Coup d’ Etat US2017

It is time to round up this year’s major theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’. In this new Roger Waters’ concert ‘US & Them’ expresses peoples’ opinion about the Coup d’ Etat US2017. Undoubtedly, the US President Seat is a major prize of the war-script against ‘the West’ - ‘the 3rd international’. Just like paralyzing is nature’s most efficient way to conquer, the result of the US 11/9 election was won with masspsychosis, massneuroses and match fixing. The Puppet President got seated, like several other PPs before and after. Now they are engaged in Underworld Games causing Global cascades of intrigues. (UU 2017.jan.13)

Still, with hindsight, the pressing question in ‘the West’ is if their Quality of LEJD (Legal, Executive, Juridical and Democratic powers) are sufficiently immune to handle the bondage and dysfunctionality of the infestations. Which Western constitutions got such Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome that consequently will cause Colony Collapse Disorder? One way to get some insight to possibly remedies is to learn from the dysfunctionalized International Organized Crime within the IOC – (International Organized Committee). A start is to watch and learn from the video documentation ‘Icarus’ in this weeks extra UU1. This was also the main issue of the previous UU 2017.nov.24.

The CdE US2017 is analyzed in 6 alternative scenarios from UU 2017.feb.03 to UU 2017.march.17. Most of the relevant theories to the ‘5th Pyramid’ are also included in those blogs and will not be further explained here. However, the present stalemate of several Puppet Presidents is not as quite expected. The US seems to be interlocked in the scenario ‘5D-1 – The WTF Tower’ with the PPT like some Remote-Controlled Alter Ego. Furthermore, there are other fatal states of other PPs. The PPP’s infestation and altering the IOC to a drug ‘International Organized Crime’ did back-fire indeed. Now, other international organisations retribute via the UN. The PPK still waits by the Pacific for the PPT’s wrath of revenge in a Game of ABD (Attack is the Best Defense). That might not only cause a nuclear version of the Korean wars of the 70’s, but an intended distraction for the upcoming aggressions in the Artic region. The PPE did surprisingly succeeded in the ‘false positive’ CdE, which legitimized the real CdE to extend its own power to the level of a Caliphate. The PPB has strengthened the ISIS in Syria and sent it to Europe, so the Islamic State might be able to transfer back to Istanbul. PPP has new deals with both PPE and PPB. (UU 2017.april.28) The next year, 2018, might very well be even more dramatic.

However, Europe did break the code of CdE Games, though. The EU seems to have stopped the flood of Nova Nashi manipulations of the European parliamentary elections. The CdE attempts by ‘match fixing’ was kind of summarized in blog UU 2017.aug.11. Now, it seems that both Europol and NATO are very aware that the CdE Games actually are International Organized Crimes, Hight Treasonous and Acts of War. Therefore, even the outsider nation Norway is included and under their protection too. Even though some rivals attempt to collapse Germany, there does not seem to be any German remote-controlled puppet president as any candidate. Merkel will probably continue the German unification and stability program, undisrupted by any puppet candidates like Pen (Frexit), Wilder (Nexit), Boris (Brexit), Tsipras (Grexit). The re-match of Spexit even turned out as an unpredicted high treasonous CdE Games in an attempt to ‘divide and conquer’ Catalonia. Thus the Exit Games in 2018 might have dramatic changes, especially when PPP & PPT finally reveals that they have been ‘comrades’ for decades – like some Global Games of the ‘Katzenjammer Kids’.

A key to maintain the Quality of Western LEJD is to understand and heal the psychology of the Puppet Presidents. It is for anyone to see on the Wikipedia these days. “The dark triad is a subject in psychology that focuses on three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Use of the term ‘dark’ implies that people possessing these traits have malevolent qualities. Research on the dark triad is used in applied psychology, especially within the fields of law enforcement, clinical psychology and business management. People scoring high on these traits are more likely to commit crimes, cause social distress and create severe problems for an organization, especially if they are in leadership positions. They are associated with a callous-manipulative interpersonal style. 1, Narcissism is characterized by grandiosity, pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy. 2, Machiavellianism is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others, a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception. 3, Psychopathy is characterized by continuing antisocial behavior, impulsivity, selfishness, callousness, and remorselessness. A factor analysis carried out at the Glasgow Caledonian University found that among the big five personality traits, low agreeableness is the strongest correlate of the dark triad, while neuroticism and a lack of conscientiousness were associated with some of the dark triad members.” (Ref. Wikipedia) The anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) is discussed in blogs like UU 2014.sept.12, UU 2016.juli.01 and 2017.aug.11.

A key issue to prevent future CdE in the US, is to re-evaluate the US constitution. Although hard to realize and admit durin a state of shock, the two party system can too easily be corrupted to a one-party system by an alien 3rd Party. Do not forget that USSR mean ‘USS Republic’ – violently constitutioned by USS republicans. Aquiring of the most powerful position is just a matter of money for a PPT that simply was purchased by an IOC – a highly profitable investment that will be returned somehow. However, for future LEJD Quality ensurance, a lowering the threshold for other American parties is probably in the spirit of the American constitution.

The new concert with Roger Waters ‘Us and Them’ is presented in this week’s Extra UU2. Roger Waters - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" + Lyrics
Pink Floyd star defends anti-Trump tour

Extra UU1 – Icarus (The making of IOC into International Organized Crimes)

This extra UU is a spin of from the previous UU 2017.nov.24, where the focus was set on the relations of global organized crimes of legal and illegal drugs – and the criminal and public organisations. This documentary ‘Icarus’ provides a unique insight to that. In this relation, the criminalization of IOC can give insight on how the criminalization of LEJD powers are done to. The IOC concepts have similar causes and solutions.
A review says: “In this documentary thriller, one man risks his safety to reveal the shocking details of Russia's alleged massive doping program for Olympic athletes. When Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller involving dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic Gold-exposing the biggest scandal in sports history.”
Bryan Fogel Discusses His Documentary, "Icarus"
Icarus - Official Trailer - Netflix

Extra UU2 Roger Waters @ Us and Them Live 2017

The newest Roger Water’s concert is based on his fourth solo album ‘Is This the Life We Really Want?’ It is his first rock album in nearly 25 years. Waters announced the return to North America in 2017 with a pioneering new tour named ‘Us + Them’, stating: "We are going to take a new show on the road, the content is very secret. It'll be a mixture of stuff from my long career, stuff from my years with Pink Floyd, some new things. Probably 75% of it will be old material and 25% will be new, but it will be all connected by a general theme. It will be a cool show, I promise you. It'll be spectacular like all my shows have been." “It is intended that the 44-date Us + Them Tour would visit the United States and Canada, showcase Waters' highlights. The tour title is derived from the track ‘Us and Them’, from the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon.”
The association to this concert is how the peoples react when they finally realize that match fixing elections of Puppet Presidents are as bad as match fixing sports events by drugging minors.
Roger Waters @ Us and Them Live 2017