Basic Income

‘Basic Income’ is the first issue in this IR4 sub-theme of P5GO. Even though the 4th Industrial Revolution is basically technological, the previous IRs caused social revolutions that were abused in Games of CdE (Coup d’ Etat). This IR4 has already started and cause changes to man, machine and societies. We learned a lot about the previous outcomes and should respond more intelligent this time. ‘Basic income’ is definitely preventive to CCD, CdE and WW. We also know that Game Player of the 3rd and 4th Pyramid Games lured citizens in distress into civil wars, believing that the Game Players ever would pay back as promised. Consequently, the public social services are organized by such oligarchic criminals that systematically violate international laws and human rights, - quite the opposite of their public images. Yet, this is easy to fix by proper and sound use of IR4 technocracy, bureaucracy and democracy. In order to argue this, this blog provides a rather profound reference to the theoretical arguments, after the introduction and before some concluding remarks.

Political philosophies, like the right to a basic income to satisfy the basic needs, are as old as civilization itself. It is the very foundation of any family. Similar social systems are adopted into larger organizations of Thrones, States and Temples, - simply because the systems are made mankind’s image. Most apparent, during crises of war and force majeure, humans organize free supplies for food (meal-ticket), housing (hospice), other rations, collective transport, etc. However, previous management systems were too primitive for such complex situations. They were remote and central driven via oligarchic and standardized logistics. Those management systems were seriously dysfunctional and caused corruptions, crimes and crises. Similar cold-war systems of the 4th Pyramid Game are still dominating most civil state-aid systems concerning food, housing, transport, schooling, health-care, pension etc. Most fortunately, those inherited dysfunctionalities can be fixed with means of the ‘Industry 4.0’.

Now, the technical IR4 is about to cause similar social changes, like the previous IRs did. Yet, we know that the peoples in such temporary existential crises will not tolerate to be ignored and will organize in riots to survive and provide proper LQ for themselves and their related. There is no valid moral, rational or ethical reason to hinder its usage. Such reasoning is fundamental, but not a main focus in this blog, though. The psychosocial model used in the P5GO theme was summarized in UU 2016.sept.23. “They are explained in UU 2014.sept.12 as; a consistent definition of “LifeQuality; a 3D ethics model, a 3D ethical system of GCR (Good/Constructive/Right); a 3D political model relating to the constitutional LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical); a 3^3 (3*3*3) psychosocial model of Drive, Will and Belief; an extended psychosocial Game models; a 5D scenario model for past as well as future (UU 2014.sept.12); and extended terminology by extended use of suffixes. (UU 2015.juni.12).”

The previous blog (UU 2017.mai.19) introduced this issue in this way. “Even major high-tech celebrities say it has to be done. Elon Musk (Tesla) says that automation will force governments to Introduce Universal Basic Income (UBI). Bill Gates (Microsoft) says that the productions’ robots should pay tax like the workers they replaced to finance the required re-schooling and LifeQuality. There are 3 traditional claims against Basic Income. 1) That it is too expensive. Yet the social costs of poverty are higher. 2) People will not work if not forced to. On the contrary, most people want to self-realize, be social and contribute. 3) It is politically too complicated. True, this is most certainly serious a challenge, since UBI has actually been a legal Human Rights obligation for all United Nations for 50 years - and in the EU for 20 years due to competition rules of State Aid. (See UU 2014.okt.17 about LQ, UN, EU, HR)

Generally, Wikipedia says that: “A basic income (Citizen's Income) is a social security where all citizens receive an unconditional sum of money, from a public institution in addition to any income received from elsewhere. Basic income systems, which are financed by the profits of publicly owned enterprises, are major components in many proposed models of market socialism. Basic income schemes have also been promoted within the context of capitalist systems, where they would be financed through various forms of taxation.” “Similar proposals for ‘capital grants provided at the age of majority’ date to Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice of 1795, there paired with asset-based egalitarianism. The phrase ‘social dividend’ was commonly used as a synonym for basic income in the English-speaking world before 1986, after which the phrase ‘basic income’ gained widespread currency. Prominent advocates of the concept include Rutger Bregman, André Gorz, Ailsa McKay, Guy Standing, Karl Widerquist, Hillel Steiner, Peter Vallentyne, Philippe Van Parijs and Milton Friedman.”

In contrast: “A commission of the German parliament discussed basic income in 2013 (in response to the challenges discovered by ‘Industry 4.0’). They concluded that it is ‘unrealizable’ because: 1) It would cause a significant decrease in the motivation to work among citizens, with unpredictable consequences for the national economy. 2) It would require a complete restructuring of the taxation, social insurance and pension systems, which will cost a significant amount of money. 3) The current system of social help in Germany is regarded more effective because it's more personalized: the amount of help provided is not fixed and depends on the financial situation of the person; for some socially vulnerable groups the basic income could be insufficient. 4) It would cause a vast increase in immigration. 5) It would cause a rise in the shadow economy. 6) The corresponding rise of taxes would cause more inequality: higher taxes would translate into higher prices of everyday products, harming the finances of poor people. 7) No viable way to finance basic income in Germany was found.”
Such arguments based on a IR3 mentality are dominating the evaluations of basic income. However, IR4 provides solutions to such outdated mental barriers.

That ‘East’ German commission was simply very wrong in claiming that ‘Basic Income’ is ‘unrealizable’ in this century. In contrast, a main argument is as follows: Now that the majority of humans live in the cities, they no longer have any means or rights to grow or hunt their own food, find themselves housing or other basic needs that nature provided for free. During the IRs, when work and income is removed from them, - they are practically trapped in an ‘urban cage’. Therefore, there has to be alternatives to satisfy the basic needs to maintain proper LifeQuality. This problem is not merely about to preventing self-destructive uprisings, or the international legal obligations. This is simply to prevent civilizations’ dysfunctionality and decay into CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder).

Yet, Europe is a forerunner for Basic Income. “ ‘Europe is the cradle of democracy.’ This dogma is fundamental for any European nation. However, Europe has only 10% of the world’s populations (). Therefore, Europe is crucial to humanity and extra hard to defend. The Quality of Lives is as fundamental for democracy, nations and organizations, as for any person. Unfortunately, and evidently, anti-democratic nations oppose the Human Rights and Needs, sometimes aggressively with conning Underworld Games. Their need for self-defense in obvious, - even though opponents denies such existence, motives and actions.” (UU 2015.april.10)

The term LifeQuality is fundamental for Basic Income, because it includes terms of Human Needs and Human Rights. The final definition is based on the ISO 8402 definition of Quality and was presented in UU 2014.okt.17: “LifeQuality is defined as: A person’s totality of properties and potentials to satisfy stated and implied needs.” “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows 5 main categories; Physical, Safety, Social, Respect and Self-realization.” The ‘stated needs’ are similar to the ‘Human Rights’. “The 193 UN member-states are obligated to secure their citizens’ rights concerning; private properties, self-determination, security, privacy, family, work, education, in addition to freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, expression and more.” (UU 2016.juli.01)

The oligarchic abuse of market dominance during the IR3, in both public and non-public enterprises, is a main reason for the present dysfunctional, corrupted and criminal abuse of ‘state aid of social character’. This is a basis for a new and yet unpublished website, called CloudMaps/EM. The following shows a draft.

“Most European nations are part of the European Internal Market, - and their parliamentary relation is solid. All the nations have agreed to some obligations to give, - in order to get their rightful goods from the community. Unfortunately, the obligations are illegally undermined in 30 years by international organized crime. The European nations lose millions of Euros each day and billions annually. Financial problems for public services, citizens' rights and companies' deficits would be easily solved, if the public authorities turn more legal. The legal obligations are in the Treaty of the European Union. The national ratifications are unfortunately not correctly ratified into law and practice on important issues. However, there are no legal obstacles to end such illegalities. The Treaty is superior to any obsolete, misguiding and missing national laws and practices.”

Furthermore, the following paragraphs relate to OECD, TEU as well as Dane and Norwegian documents about their public sectors. This applies to any nation in the EU Internal Market, though. They are summarized in blogs like UU 2016.juni.17, UU 2016.juli.01 and UU 2016.aug.26.

In order to argue against the barriers to basic income, a whole section is taken from a previous blog about the technocratic dilemma in UU 2016.sept.09. “The technocracy, like the bureaucracy, is incapable to perceive human qualities of the bourgeois citizens. Each citizen’s LifeQuality is at risk and do cause human catastrophes when a republican State becomes dominant in the society. Some previous quotes about the preys, the citizen, the peasants and the worker focus on that.

Although focusing on howto realize Basic Income in Europe, the UBI (Universal Basic Income) is a global concept, related to the Universal Human Rights. This P5GO theme relates to the concept of GHRL (Global Human Rights Law.) that was presented in UU 2015.april.10 and slightly revised here.

Most European nations do already have social security systems that pay enough for proper Basic Income, - some even pay more than that. However, the Quality of the Social Security Systems have become dysfunctional by cold war crimes. In order to fix those corrupted systems, the whole Executive Parliamentary power have to act in accordance to the valid legislations for state aid. Their IT systems have to be reconstructed by means of IR4 and Cloud services. However, virtual monetary systems, based on Block Chain technology, is the next issue in this in this theme.

Conclusive, it is evident that the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution is the most comprehensive IR and will cause social revolutions of accordingly magnitude, - critically, if not managed properly. Cold war arguments against the human needs, rights and care are means of propaganda warfare to maximize CCD, enabling Pyramid Games of CdE and finally prey on the democratic citizens and cavillations. The truth is evident, humans have, throughout history of humankind, proved themselves exceptionally willing and able be humane, in all the positive aspects. In brief, the means of this ‘Industry 4.0’ can and must be managed GCR (Good/Constructive/Right) in time - this time. In this blog theme - this is called the P5GO (The 5th Pyramid Game Over).

Treaty on European Union:

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Extra UU - basic income (Citizen's Income)

“A basic income (Citizen's Income) is a social security where all citizens receive an unconditional sum of money, from a public institution in addition to any income received from elsewhere.” (Wikipedia) Here are some TED Talk videos explaining the idea. Lots of other videos can be found on the internet.
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