, promoting Russian aggression in Europe, promoting diversion of European union, making hostility in the Pacific ocean, promoting a global financial war, criticizing own secret services FBI, NSA and CIA while endorsing Putin and FSB, promote mass-psychotic terms like ‘alternative facts’, promoting dilutional deregulations, strengthening military while reducing civil services, engage US in ill-prepared warfare in Yemen and provoking Iran.” (UU 2017.feb.10)

The 5th Pyramid Game players are hidden in plain sight. This was focused in UU 2015.okt.23. “The BBC / History video about the Russian Mafia documents that the so-called ‘Red Mafia’ that controls 40% of Russian economy, is the fastest growing, the most dangerous and operates at nation state levels. (See video documentary.) It also shows the 100 years old foundations to ww1, the imperial CdE (Coup d’ Etat) and the mass assimilations in the SU Empire. However, there is no reason to ignore its cultural existence from Tsar Ivan’s regime and the foundation of Roma3 and Oprichnina (secret state service) 500 years ago (UU 2015.okt.09). Anyways, in brief, the hardcore mafia of this century stems from several generations of Russians that survived the Russian revolution, ww1, Stalin’s mass-terrors, ww2, Gulag concentration camps and colonialization programs, and the Russian contra revolutions of Perestroika and Glasnost. Now, in this century, the Red Mafia got an intuitive culture where ‘Rule by Law’, national border and democracy do not apply, - and where personal profit is their utmost value-system. (There should be no doubt that EUROJUST, EUROPOL and CEPOL are considered main obstacles to the Red Mafia and are dealt with as such - in their own ways.) Most alarming, - there are convincing examples that FSB and GRU uses the Red Mafia Factions as PROSA in Imperial ambitions. (See the UU Theme base on the BBC documentary ‘Putin, Russia and The West’ in UU 2014.nov.07, UU 2014.nov.28, UU 2014.nov.21 and UU 2014.nov.14.). Actually, Putin was raised by street-gangs of Leningrad before admitted as a KGB/FSB agent and the puppet president in 1999.“

The ‘Panama Papers’ are obviously related to the plutocratic Underworld Games of the 5th Pyramid Game. It must be quite surprising for the US, that the Dane history and culture relates closely to the Virgin Islands in the Mexican Gulf, - and not as such a social-democratic utopia, as indicated in the US Democrats’ campaign. Essentially, Zealand has a 500 years’ tradition as a Russian Vassal State. “Tax and Treasures are definitely major sources of powers for states, nations and empires. The Russian bondage of Demark for 500 years is definitely executed by taxation on most products, services, processes and citizens. ‘Follow the money’ has been a major statement by the capitalistic empire since the hand-over from the ‘Pirates of the 4th Crusade’ (UU 2016.feb.19). The Russian tax culture relates to all its CdE and might be related to the present ‘Panama Paper’ syndrome and the historical ‘Pirate’s Haven at the Virgin Islands’ (UU 2016.jan.29). Therefore, in order to promote Parliamentary Quality and prevent worst-case scenarios of The 5th Pyramid; - there has to be extra focus on cells of organized international crime, cloaked in the Dane Taxation institutions (SKAT), - not merely as organizational viruses and hackers, but manipulating parasites. (UU 2015.nov.06) These rather promote Games of pillaging, piracy and confiscation with abuse of Parliamentary powers, - which all are serious violations of the national Penalty law.” (UU 2016.juni.24). Dane SKAT (tax authority) acts also like this century’s ‘Pirate’s Haven’ for plutocratic piracy. Actually, SKAT procedures have been vital for international tax crimes since Christian IV and the Tax Haven ‘Kronborg’.

Anyways, the conclusion in the introduction still applies for this 5D-1 scenario: “One way to GO (Game Over) is not to play along with those hardcore sociopathic Game players. A start is to realize that actually Brexit began as a practical joke – and still is. Such scams, ala Monty Python & John Cleese, will stop when the oligarchic mass-psychosis, projected via the mass-media, are revealed and judged for what they really are – organized sociopathy. America and Europe need to strengthen their bonds to minimize this 5th Pyramid War-Game towards the democratic parliamentarism of ‘the West’.” (UU 2017.jan.06)

Yet, this 5D-1 scenario might lead to the next week’s scenario – 5D-2 – ‘Para-military CdE’.

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Extra UU – The TV series - House of Cards

House of Cards is an American political web-TV series and an adaptation of the BBC's mini-series. Originally, it was about the UK but is set to present-day Washington. It is the story of Frank Underwood in the Democrat’s party. After being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, he initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power, aided by his wife, Claire. The series deals primarily with themes of ruthless pragmatism, manipulation and power. House of Cards has received positive reviews and several award nominations. It is the first original online-only web television series to receive major Emmy nominations. The show also earned eight Golden Globe Award nominations, with Wright winning for Best Actress – Television Series Drama in 2014 and Spacey winning for Best Actor – Television Series Drama in 2015. In the upcoming 5th Season, Frank and Clair dominates the White House and found that terror is the most powerful mean in politics. The introduction of the season certainly gives hints to Games of anti US Constitutional and childlike Games with Jerk/Sulk/Nerd mentality. (see UU 2015.nov.06)

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HOUSE OF CARDS Season 5 TRAILER Tease (2017)
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The TV series ‘House of Cards’ is originally a 1990 British political television drama in four episodes, set after the end of Margaret Thatcher's tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It was televised by the BBC in 1990, to critical and popular acclaim. Andrew Davies adapted the story from a novel written by Michael Dobbs, a former Chief of Staff at Conservative Party headquarters. Neville Teller also dramatised Dobbs's novel for BBC World Service in 1996, and it had two television sequels (To Play the King and The Final Cut). In 2013, the serial and the Dobbs novel were the basis for a US adaptation set in Washington, D.C., commissioned and released by Netflix.
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