Psychosocial analyzis a Commintern POA - AP/LO

The AP/LO symbiosis dominated the Norwegian parliamentary powers (LEJD) during the coldwar - and still do. Subcultures of AP (workers’ party) and LO (workers’ federal union) were bond to the Soviet Union’s 3rd International and its 21 conditions that violate ‘western’ Penalty laws in most respects, - including high treason. Still, few of the AP/LO conspiracy are penalized for the crimes, which proves the corruption of the Judicial powers too. This ‘parallel organizational apparatus‘ within the LO/AP symbiosis is an evidence that concerns the international authorities of the rest of ‘the west’. The manipulation by the international LO at the NoExit election on 11/9 should therefore be focused by any of member nations of EFTA, EU, ECtHR, NATO and US, as well as EU institutions like Europol, Eurojust, Cepol, CoA and OLAF. In order to argue that, this blog provides some elaborations on the history, after some introductions. However, most conclusions are in the relevant paragraph because they are based on previous blogs.

Moreover, this mini-series of blogs, ‘NoExit’ is part of the P5GO subtheme that also aims to end the 5th Pyramid cascade of Exit Games in the west. The previous blog UU 2017.aug.18 focused on abuse of EFTA for anti-western organized crimes. Consequently, the focus shifts to the ‘parallel executive power’ LO

Also note that the definitions of conspiracy are: “Civil Conspiracy, an agreement between people to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage.” ”Criminal conspiracy, an agreement between people to break the law in the future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement.” “Political conspiracy, an agreement between people with the goal of gaining political power or meeting a political objective.” “Hub-and-spoke conspiracy, a conspiracy in which one or more principal conspirators (the ‘hub’) enter into several similar agreements with others (the ‘spokes’) who know concerted action is contemplated, usually where the success of the concerted action depends on the participation of the other spokes.” This should not be mistaken for the term ‘conspiracy theory’, which actually can be a part of a conspiracy in itself. “A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without warrant, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. The term is a derogatory one.”) (Wikipedia)

A focus in this P5GO series of blogs is international dysfunctionality, which per definition does not concern any personal ‘blaming’. Dysfunctionality is organizational, not personal. Any persons involved in the LO/AP conspiracy is so due to bondage by hardcore international criminal organisations that penalize harder than democratic nation’s Judicial power. That collective interlock of mutual bondage has not been resolved after 100 years, - and there are no immediate indications of any resolution either. As summarized in the previous UU 2017.aug.18:

Although the original text names their subordinated ‘communists’, there are options to name parties and participant something else. In this blog series, the abstract term PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatists and Anarchists) is used for the participants. Furthermore, their organisations have the abstract term BRAF, RAF and GRAF, which means Brown, Red and Green Army Factions.

It should also be noted that labor unions, like LO, was original positive in human rights values, but unfortunately allowed themselves to be infiltrated and manipulated to be mass-neurotic, mass-psychotic and mass-schizophrenic. It is outdated unrepairable, and needs substitution by some HR unions of this century.

“The cold war anti-democratic infiltration of the parliament and the government is more obvious in Norway than in Denmark. The AP/LO symbiosis has dominated the parliament, government and state for almost a century. In fact, LO was Nazi and a main actor during the World War 2. LO has never faced trial for their war crimes like other conspirators. LO rather silently accepted the treasonous Nazis to convert to Leninism and Maoism. LO is not based on the Human Rights. Quite the contrary, LO fights other peoples‘ rights to join other labor unions and the freedom of speech, - like they are some kind of enemies. The main reason is that LO is sub-ordinated the ‘Moscow thesis’ (the 3rd Internationals’ 21 Conditions) that is simply ‘anti Human Rights’.” Furthermore: “LO is named in English ‘Confederation of Trade Unions’ and therefor basically a republican trade organisation – not a real labor union. So are international mafias too that have oligarch ‘godfathers’ that rules their ‘trade unions’ with ulterior physical and psychological violence. For example, the Russian oligarch and friend of Putin, Vladimir Potanin, has about 15 billion € and dominates the Russian ‘Iron & metal union’. That indicates that LO also conceals their real oligarchs behind façades of tired worker, other ‘good people’ in need, and naïve youngsters. The AP/LO symbiosis has made a dominance of trade in most of the public sector’s service-production and its suppliers. It still is a soviet industrial trade-union, - despite that it has been illegal for 20 years according to the laws of European free-trade Treaties. LO is consequently the harshest rival towards the European democratic Internal Market, - and a particularly strong and active manipulator in Parliamentary elections.” (UU 2015.juni.12 - translated from Norwegian)

Still, the political conspiracy remains, even though the workers, peasants and soldiers and their unions are abused by means of the 3rd International. The history of the infiltrating Underworld para-organisations within LO/AP is previously described in several blogs like UU 2015.okt.23:

The mass-media is one of the most corrupted ‘parallel organizational apparatus’. The true ‘4th Parliamentary power’ – democracy, is silenced by dominating press, that is illegally subsidized from the Executive power’s state aid. The 3rd International’s Condition 1 and 18 is very clear on the mass-psychotic conspiracy.

There is evident that the Cold War mass-media is seriously infiltrated, manipulated and illegal subsidized by State Aid to hosts for such ‘parallel organizational apparatus’ – in order to cause ‘western’ CCD and CdE (Colony Collapse Disorder and high treasonous Coup d’ Etat). It mostly failed in western European nations but damaged eastern European nations hard – and still do.

This pseudo-democratic ‘parallel organisatoinal apparatus’ seems to be designed to function like organic ‘parasites’. They have dominated the mass-media and thereby disillusioned the true democracy for a century now. The concern is often addressed in these blogs, - sometimes rather innovative perspectives based on the 3^3 dimensional psychosocial model. This chapter is taken directly from the blog UU 2015.nov.06.

A final suggestion to 3x3D political LEJ level in UU 2015.juni.19 is here translated from Norwegian. “The challenges are at the fundamental level. The Parliaments should agree on solutions to normalize society by comprehensive detachments from the coldwar collective obsessions and bondages. Thereby, the main challenge for any democratic parliament is to find together, promote democracy by uncovering and fight any anti-democratic Games. Consequently, focus should be set on 3 primary goals. Democrats should find together against anti-democrats despite any kind of party or ism. Parliamentarians should promote parliamentarism, even if it means judicial penalty consequences for anti-parliamentarians. The governments shall govern the Executive powers, - and not the opposite like some para-governments. The terror-cases in both Copenhagen and Oslo should be sufficient warning signals. Open communication and cooperation should help both parliaments considerably.”

Surely, there are some dramatic CdE Games in Norway’s political history. The Artic island “Svalbard was abused as the trigger for a Norwegian Coup d’ Etat in 1963. It was the shift from the 3rd to the 4th Pyramid Game. Cold War history books over-focus on the climax at the SU/US Cuba crisis, though. However, there were considerable political aftermaths that are covered from focus in the Nordic region, - yet vital to get insight to the political crisis and shifts. As known, the bombing of the Norwegian governmental building in 2011, lead to the Stoltenberg’s the governmental resign in 2013. Here are some related clips.” (UU 2017.april.21)

However, LO is an Oligarchic Trade Mafia that is built for violations of national laws of trade. The 21 conditions of the 3rd International contradicts the post-war trade laws of the European Internal Market. The LO crimes were exposed in the NRK documentary ‘LO sitt store comeback’ and uncloaked the massive corruption of the PROSA Union and Party (Norwegian LO and AP) during the parliamentary electoral campaigns. LO bought illegal trade favors, law-violating regulations, and minister posts in the government – all for millions in cash (UU 2013.aug.23). Moreover, Dane LO shows that they do not pay any tax, have just a few underpaid employees and profits greatly on their members” (UU 2015.okt.23).

“The SU vs US Cold Wars caused over-staffing of ‘western’ public sectors. That was a kind of ‘5th colonists’ tactic to position bureaucratic warriors in the prey nations. However, the cold war is over, and those should be released and retire. It might be as many as half the public sectors’ staff. However, societies need these workers for the IR4 innovations. It is even less costly to give full them wages to let go of the costs of useless bureaucratic working places. The forced labor of the 3rd international can finally become independent democratic citizens too. The only solution to temporary unemployment is Basic Income, not labor unions’ corrupted handouts.”

The joint youth organisation of AP and LO is where most of the leaders are selected, trained and committed to the 100 years of political culture. Therefore, some historical 5D issues about AUF enlightens the AP/LO symbiosis as well.

Actually, AUF might be a major host for the ‘parallel organizational apparatus’. At least, the relation to the 3rd International 21 conditions is very clear. “As an organizational entity, AUF took its current form in April 1927 following the merger of Left Communist Youth League and Socialist Youth League of Norway corresponding with the merger of its parent parties after the conclusion of disputes over the "Twenty-one Conditions". Its ideology is social democracy and democratic socialism.” (Wikipedia)

A summarizing conclusion, related to this P5GO theme, is like in UU 2017.mai.26: “In Norden, LO (The Confederation of Trade Unions) is the International para-organization that is bound to the obligations of the high treason of the 3rd International, - the Moscow Thesis. LO’s 100 years of political dominance and related LEJ inabilities, proves the seriousness of Parliamentary corruption. However, after 100 years of corrupting CCD and incapable of doing the CdE, LO members should finally realize that they merely contribute to continuous negative BDW (Bad, Destructive and Wrong). ethics that never will realize their illusions of GCR (Good, Constructive and Right). Most probably are able to see that, but ignore it. They do not dare to risk the processes of a true democratic reform of their Union. They know very well from history the brutal consequences from the Game masters.”

If the AP/LO conspiracy, somehow, forms a Norwegian Government, - there are grave reasons for international western authorities to investigate and react in order to prevent the parallel organizational apparatus of the 3rd International from manipulating the EU via the EFTA. Already, the AP/LO conspiracy has lured thousands of public servants to violates national Penalty law for 20 years – and made them prosecutable. It is time to end those vicious Games now with joint contra-moves by full disclosure and Rule by Law. As mentioned in the introduction, the Noexit should be focused by any of member nations of EFTA, EU, ECtHR, NATO and US, as well as EU institutions like Europol, Eurojust, Cepol, CoA and OLAF.

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“ ‘Leve Patagonia’ (‘Long live Patagonia’) is a musical work by Ketil Bjørnstad from 1978. It is written as a modern suite and tells stories from Hans Jæger and the Christiania bohemia. Bjørnstad showed a strong interest for and knowledge about the bohemia movement in Norway. Each song has a explanation that tells about the historical foundation. The album has a large historical personal gallery of some of Scandinavia’s best singers. The best-known song is ‘Sommernatt ved fjorden’ (Summer night by the fjord). This week’s chosen song is somewhat different, though. It is a harsh complaint by the unionized workers that do not favor the bohemians at all, since their all bound by the collective self-degrading cultures of Jante. The bohemians seem like some careless ‘petty bourgeois’ that finally will be dealt with. The tittle ‘Fy faen, det er morgen’ means something like ‘Goddamit, it is morning’.
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Extra UU – LO and Nazism

The historical fact that International organisation ‘LO’ was a major Nazi power during the World War 2, is silenced by the dominant Cold War mass-media. However, such mass-media manipulations are pathetic with this century’s internet. Nevertheless, the movie The Kings Choice (2016) (original tittle: The King’s “No”) provides some focus the BRAF Coup d’ Etat that was executed - and indicates complex series of events. It tells that the German invasion fleet was sunk and all the men and equipment with it. It could not aid the ‘5th Colonists as planned. Consequently, LO had to step forward and do much of the CdE work in open, - especially in the Nazi para-police. At that time, Stalin and Hitler were conspirators, bond to the ‘Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact’ and the 3rd International’s 21 conditions. The BRAF, the Brown-Red Arme Faction, fought on both sides to occupy parliamentary LEJD (Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic) powers. Wikipedia says about the movie: “The King's Choice (Norwegian: Kongens nei) is a 2016 biographical war film. It is a co-production between Norway and Ireland, and was selected as the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards. The film is related to King Haakon VII's decision to support a continuation of fighting the German invasion forces rather than acceding to German demands and surrender Norway to Nazi Germany and the Norwegian collaborator Vidkun Quisling. The consequences of the government's refusal to surrender, and the king's support of that, were continued hostilities, the Norwegian royal family's dramatic escape from Norway, and the World War II involvement of Norway on the Allied side.”
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