5D-5 Scenario – The un-UN

This ultimate scenario, ‘5D-5 – The un-UN’ focus on the process of un-uniting the United Nations. In this scenario, the new domination in the UN Security Council, including PRUSA, is able to issue global Martial Laws. It is parallel to the ‘1984’ dystopia with the 3 superstates Oceania (Americas), Eurasia (Russia/Europe) and Eastasia(Mongolia). It does not focus on the annexation of UK or the main character Winston, though. In this scenario, the UN powers reverse to its state to the year 1948, when novel was written. The UN Martial Law might legitimize the use of nukes and mass-retributions, executed in proxy nations related to the Pacific, the Artic and the Arabian. Anyways, the intention to these dystopic 5D scenarios is to promote some P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over), though. This 5D-5 scenario also links the 3^3D psychosocial model to the superior-states’ powers. Anyhow the future structure, - the 3^3, and related models, can be used to improve the quality of Lives, organizations, nations, empires and even humanity itself.

The dystopic global order of ‘1984’ is described in Wikipedia: ”The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein, reveal that after the Second World War, the United Kingdom fell to civil war and then was absorbed into Oceania. Simultaneously, the USSR conquered mainland Europe and established the second superstate of Eurasia. The third superstate, Eastasia, comprises the regions of Eastern/Southeastern Asia. The three superstates wage continuous war for the remaining unconquered lands of the world, forming and breaking alliances as is convenient. Winston remembers the Atomic Wars fought in Europe, western Russia and North America. It is unclear to him what occurred first: the Party's victory in the civil war, the US annexation of the British Empire or the war in which Colchester was bombed.” (The 1984 was also a mini-theme in the UU 2010.nov.12 to UU 2010.okt.29.) However, the reality is that the UN is the reason why wars have been moderated and why there was no global nuclear war. Also, the EU is the reason why there have not been European wars in the same period. These to ‘western’ international organizations prevented further Pyramid War Games of the 3rd and the 4th International. The UN and EU is the guarantee towards future 5th Pyramid war Games of the 5th International.

The introduction to this 5D-5 scenario was: ”What 5D scenarios can be made for this CdE US2017? First of all, there is always the ‘null scenario’ with no considerable changes. However, this Amexit Game proves most likely to cause multiple responses and rise the Game to the 3rd degree (damage) - and even the 4th degree (war). Such a condition is far too complex to analyze here, if not focused on the main actors’ real motives. Yet, it will still be impossible to predict all the cascades of fatalities of their failures and projections. However, in this UU theme ‘the 5th Pyramid Game Over’, the main focus is the 5th International of ‘Putinism’ (see UU 2016.sept.23). “(5D-3) Imperial Governments of US, SU and UA (United Asia – UU 2013.juli.19) ”The three empires dominate the UN Security Council and thereby act as a global LEJ.” ”The West’ is split and confused and cannot defend territorial aggressions from Asia and Russia. Wars evolves in Ukraine, Turkey, Svalbard and Hawaii.” ”5D-5: The UN LEJ system collapse and humanity is set back to the state of 1948 (1984). Consequently, there are global anarchy and wars. Humanity has entered a state of Superior-Ego/Superior-ID domination, which is the unsound mental state and dangerous for itself and any others (UU 2015.feb.27 to UU 2015.mars.13 and UU 2016.juni.03).

The progress of the Super-states’ powers can be illustrated in a 3D+t political LEJ model (Legal, Executive, and Juridical powers). However, there is a hyper-shift to the systems at this phase, at the Game’s borderline between the 4th degree (war) and the 5th. The dominating superior-states collapse into constitutional singularities. The UN system suffers from organizational ‘acquired immune deficiency syndrome’ (AIDS). Consequently, the global martial law of the UN Security Council overrules the UN conventions UNC (United Nations Charter), UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights). The dysfunctional UN cause cascades of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) to the member nations of the UN General Assembly. The UN collapses like its two ’Western’ forerunners, ’The League of Nations’ and ’The Concert of Europe’ (Congress of Vienna), - that were dysfunctionalized prior to the 2nd and 3rd Pyramid Game, - the 2nd and 3rd International, - the WW1 and WW2. (UU 2016.juni.24)

In this ultimate scenario, the 3D model hyper-shifts from the Parliamentarism of LEJ (Legal, Executive, Judicial powers) to the TST (Throne, State, Temple powers). The TST are the fundamental powers of parliamentarism, when the alliance of Throne and Temple dominated over the State power. For example, European nations like the British, Dane, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Spanish and Dutch do have influential Thrones. Furthermore, nations like Italy, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia do have dominating Temples as well. There might be considerable system-shifts in some of them, especially in Turkey with the puppet president’s theocratic ambitions. However, the confusion and split of the Thorne/Temple-alliance, after the occult interpretations of the Tunguska event in 1908 (UU 2016.mai.27), made the republican states able to regain dominance. The previous century of world wars altered most nations’ powers and are now out of balance. Any TST powers do, however, include all the LEJ powers, though, even in theocratic despotism. Moreover, in this scenario, when the 3 superpowers divide into the 3 Global powers of Throne, State and Temple, there is a new start in a new 3D model and the powers might reset to (0,0,0). There are potentials for new sets of scenarios, - innumerous actually. It might be a strange idea, when most peoples are used to dominating states.

The 3D LEJ model was made to elevate the present simple 1D model that was collectively propagated in the mass-media like some mass-psychosis during the previous century of world wars. The 1D model seems to be made to promote myriads of LYAHF Games in the ‘Western’ democratic parliaments, - simply to trigger CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Anyways, the psychosocial 3D model is based on the psychological models of Freud and Jung in order to promote sound and sane civilizations. The 3^3 model is thoroughly explained in UU 2015.mars.13 and adapted the 5th Pyramid Game in UU 2016.sept.16. These two paragraphs summarize some basics of the 3^3 model.

The basics of the 3^3D ‘ego-states’ Drive/Will/Belief (i.e. psychosocial adaption of ID/Ego/Super-Ego) is described in the blogs UU 2015.feb.27, UU 2015.mars.06 & UU 2015.mars.13. Furthermore, Democracy is not directly included in the 3D political model. However, LifeQuality is a distinct issue thoroughly integrated in most perspectives and related to the 4th Dimension of hyper-democracy. (UU 2016.juli.01)

The 1D political model is ‘made to fail’, to arrange LYAHF Games, to cause parliamentary dysfunctionalities, to cause CCD, like some ‘5th columnists that prepare the prey-nation for the CdE of the 5th Pyramid Game. The 3^3D political model is adapted and suited to diagnose and improve empires and unions as well as core families. It is a immense challenge that is certainly not done yet. However, some kind of empires’ surveying was suggested in the UU sub-category ‘LifeQuality and Empires’ (UU 2013.juni.14). In brief, and based on the first Roman empire, - 5 present State empires were suggested in UU 2013.mai.03 – UU 2013.juli.12, which includes AU / African Union (UU 2013.Juli.26) and UA / United Asia (UU 2013.juli.19). However, the ‘Charlie event’ caused another UU theme with focus on empires of Temples, like UAE / United Arabic Emirates (UU 2013.aug.02). The latter indicates that a nova Kalifate is in serious reconstruction after the demolishing of the GRAF oriented ‘Islamic State’. Now, it is re-establishing elsewhere. Russia tries to avoide the destined 13th Russian/Turkish conflict. Such a 5D series of scenarios should be focused on the origin of the 5 Romas, that are related to; Roma1/EU, Roma2/Ottoman, Roma3/Moscow, Roma4/US and Roma5/Asia. Anyways, it might be useful to figure out what 5D scenarios might be for some potential Coup d’ US, Coup d’ SU, Coup d’ AU, Coup d’ UA, Coup d’ EU, Coup d’ UE as well as this scenario ‘5D-5 of Coup d’ UN. Not quite relevant, but mentionable, is that continents like Australia and Antarctica is not included yet.

The final question is then; is a UN CdE Game legitimized in the 5th Pyramid Game? Yes, because the 5th International is based on the 3rd International. It certainly includes some kind of ‘First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin’ (i.e. first the UN, then the EU. See UU 2016.nov.18). The 6th Condition of the 3rd International clearly states: “Every party that wishes to belong to the Communist International has the obligation to unmask not only open social-patriotism but also the insincerity and hypocrisy of social-pacifisms, to show the workers systematically that, without the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism, no international court of arbitration, no agreement on the limitation of armaments, no 'democratic' reorganization of the League of Nations will be able to prevent new imperialist wars.” The ‘League of Nations’ was indeed dysfunctionalized and its unbalanced powers could not prevent the cascades of LYAHF Games of World War 2. The United Nations is its successor. The UN Head Quarter is sited at Manhattan, close to the former WTC towers of 9/11 and the ‘parallel organizational apparatus’ - WTF tower of 11/9.

Symptoms of disrupting the power of balance in the UN HQ should be very carefully monitored. Contingency plans should be quality ensured. For example, some symptoms might be the Russian UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin sudden death and that US considers quitting UN Human Rights Council. The ‘Big Apple’, ‘The city that never sleeps’ should not host the UN HQ at a single place, but there should be several backups, like there are two EU Parliaments.

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‘Shout’ by ‘Tears for Fears’ was actually the first blog that some sociopolitical content in addition to presenting a selected song. It was an appeal as a concerned citizen to not accept the drug mafia abuse of the Stoltenberg family. Such extortions political figureheads are too destructive and too frequent to be ignored. That was a personal breakthrough to use the UU blogs for social concerns as well as entertainment and art. The comment to the band at the time is translated as: “Tears for Fears’ have made several good songs, although their instrumental performances are not too skilled. However, it sounds very well with repeating good melodies and choruses. They got lyrics, melodies and sound on their side. (UU 2011.juli.01) Wikipedia says: “Tears for Fears were initially associated with the new wave synthesizer bands of the early 1980s, but later branched out into mainstream rock and pop, which led to international chart success. They were part of the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the US. They achieved platinum-selling album and reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and Billboard 200 for ‘Shout’ and ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’. Smith and Orzabal parted company in 1991 and re-formed in 2000 and released an album of new material. Tears for Fears have sold over 30 million albums worldwide.” “Nevertheless, ‘Mad World’ gave the duo their first taste of success that reached no. 3 in the UK. "Mad World" has since been covered by various artists, most notably by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules for the soundtrack of the film Donnie Darko. This version was a UK number one hit and won Orzabal his second Ivor Novello Award in 2003.” The association between the Scenario and the song speaks for itself. Mad World by Tears For Fears (Original HQ 1983) + Lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFsHSHE-iJQ http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/tearsforfears/madworld.html

Extra UU - TV series - Jericho

“Jericho is an American post-apocalyptic action-drama television series, which centers on the residents of the fictional city of Jericho, Kansas, in the aftermath of a limited nuclear attack on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. The show was produced by CBS Paramount Network Television and Junction Entertainment, with executive producers Jon Turteltaub, Stephen Chbosky, and Carol Barbee. It was shown in more than 30 countries.”

“Jericho was canceled after its first full season, because of poor ratings. A fan campaign persuaded the network to bring the show back for another season, of seven episodes, after which it was canceled again. In November 2008, TV Guide reported that The CW would air repeats of Jericho to replace the canceled series Valentine. In 2007, Jericho was ranked #11 on TV Guide's Top Cult Shows Ever. In 2009, plans were announced for a feature film based on the series and a continuation of the Jericho storylines in a comic-book series ’Jericho Season 3: Civil War’. IDW Publishing released a new comic-book series for Season 4 2012.” (Wikipedia)

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