Frexit and Big Red

The Quality of the Constitution is fundamental to any civilization. The recent outcomes of Brexit, Nexit and Frexit indicates that the 5D shift in the Parliamentary systems must be thoroughly evaluated. Moreover, the removal of the US FBI head indicates the existence of a para-FBI within the US. Most fortunately, the Western nations have entered the phase of perceiving such realities, - after the first phase of shocks and denials of their dysfunctional state. Now, it is time to deal with the realities, even though preventive maintenance might hurt some. Still, one major technocratic fact has been denied too long; - that ‘Big Red’ is not ‘Big Blue’, - but quite the contrary. Such mass-psychotic dilution and fatal consequences have been pinpointed for years, yet still in a denial phase. Now the traumas in the Western US, EU and NATO Constitutions are real and evident.

The intention of this blog is to set focus on some cyber issues in the eve of this 4th Industrial Revolution. In order to do so, several previous summaries are quoted about the abuse of technocratic dysfunctionalities. Focus is mainly set on; The resent removal of the US FBI Head; This 5th Pyramid Game and its relation to the 3rd International’s Conditions; The Quality of LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial Parliamentary Powers) and; The radicalizations of the IT industries. This is vital now, since the world war of secret services became official in 2017.1.1.

First of all, the removing of US FBI head was a desperate move in a CdE Game that is about to fail. The sole purpose is to hinder the US’s own Secret Services to investigate any Russian meddling in the US election; the Russian associations in White House, and the remote-controlled President of US. The president did not even inform the FBI head, James Comey, that was fired, but let the mass-media spread a gossip. This is secret services indeed, - yet apparently not by any US organization. Three heads are removed earlier; chief federal prosecutors Sally Yates, because she followed the Justice Department instructions rather than the President’s contradicting immigration order; chief of federal law enforcement officer Preet Bharara due to compromising contacts with foreign agents, and; first national security advisor Michael Flynn for misinforming the vice president Mike Pence about the Russian communications.

The Moves are evident, - when knowing this is really a CdE Game, - where the ethics are based on the saying; ‘Honesty is for suckers’. The NY Times and CNN writes: “Days before he was fired, James asked the Justice Department for more resources to accelerate the investigation of Russian interference in the US presidential election.” “The Senate’s pressures did force a potential showdown of the investigations by the President’s administration. It appeared unlikely that the Justice Department or the White House would do so, though. However, the officials of the President’s and other administrations’ have demanded the investigations of them to end.” “Still, the White House denies that removing the FBI head is related to the investigations. The Justice Department spokeswoman even said that the FBI chief’s request was ‘totally false’, - without elaborating further on that.” Comey himself writes about his removal; “To all: I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all.” “The American people should see the FBI as a rock of competence, honesty, and independence.” “My hope is that you will continue to live our values and the mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution.”

In brief, there seems to be a full scale internal war between all the US LEJ powers now. The dysfunctionality imposed on the FBI is as controversial and corrupted as the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ when President Richard Nixon's terminated Archibald Cox that investigated the Watergate scandal. However, such Games are not about persons, but about organizations, - highly dysfunctional such. The most obvious explanations for such self-damaging acts are that there certainly is a fully operational Para-FBI within the US Constitution. Such an anti-FBI is probably remote-controlled by the FBI most powerful rivals, - like the new Russian MGB (Ministry for State Security) and its Chinese role-model MSS. (UU 2016.sept.23 & UU 2014.nov.28) Anyways, there is no doubt that this is organized crime of High Treason. The question is then whether the quality of US Constitution includes proper immunity to hinder the a scenario like ‘5D-2 – RAF White House’ that is described in UU 2017.feb.24 (See the series of 6 US CdE scenarios in UU2017.feb.10 to UU 2017.march.17).

France was exposed to massive cyber-attacks in its most critical phase of their President Election too. Wikipedia writes: “A report published on 25 April by the Japan-based security firm Trend Micro alleged that a group of hackers was targeting the (President candidate) Macron’s campaign. The group, known as ‘Pawn Storm’, better known as ‘Fancy Bear and ’APT28’ (Advanced Persistent Threats), is believed to be linked to the Russian state, and was responsible for previous attacks, including on TV5Monde in April and the Bundestag in May 2015. In particular, the group attempted a phishing operation, registering four domains strongly resembling those actually used by En Marche! (Macron’s campaign), of which three were domiciled in Ukraine and one in France.” The Russian secret cyber services probably hoped to alter the French president election with compromising information, and indirectly favoring the anti-EU and anti-NATO candidate, Le Pen. However, Macron’s staff anticipated such a repetition of the attacks on the US President election. The French counter-fought the cyber-attacks successfully. The new French president (Macron) will probably engage the Europol and the European Parliament for preventive measures against such international crimes against any European parliamentary system.

The Information Technology (IT) and Cyber powers was the main focus in the blog is called the ‘P5GO10 –PROSA Technocracy’ (UU 2016.sept.09). At that time, the theme was related to the EU and thereby those 12 blogs. However, it is the very similar and fundamental problem for NATO, EU and US. Here are some quotes from the blog that can be related to the 50 additional blogs about to the US and ‘the West in general’.

Now that England is Moved into the Brexit Game, the English Human IT Rights are in jeopardy, by rejecting the EU regulations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Like some cyber finance center in London is called ‘Londongrad’ (UU 2016.aug.12), - just as murky are some IT datacenters in London. The video ‘From Rio to Roskilde’ in the Extra UU, indicates the actual potential of massive abuse of personal data. The mobile users did not know they were in IBM’s Big Brother processes with their datacenter in the IT Haven of London, - just like a ‘1984’.

Furthermore, these are attempts to sum up to some conclusive proposals, in addition to all the hints in this blog, in order to promote ‘Western’ democratic parliamentary nations during this phase of the 5th Pyramid Game:

The Global war of Secret Services became evident in 2017. The goals are to deliberately cause dysfunctionalities on the rivals; the means are ‘dark nets’ of Cyber IT; the concept is ‘the 21 condition of the 3rd International’ and; the methods are Underworld Games – Jackal Style. Here, in this series of blogs, - it is called the 5th Pyramid Game and the anti-thesis is called P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over). This is a cloudy war of mutual traumatizing of empires, nations, organizations and individual humans. We can do better than that, - even during the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is rather easy, though. We all know how-to. Just use common democratic sense, the professional knowledge about sound LifeQuality and proper healing organizational dysfunctionality.


“ ‘The Night’ is a song by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons that was originally released in 1972. Although it failed to chart when first released, it became a popular track on the northern soul circuit, which led to a successful UK re-release in the spring of 1975, when it reached no. 7 on the Official Chart. The song sees Frankie Valli pleading with a girl that he admires to resist the advances of another guy. Valli cited this song as an example of a song that should have been a big hit on first release, but didn't chart due to poor promotion by the MoWest label.” Lene Lovich honor the song ‘The Night’ with a cover version. She is another artist that is undeservingly unknown, even though many can recognize the songs like ‘Lucky Number’ and 'I think we’re alone now’. She is not Russian, even though her cloths might seem so. The inspiration might come from her father that came from Serbia, a nation that was dominated by SU at that time. Her name is short for Lili-Marlene Premilovich. Her theme about travels and freedom stems probably from her earlier years in US and UK. She has a life-long experience in theaters, movies and music. Besides her life-mate since she was 13, Les Chappel, she worked with the artists Thomas Dolby, Nina Hagen, Erasure – and surprisingly for VDGG fans, - Peter Hammil and Judge Smith. The association to this song is that some second thought might appear in some Manhattan Tower these days.

Lene Lovich - The Night (Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons Cover) + lyrics
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - The night (studio, video, live)
Soft Cell - The Night (studio + live)

Extra UU – IT fraud in the eve of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The intention of this blog is to set focus some hazardous cyber issues in the eve of this 4th Industrial Revolution. Here are some videos that set the focus on the deliberately dysfunctionalities, to harm the National Constitutional Qualities as well as any personal LifeQuality. French election: Are Russian hackers to blame for Emmanuel Macron's leaked emails
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Video: Norwegian video about the hacking of EU and US elections.
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