King of the future

All those kind greetings on my day inspired to do an ad-hoc blog to the quest of ‘what is the king of Denmark’. The Dane Crown Prince’s 50th anniversary was a week of scrutinizing his personal qualities and experiences. The song ‘Nothing Else Matters’, that opened the Royal Concert, might be considered a signature. The ‘king to be’ seems to dare prosper his personal LifeQuality as well as any Danes’. He has matured now and do dare facing the bullying of Pyramid Game Players.

The closing song, ‘You Are Not There’, might eventually manifests as a memorial for the loss of the father. Still, the anniversary was not a final closure of all the KoC Games. It is the beginning of new chapters of scripts of the never-ending Constitutional Games. It cannot stop – like annual tournaments of chess, governance or sports. Yet, there are constructive ways for an unwilling Game player to respond, - like turning Bad Games to Good Games. Future Loose-Loose Games can be counter-striked, when realizing that the Bad Dad Game really was a Game of LYAHF (Let’s You and Him Fight). Some ways of minimizing the losses in next rounds will appear obvious, when realizing that there was not a real Oedipus complex, but an Oedipus Game played by the psychocratic Press of the faked 3rd International.

There is a Dane drummer in the band Metallica that made the song ‘Nothing Else Matters’. The lyrics is as logically strange as emotionally touching, - when trying to apply some logics of Game analyzing. Categorically, there is only ‘Matter’ and not-matter, - if excluding the theoretical anti-matter. Certainly ‘things’ are ‘matter’ and ‘nothing’ cannot matter, - at least by present means. ‘Else’ is simply exclusive. This makes the tittle similar to saying ‘no-matter is not matter’, – as if value and meaning are properties of matter and not for immaterial entities like information, emotions and thoughts. That seems to make perfect sense in some mindset of Heavy Metal. On the other hand, - that might be merely an perception from ‘I’, – which has the very opposite meaning in Danish and English.No matter, - this postmodern performance of a 15-year-old girl certainly lifts this non-metallic song to proper dimensions.

Caroline Baran - Nothing Else Matters - Metallica Cover
Nothing Else Matters | Hele Danmark fejrer kronprinsen | DR1

Lukas Graham - You Are Not There | Hele Danmark fejrer kronprinsen | DR1