5D-3 Scenario – PRUSA (the Peoples Republic of USA)

This 4th scenario is ‘5D-3 – PRUSA (the Peoples Republic of USA)’. It continues where the US Parliamentary immune-system failed and the PPT issues a Martial Law to hinder his replacement. The para-police and -military start a well-prepared cleansing of Democrats and Republican, accused of disloyalty. Now the 3rd Party candidate appears as a PRUSA Executioner to the 5th Pyramid Game, - like Lenin and Stalin did in the 3rd Pyramid Game. The CdE US2017 has become like the CdE SU1917 and the SU 3rd International is adapted to the US 5th International version. Anyways, the intention to these dystopic 5D scenarios is to promote some P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over). Moreover, some previous in-depth historical and theoretical quotes are used in order to describe that.

The introduction to the 5D-3 scenario was: ”What 5D scenarios can be made for this CdE US2017? First of all, there is always the ‘null scenario’ with no considerable changes. However, this Amexit Game proves most likely to cause multiple responses and rise the Game to the 3rd degree (damage) - and even the 4th degree (war). Such a condition is far too complex to analyze here, if not focused on the main actors’ real motives. Yet, it will still be impossible to predict all the cascades of fatalities of their failures and projections. However, in this UU theme ‘the 5th Pyramid Game Over’, the main focus is the 5th International of ‘Putinism’ (see UU 2016.sept.23).” “5D-3: PRUSA (Peoples Republic of USA) in the concept of the 3rd Pyramid Games (3rd International). Imperial Governments of US, SU and UA (United Asia – UU 2013.juli.19) are adapted and integrated. Rivalries are settled by proxy wars on prey nations like in the cold war. The three empires dominate the UN Security Council and thereby act as a global LEJ.” (UU 2017.feb.03).

The progress of LEJ powers can be illustrated in a 3D+t political LEJ model (Legal, Executive, and Juridical powers). It was initially set to the powers (+5,+5,+5). In the scenario 5D-1, the PPT (Puppet President Trump) disabled the US Legislative and Juridical powers to (0,-5,0). In 5D-2, the Martial Law enabled the para-police and para-military powers to drop the powers to (0,-10,0). in 5D-3, The cleansing continues in all the LEJ powers and drops them to (-5,-10,-5). The PRUSA (Peoples Republic of USA) is constituted to 2018 like the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) to 1918, - the century before.

Just recently, President Trump did a surprisingly appealing speech to the US Congress this week. Even a democrat said that “this wasn’t one of his crazier speeches, but at some point, he’s actually got to follow through and do the things he’s talking about.” There was apparently no Steve Bannon in the script this time. They both knew that it would be very unwise to enter ‘The ‘Lion’s Cage’ with losers’ approach of parroting PPP or Bannon again. The Legislative Congress would be alarmed by such alter-Egos’ exposure. They knew that the Congress would respond with playing the Game ABD (Attack is the Best Defense) before proper defense is in place. The speech was simply ‘Same Thing – New Wrapping’. The PPT acted just as professional as the Republican actors before him, - like Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger, - discreetly reading out loud every word on the screen. Still, the PPT managed to blame Obama for the info-leaks to Putin as well as discrediting the US Secret Services even more. This might cause some kind of legitimation to start the political cleansing of US loyalists in the Executive powers.

The speech seems full of memes, like making the American Great (Wall) - again. Messages were also dedicated the First Lady’s networks. For example, the car industry is the very symbol for the past centuries greatness and the present decay. Yet, the President focused on the MC industry instead. In his previous intimate talks with their representatives, they even offered him a ride, - just like PPP did with the Russian ‘Night Wolves’ before they became undercover GRU soldiers in the invaded Ukraine. To match that, the PPT would have to ride with the Hells Angels. Although successful propaganda in SU, such scenes would make self-destructive memes in the US. Anyways, the relations are there. For example, the PPT’s father-in-law, Viktor Knavs, is one of the few dedicated communists of the former Yugoslavia that collapsed when the pro-Russian Marshal Tito died. Viktor is in the bikers’ business and related to such networks with related services. (UU 2016.juni.17, UU 2015.okt.09 and UU 2016.Nov.04)

This 5th Pyramid Game is a Putinist version of the Leninist 3rd Pyramid Game, that was mainly executed by the successor Stalin. The realization of PRUSA is parallel to the Leninist USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), where personal bloodlust and mental disorders were not hindered to become imperial state of mind. It was a well-prepared mass-execution of millions of loyalists to the previous regime. Following are some previous quotes that relates the SU 1918 to the US 2018.

There might not mass massacres in the PRUSA like it was in the USSR. Anyways, the SU Gulag colonialization program, and their so-called ‘free settlements’ in US, will be re-vitalized in this PRUSA scenario. It might concern 3 million citizens (UU 2017.feb.03). Although named differently, the US Gulag is a key resource to the scenario. That culture was in focused when writing about the Norwegian Gulag branch called LO. (Landsorganisasjone / the national organization) The translation is: “LO is founded on such civil-war culture (as the 3rd International’s 3rd Condition). LO is parallel to the Soviet labor-camp system ‘Gulag’ and its colonialization program for so-called ‘exile settlements’ (ссыльное поселение). LO even do self-censorship on their hymn ‘The International’ concerning resisting the extortion of labor by the Executive (state) powers. Even though Russia itself abandoned the hymn as national anthem, LO still holds on to it and proves itself incapable of adapting to their workers’ present realities, - as democrated citizens. LO is simply unable to free itself for the Russian patriarchal manias of the Cold War.“ (UU 2011.jan.14) Also note the relation of LO to WW2 Nazism (Nashi, Наши), AUF (the Utøya massacre) and AP (the Labor party that is supported by the para-organization LO). (UU 2016.juli.22) Furthermore, LO dominates half the labor in Scandinavia and is closely related to the Gulag off-spring Red Mafia (UU 2017.feb.24.)

PTT appeals to all the exiled and abandoned Gulag workers in the US, - knowing very well that their collective mass-psychosis is as for LO and that it can be triggered for collective synchronized emocratic uproars, - just like in SU1917. However, knowing that the ethics of the Pyramid Games are “Honesty is for suckers” – the democracy has a task to enlighten the workers to avoid such CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). (UU 2014.sept.12.)

“Is Trump a kind of Manchurian Candidate?” This question is raised too often to be ignored. There is a long list of indications presented in UU 2017.feb.10. Several classifies as High Treason that powerful republicans as well as Democrat express. This issue is further presented as the original movie in this week’s Extra UU. However, the Manchurian Candidate has become a meme that can be related to memes of Trojan Horses, Brutus, T. Gondii and Zombies. It is a common move in Games of CdE and in particular the 5th Pyramid Game, - as well as the previous ones. The next 5D scenario outscales from PRUSA to OTAN.

Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus Interview at CPAC 2017 | ABC News
President Donald Trump Speech to Joint Session Of Congress 2/28/2017

Radio K.A.O.S. is the second of Roger Waters three solo-album after the division from Pink Floyd. The album is a story that could be a continuous of the ‘The Wall’ and ‘The Final Cut’. The climax is about a false alarm about WW3. The radio station K.A.O.S. works well as the scene for the story based on several meaningless and chaotic anecdotes, poured out of the powerful mass-media. However, there are lots of Rogers own musical and political expressions. The association here is that Steve Bannon also hosted a radio show called Breitbart News Daily.
Roger Waters - 06 - Home - Radio Kaos (1987) + Lyrics
Radio K.A.O.S - Roger Waters – Full album Extended Version
Roger Waters Radio K A O S Video movie EP FULL

Extra UU - The Manchurian Candidate

“Is Trump a kind of Manchurian Candidate?” This question is raised too often to be ignored. This is an undiscovered concern in these 50 additional P5GO blogs (The 5th Pyramid Game Over).

“The Manchurian Candidate (1959), by Richard Condon, is a political thriller novel about the son of a prominent U.S. political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy. The novel has been adapted twice into a feature film by the same title, in 1962 and again in 2004.” TV series like Homland, that is based on the Israeli series ‘Prisoners of War’ (Hatufim / "Abductees).

Plot summary: “Major Bennett Marco, Sergeant Raymond Shaw, and the rest of their infantry platoon are captured during the Korean War in 1952. They are taken to Manchuria, and are brainwashed to believe that Shaw saved their lives in combat – for which Congress awards him the Medal of Honor. Years after the war, Marco, now back in the United States working as an intelligence officer, begins suffering the recurring nightmare of Shaw murdering two of his comrades, all while clinically observed by Chinese and Soviet intelligence officials. When Marco learns that another soldier from the platoon also has been suffering the same nightmare, he sets to uncover the mystery and its meaning.

It is revealed that the Communists have been using Shaw as a sleeper agent, a guiltless assassin subconsciously activated by seeing the "Queen of Diamonds" playing card while playing solitaire. Provoked by the appearance of the card, he obeys orders which he then forgets. Shaw’s KGB handler is his domineering mother Eleanor, a ruthless power broker working with the Communists to execute a "palace coup d’état" to quietly overthrow the U.S. government, with her husband, McCarthy-esque Senator Johnny Iselin, as a puppet dictator.

Marco discovers the trigger of the "Queen of Diamonds" and meets with Shaw at the Central Park Zoo shortly before the party's national convention. He uses the card to interrogate Shaw as to his final plan; Shaw is to shoot the presidential candidate during the convention in order to win overwhelming support for Senator Iselin, the vice-presidential candidate, and the dictatorial powers he'll request following the assassination. Marco reprograms Shaw, although the reader is unsure until the final pages if it worked. At the convention, Shaw instead shoots his mother and Senator Iselin. Marco is the first of the authorities to reach Shaw's sniper nest just after Shaw kills himself.”

Is unconscious assassin under hypnosis possible? There are documented proof by professional hypnotists. This is focused on blogs like UU (015.aug.28, UU 2014.dec.19 and UU 2013.april.19. The issue will be related to the CdE US2016 when this sub-theme is completed.

The Manchurian Candidate - opening scene

Derren Brown: The Assassin (under hypnosis)