Citizen Deuce - Citizen Liberation Day

Today is the workers’ liberation day. It is dedicated true citizens’ liberation from any bondage of production or servicing. Even Marx dedicated his life to raise the workers’ stand from the workers’ thralldom to be civilian citizens. Quite opposite, Lenin propagated a reversing from civilians (bourgeois) to workers by his Comintern of 1920. That dictate lured and forced civilian victims of the ww1 to contribute to the ww2. Comintern 1920, the world worst-case event of inhumanity, seems to return as some Cult of Comintern 2020. This blog is therefore an attempt to support an anti-thesis to such CoC Games.

After the ww2, most civilizations pledged to the true international organisation United Nations and signed the Human rights declaration, - in order to prevent any future Comintern cruelties toward humanity. Most Cults of Comintern (CoC) were thereby hindered in the West, but escalated in the East. Now, the UN have upgraded the goals for civilian progress with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030. It is certainly about time, since this is also the eve of the 4th Industrial revolution. Still, these goals might be perverted in 2020, as in 1920, like some organized mass-psychosis and mass-hysteria of SDG13 indicate. Such a tip of the SDG momentum can surely cause worldwide cascades of CCD (Colonial Collapse Disorders).

However, as a dual bourgeois, - the appeal for today is to any western citizen to rethink and reclaim their stand as a democratic civilian - with the rights and duties in the civilizations. This is important now, because this is also the start of the 4th industrial revolution. This IR4 will be as unpredictable and prosperous as the previous ones. However, the 3 previous IRs were not handled very well, mainly due to unexpected sociopathic scripts like the Comintern. The true 3rd international is the United Nations, not the Comintern of 1920. Therefore, no human should ever repeat the mistakes of the previous workers’ generations and be lured or forced into that mass-psychosis and mass-neurosis. Still, the ongoing 4th industrial reform has prosperous potentials for making all of the 17 SDG 2030 to become real. Hereby the P5GO Game complex includes Good Games of SDG 2030. In addition, the extra UU2 presents a newly uncovered Game called 3F – that relates to Underworld Games of PROSA.

The thesis about psychosocial game analysis has become rather complex during these 10 years of blogging. The main syndrome, though, relates to the so-called P5GO Game category, which involves the 3x3 psychosocial model for LifeQuality and constitutional quality. The following citations from UU20200103 exemplifies some of the views.

Therefore, the UN’s SDG17 is also the very anti-thesis to the ‘5th Pyramid Game’. The theme started in UU20160513 and has not really ended – if ever. The following citations present some Game consideration in this relation:

“The solution was concluded in UU20170623. “An IR4-way to view a solution for proper Quality of LEJD, lies in the previously comparison of the Legislative power with a computers’ Operative Systems (UU20170512). The analogue goes for computer bugs, computer viruses and computer parasites as well. Therefore, an efficient and realistic quality assurance for the Judicial powers will be to reconstruct and innovate the whole Judicial powers by means of virtual IT and automation. Besides, a success in healing the ( ) Legislative power is particular important for the rest of the ( ) nations, since (the nation) is a dominant Juridical power for all of them. Still, the infectious bureaucratic system is pandemic and has been so throughout the cold-war. Such projects must involve all of the Quality of LEJD. The IR4 & SR4 (4th Industrial & Social Revolution) are the waves that can be utilized progressively for this and provide the power to surf it through. In conclusion, the major 5D events to come is not that unpredictable anymore, - when using relevant models for analysis.” The EU Commission should provide proper designs and applications for IR4 Judicial powers to all EU member states for free, - at least for all EU legislations, but also consolidations with national legislations.” (UU20170728)

This blog also ends this theme ‘Citizen Deuce’. It started a year ago because of some unexpected and legally contraversive about a dual citizenship. Such related issues have been talked through in these monthly blogs. The 10 years of blogging had a break for a year, - mainly because of exhaustions of making the P5GO Game model and making some 5D scenarios of past, present and future. The blogging will continue in this decade, though, - yet monthly instead of weekly and hopefully limited to one-pagers.

Music - Men at Work

Men at Work is an Australian rock band that is best known for the hits ‘Who Can It Be Now’ and ‘Down Under’. They were the first Australian band that had a simultaneous # 1 album and single at the US Billboard. Theywon the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame and sold over 30 million albums.

Still, there are Women at Work too. The Comintern of 1920 was a hardcore male sexist elite. Women workers are mentioned in their 21 conditions, though, in addition to peasants, soldiers, workers and the press (workers)’. Still, even though not put down in writing, ‘the oldest profession in the world’ is likely what the elite had in mind about their female sub-cast, beside all the housework. Thus, women in Comintern bondage were also obligated to violate any western law in order to end the western citizens and nations. Moreover, the women got rather influential positions as weapon producers, tele-operators, spies, as well as sex-workers since the soldiers were slaughtered in battles. They were even encouraged to marry influential men to promote the Comintern Games.

Women, as in Comintern women workers, have been an active undercover workforce for 100 years. That is per definition Game players. However, in any society, there are both official and unofficial powers – powers with and without responsibilities. Therefor a sound civilization needs balance of the genders, for both power and responsibility. Game Over.

Nevertheless, any woman should see through this massive abuse in the Comintern 1920 – and not be lured into being such ‘suckers’ of Comintern 2020 Games too. Western women of today are liberated., yet discriminated. However, women liberation, from Cults of Comintern, is vital to the quality of any constitution, as well an undisputable constitutional right. (Also see the description of the newly uncovered Game 3F in this blog’s Extra UU2)

Who Can It Be Now - Men At Work ('40s Jazz Cover) ft. Sara Niemietz + Lyrics

Here are some related internet-links: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs

Extra UU1 Batman

Batman is mentioned in some previous UU blogs. Anyways, the relation in this blog is due to some unreasoned aspects of the present pandemic in the West. This is surely an alternative point of view – a view as a Bat Game. The main hypothesis focusses on the claims that bats are the source for the pandemic virus. That can indicate there is an Underworld Game of the 4th degree – a biological warfare. Even publicly naming the pandemic ‘Corona’ might be a hint to a Gain of the Game – the Western royal crowns – the heads of the constitutional Executive powers

Batman Opening and Closing Theme 1966 - 1968 With Snippets
GRU/Spetsnaz BAT emblem BAT

This is not even a conspiracy theory, since theories are highly scientific. This conspiracy hypothesis about a Bat Game, is founded on some previous blogs of why archetypes like the Batman is remarkably popular in western civilizations. (UU20170804 & UU20151009)

The 21 conditions of the Comintern appeals especially to soldiers, workers, peasants and ‘the press’ of 1920. Such Comintern warriors are rather of RAF/GRU/Spetsnaz than conventional armies. Yet the new warriors are called Night wolf and Wagner group. However, the symbol of Spetsnaz is a bat – very similar to the Batman symbol. Therefore, some archetypes, the events and even the memes, are probably dedicated the heroes’ legends. Gotham city is probably related to a Prussian city, before the CoC CCD Game (Colonial Collapse Disorders).

In a socialpsychological sense, related to Jung theories, the most opponent to the billionaire Batman is the Joker – a sociopathic anarchist – just like PROSA autonoms (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists). The two archetypes, Batman and Joker, a hero and an anti-hero, are two sides of the same persona, like two alter egos of one single person. Neither of them relates to ‘rule by law’. Batman is above the law in his KoC Games (King of the Castle) and Joker is beneath the law in his Underworld Games of ID/Drive. Joker is the archetype of anarchy and total destruction, - like a black demon of Tengrism camouflaged as a ‘court jester’. Batman, as a black demonic hero, is so resourceful that his childhood trauma can set the police aside to feed his ID/Drive driven urge for revenge. Together, Batman and Joker are like Freudian Superior-Ego and ID - that are both outlaws and together ruin the city-state in their never-ending schizophrenic LYAHF Games (Lets You And Him Fight). However, the third party, the Game initiator, is not yet uncovered.

A bat is made the main hypothetic meme for the present Chinese flue. There is no evidence that the pandemic virus originated from a real bat – yet propagated like scientific truth. However, truths are the main victims of Games, - also Games of 4th degree – namely war. Those involved in wars often use indirect communications like, symbols, memes and myths of security reason. Therefore, the bat might also be a symbol, not for bloodthirsty vampires, not for the gothic knight, but for the present version of the Red Army Faction, the GRU/Spetsnaz – a faction of the present ‘Wagner group’ and ‘Night wolf’. The plutocratic BRICS surely needs to be tamed now.

Extra UU2 Jane Fonda - Do It

The newly uncovered Game ‘3F’ follows the uncoveries of the Games USUK, CoC & Electra (UU20200402). 3F is a CoC Game (Cult of Comintern) that exploits ‘suckers’ of PROSA autonoms. However, 3F is more oriented to Electra than Oedipus as the Freudian Sexual Game category indicates. For organisational parallels to personalities, - the mental state is elevated from personal ID to organisational Drive. An association to the 3F Sexual Game can stem from video scenes of an aerobics instructor as a sexed-up fitness milf – as in “you Tarzan me Jane”. Memes are for example the 80’s aerobic videos where a Jane with her flock of sex objects are dressed up as milfs in tights. Such sexual appeal is obviously planed and did indeed relate to porn-stars of the 80’s and other sex-workers.

As a 3F worker, the instructor does repeatably the three subsequent exercises; FxxxIn’, FxxxUp and FxxxOff. As a CoC Game, 3F can also elevate to the third level including illegal acts by outlaws with civil consequences. The Game 3F is thereby of the Game category Underworld too, as in the classic Games like C&R (Cops & Robbers), SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do) and LYAHF (Lets You And Him Fight). Furthermore, such 3F fitness cults are deeply involved in illegal synth drugs from Underworld productions, smuggling and distribution. The Russian illegal doping industry at the Olympics is one obvious example. In sum, it is not merely a CoC Sexual worker, but also a SDR worker (ref. ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’roll’ - Ian Dury & The Blockheads). Thereby, the 3F Game can trigger the newly uncovered Game Junky. (UU20200402) Such 3F Junky Games are simply also for recruitments of ‘free-use’ sex workers for other CoC workers. The 3F instructor might play some ‘blame games’ when sexual and drug-related abuses of the followers are exposed.

Most alarmingly, the 3F Game can escalate to the 4th level – i.e. international warfare. There is no doubt close relation of illegal drugs, trafficking and sex workers in bondage. Intriguingly, the 3F matriarch got famous in a delusional nuclear worst-case scenarie in a movie called ‘The China Syndrome’. It was a ridicules fantasy that a nuclear core in US could burn through Earth’s core to China. Anyways, the IR4 mainly concerns biological industry and thereby warfare. In this sense a China Syndrome could rather be of biological manipulation, industrialization and alternation of humanity. That is hazardous, when a qualitative global institutional control is not yet established. Unwanted and irreversible changes to humanity are likely to happen – if the civilizations’ Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 are dictated to be violated. A main task for the SDG 2030 should be to tame the plutocratic BRICS and end those CoC Games.

Jane Fonda's New Workout - Leslie Lilien Singing "Do It"

Extra UU3 DEVO - Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA

The band Devo is presented several times, like in UU20170929. They play the role as some nerdy jerk workers that are abused as industrial ‘suckers’, as in Pyramid Games. They relate to the newly uncovered Games USUK, CoC & Electra, as well as 3F and PROSA. In these two songs, they sulk about being alienated (potato) wanting nice girls (tomato). They probably work with social supervision and monitors people, - just like some Chinese nova-stasi. The second song (Mr. DNA) is even more alarming - in this eve of the 4th Industrial revolution. They basically sing “Mr. Kamikaze, Mr. DNA, He's an altruistic pervert - here to spread some genes.”

This 4th industrial revolution (IR4) will escalate the genetic engineering to yet unimaginable levels and to alarmingly consequences, - not merely for flora and fauna, but for humans and humanity too. A Chinese scientist, employed by the Chinese CoC state, has already warned the world about an ongoing project of gene-manipulation of human minors. The 2019 version of the Spanish Flu of 1919, did originate as another Chinese Flue. It has now escalated to a Chinese syndrome, especially ramming the West - especially the so-called PIGS nations. China is dominator in BRICS and therefore, a most hazardous conspiracy in this IR4 – mostly due to its untamed plutocracy and dysfunctional level of denials. That plutocratic ID, BRICS, needs to be tamed now – by the UN.

DEVO - Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA + Lyrics