Introduction to SDG 2030

This is the start of a new blog-theme. The ‘citizen deuce’ ended by the last blog. This new blog-concept has a working tittle ‘2030’, due to recent alternations and prospects. Personally, looking back, life did not start at 40, - not even at 50. What might the next decade bring, though? Thinking, after 10 years of blogging in a kind of lockdown state - what’s another decade anyway? Anyways, here starts one more decade of blogs.

Every single human has sensed considerable and irreversible shifts in our being. There are several reasons to this. This decade is also; in a new century and a new millennium; the start of the 4th industrial and social evolutions; the global projects to the provide the sustainable development goals for 2030; a shift of astrological Ages, in addition to some yet unknown impacts. Thus, this second decade of blogging will reflect on these. Hopefully, those blogs will be limited to monthly 1-pager issues with one song to each.

Anyways, entering the state of being a ‘bourgeois deuce’, - a dual citizen of both the Norwegian and Danish state, - in these times of some nova-Comintern, - the focus and priority is set on humans, - rather than machines, - in all its physical, organisational, constitutional and virtual existence. Thus, the UU theme of GHRL (global human right law) is now elevated to SDG 2030.

This decade’s blogs will also be founded on the theories of the previous blogs, - yet, more prosaic and less hypothetical. Some models are explained in UU20140912 as; a consistent definition of LifeQuality; a 3D ethical system of GCR (Good/Constructive/Right); a 3D political model relating to the constitutional LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical); a 3^3 (3*3*3) psychosocial model of Drive, Will and Belief; an extended psychosocial Game models; a 5D scenario model for past, present and future; and some extended terminology by extended use of suffixes.

Knowing very well that the previous 3 constructive industrial evolutions were followed with social evolutions. Some human consequences were unnecessarily dramatic and destructive. Now, this 4th phase is believed to embody cybercratic technological and biology – which will alter our ways of being and believing. However, this time, most humans have agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, which, if delivered as promised, should save us from the worst traumas. Thus, these upcoming blogs of ‘2030’ aims to support those goals by unrestricted innovative views – even if contraversive.


The association to this song ‘Are Friends Electric’, - is a 4th evolution in a new age.Roland cover Are Friends Electric + original + lyrics https://www.youtube.com/embed/xdCcyA52TJw

Original version + lyrics