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It is Easter, so this ‘Citizen Deuce’ resurrect with a religious point of view called ‘Easter Crown’. Funny though, that even an atheist cannot deny that religions exist and influence the majority of humanity considerably. Still, the aim of these blogs is not to explain true divinity, but to investigate the psychosocial acts of GoT (the category ‘Game of Temples’). Still most religious citizens perceive GoT as true superior ethics, whilst such Games are simply conning ways to extort and abuse the collectives of prey. This blog goes further than the previous ones - not merely to relate to the untrue spirituality of some dysfunctional Temples – but also to investigate the calamities of spiritual mess-up by occultism. Such uncoveries are critical for the quality of any Constitution, - especially because Temples are the 3rd superpower of any society, - in addition to the Throne and the State.

Nevertheless, some recap of the theoretical background is presented in the following paragraph before continuing the final reasoning. It can provide a background to understand the following conclusion and

The theory of the psychosocial Belief dimension is thoroughly described in blogs like UU20150313. Its introduction says: “The Belief dimension of the 3x3 model is different from (the dimensions) Drive and Will. Freud and Jung called it ‘Superior-Ego’, while Berne called it ‘Parent’. Belief concerns ideas of what we cannot possibly fully understand, but need to know and trust. Here, the focus is set on Belief in Supremacies like the Superior-Ego (S-E/Will). The Superior-ID (S-I/Drive) was included 2 years ago. Now, the Superior-Devine (S-D/Belief), a new and third subcategory, is included to complete the model.” (The extension also caused a restructuring from 3 to 4 types of the classic ego-states.) Further recaps:

Comparing the Game categories, there are probably more untruthful Games in GoT, than in GdE and KoC, due to the extreme level of secrecy in Temples. Their transactions are not by facts, but rather by myths, memes, rituals – and surely believes. The Gamers feel supercity over the flock of citizens, by claims to be personally chosen by divine beings. That illusion involves black as well as white preachers.

The focus here is set on some spiritual Games of Temples. Some previous blogs provide some basis for the hypothesis. The following citations should give some insight to the following conclusion and suggestion:

While uncovering Games of Temples (GoT) in RoC (Russian orthodox Church), it seems obvious, like hidden in plain sight - that eastern shamanism overran RoC long before that monk unconstitutionally declared Moscow as ‘the 3rd Rome’. Thus, main historical figures are also puppets of GoT, like; Ivan, Rasputin Dagmar and Stalin, - also including tsars and presidents. A further concern is the globalization of occult spiritualization – the collaborations, merging and mutations. Surely Tengri atheist camp for Tibetans, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others, - executes such assimilations, with unknown intentions and outcomes.

Still, the 4th and even 5th level GoT is unimaginable to most sane citizens. However, history proves such collective self-destruction of humanity over and over again. The logic behind such destructive psychosis might be imaginable with some sympathy to such alienated non-citizens. Therefor a main hypothesis is that such GoT are only possible to plan and execute when assimilated to a collective KO-KO state of minds, - consequently, collectively exposed to sociopathic mass-psychotic schizophrenia that is escalated with mass-neurotic hysteria. (See the blog UU20190628 about OK-OK sanity.) Despite the large field of the original philosophies of true divinity, - this current warfare is by no means religious, but simply mass-psychotic parallel apparatuses, designed to cause CCD (Colonial Collapse Disorders) as in CoC Games.

Religious history proves that GoT of 4th degree have been extremely harmful to humanity. Some theocratic scripts even dictate Games of the ultimate 5th degree. That must be prevented, for humanity sake. Therefore, humanity should respond in defense by uncovering such ‘Games of Temples’ in order to secure global sustainable constitutional quality - in this decade of Easter Crown (Pascha Corona).

This blog’s hypothesis is pressing because of the ongoing global biological warfare towards humanity and civilizations is out of anyone’s control. Some regimes have entered a state of delusional denials, which is clear symptoms of a seriously dysfunctional regime. A most urgent Move in the Games is to stop the denying that black Tengrism is globally widespread and accepted as atheism by the Chinese atheist constitution and elite. The regimes’ acts toward humans are hidden in plain sight for all to see. The Chinese flue is like the Spanish flue, on a 100-year anniversary. It might very well develop like the plague-warfare towards Europe as in the 1300’s. That started right after the first Mongolian occupation of Beijing.

Then the main question is, - how to heal religion? Such a comprehensive question is almost religious in itself. There is no simple answer to such a complex question. However, a very simplified hint is the SDG. Most civilized nations have formally signed to execute the global Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. These goals included institutions, which includes any kind of Temple in any kind of nation. Therefore, with all respect for ‘clients’ confidentiality, this includes psychological healing – noting that the word psychiatry means ‘the healing of souls ‘.



99 Luftballons - Nena

Before presenting the newly discovered Game ‘Electra’, - here is a recap of the presentation of the song in UU20191101. “‘99 Luftballons’ is a song by the German band Nena from 1983. An English version has lyrics with somewhat different meanings. Therefore, it is preferably sung in the original language. The reason for selecting this song is the associations that the number 99 gives. The original lyrics tells how Germany got involved in a war due to some science fiction-like presence (like some captain Kirks in Star Trek). Finally, the war ministers figured out how to regain peace. Far-fetched is the association to the 99 Tengri. Yet, the swastika and the occult Nazi emperor might have peaked the indirect influence of 1000 years of black shamanism in ROC. …”

99 Luftballons (Jazz Vibes Nena Cover) ft. Aly Ryan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TliE9rTrzXg
Nena ‎- 99 Luftballons – original Nena + text
Leapfrog - 99 Luftballons (black metal cover)
Rammstein - 99 Luftballons (blacker metal Cover)

Now, the newly uncovered Game called ‘Electra’. The archetypical Oedipus complex is mentioned in several blogs and is suggested as a Game in UU20180601. It was to be suggested as an Oedipus Syndrome in a subsequent blog, in order to explain how the mass-media can make self-fulfilling mass-psychotic claims of father-son alienations. However, the blog was cancelled since the blog-host decided to delete the whole UU blog site and all its content. That was a depressing set-back, which halted the blogging for a year. However, it is hereby further extended by focusing on Electra instead. This can also be related to the so-called Dagmar Syndrome, as presented in blogs like UU20141219.

Basically, Wikipedia introduces the thesis: “In Neo-Freudian psychology, the Electra complex, as proposed by Carl Jung in his Theory of Psychoanalysis, is a girl's psychosexual competition with her mother for possession of her father. In the course of her psychosexual development, the complex is the girl's phallic stage; a boy's analogous experience is the Oedipus complex.” “In classical psychoanalytic theory, the child's identification with the same-sex parent is the successful resolution of the Electra complex and of the Oedipus complex; his and her key psychological experience to developing a mature sexual role and identity. Sigmund Freud instead proposed that girls and boys resolved their complexes differently—she via penis envy, he via castration anxiety; and that unsuccessful resolutions might lead to neurosis. Hence, women and men who are fixated in the Electra and Oedipal stages of their psychosexual development might be considered ‘father-fixated’ and ‘mother-fixated’.”

There are made some extensions, though, in order to balance the hypothesis of the Oedipus Syndrome out of discriminations of gender and age. Like Oedipus, the son-mother Drive relation is mutual, not merely as the son as a psychological MotherFxxxer. The mother is a SonFxxxer as well. Likewise, Electra is FatherFxxxer as much as father is DaughterFxxxer. This opens for gender-wise perspectives of the syndromes. The term MILF is dedicated the psychological MF, i.e. Oedipus. However, since the term MILF is included, there should, theoretically, be a term like psychological mILF too, i.e. ‘minor I’d Like to Fxxx’. The term mILF is not gender specific and therefore applies to both the mother and the father. Like Oedipus is a psychological MF for MILF, Electra is FF for FILF. Finally, in order not to discriminate any sexual deviations, the terms apply to psychological sexuality that contradicts physical sexuality too, hence Oedipus can be FILF oriented and Electra can be MILF oriented.

Note that this language and terms of the Oedipus/Electra Syndrome might feel repulsive to some readers. However, this does not exceed the reaction to Freud’s original wordings. Moreover, such complexes and syndromes are probably the major Drive for most nature-related shamanisms, both male and female, since it is more ID/Sexual related than other kinds of religion. Wikipedia – Electra complex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electra_complex Freud - Official Trailer - Netflix
Song - AC - Is It My Body + lyrics

Extra UU1 – Robyn Røyksopp – Monument

The Norwegian synth-duo Røyksopp and the Swedish artist Robyn collaborated a short period. With that, Røyksopp ended and Robyn regained her LifeQuality. They are previously presented as artists in the blog UU20161007. However, the following thoughts are not directly related to any of the artists, but to that recovery, the artful video and this blog’s issue. Still, Robyn got a serious personal crisis that Røyksopp apparently helped get out off.

Röyksopp & Robyn - Monument + Lyrics
Röyksopp - What Else Is There? + lyrics

Anyways, concerning the issue is drugs and shamanism. ‘Magic mushrooms’ (Fleinsopp) is an ancient medicine that polar shamans used long before the age of vikings. It has similar effects as lsd and is considered as a natural psychiatric medicine, that can substitute chemicals from the industrial pharmacy. Certainly, fungus can be healing when used properly and not abused, - like Penicillin is.

The following recap is taken from blogs concerning this issue, followed by yet another refurbished Game:

Finally, here is a presentation of a newly refurbished Game; ‘Junky’. Dr. Eric Berne presents the thesis of a Game called Alcoholic. However, the Game is not about the client, alcohol or addiction, but about all of the Game players involved in the client’s misery. There are the relatives having an excuse for other issues, the bartender profiting, the supporting organisations in need for clients and the psychiatrists that get paid for prescribing drugs. Thus, there is certainly a similar Game ‘Junky’. Therefore, some minor editing of Berne’s description of Alcoholic will make a full thesis of this newly refurbished psychosocial Game called ‘Junky’. Please note that the issue is not the unfortunate client, but all the surrounded gamers, like relatives, the pusher, the support organisations, the public social services, the drug-mafia, the pharmacy industry and more.

Extra UU2 – David Bowie – Wild is the wind

‘Wild is the Wind’ by David Bowie was presented in UU20131122 with 2 other related songs from the album Station to Station. He had a period of excessive self-medicating and tipped over. The association to this song and blog, is like some mourning reflections after opening a six-sided pandora box and let the 99 tengris out. A such devine and wind is in Korean called ‘shinmyeong’. (See more hereunder.)
David Bowie – Wild is the Wind + Lyrics
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsqlXkkEKxI https://genius.com/David-bowie-wild-is-the-wind-lyrics

This blog, though, explores some ways of shamanism. The attempt here is to remind that, despite the over-exposed black shamanism, there are basically positive and true religious foundations. There probably are far more Good Games. The majority of shamanism is basically positive - like Parents and Children play for healing and learning. A particular interesting aspect of Korean shamanism is that there is a 3rd ‘Jing and Jang’, - the tricolor where yellow represents humanity, red earth and blue heaven. That could be related to the theories of 3x3 social psychology.

A summary from Wikipedia says:

Nevertheless, indicating how fatal GoT can be. The symbol of bear is in the star constellation ‘Big Dipper’, ‘Ursa Major’ circulation around the northern Polar Star. Egyptian astronomers pointed out the constellation ‘Southern Cross’, Sirius and Orion’s Belt and made the theology of the Sun’s 2160 years Era/Age like the Moon’s month. That astronomy is the very basis of western Christianity. (See blogs like UU20180330.) Likewise, the ‘Bear’ constellation circling the northern polar star can be divided into the four seasons. With similar imagination as with the zodiac calendar, the polar bear seasons makes a swastika – a ‘Northern Cross’.

Therefore, the two polar crosses can be considered as dipolar constellations, with millennia swaps of power, like the great schism of 1054 indicates, - however perverted by anti-theist Players of GoT. Wild is the Wind – indeed.

Extra UU3 – Depeche Mode Wrong

Depeche Mode is often presented in UU blogs. This song ‘Wrong’ is an ethical anti-thesis BDW (Bad/Destructive/Wrong) and dedicated in particular to the dysfunctional institutions of child-psychocracy. The lyrics is of an unfortunate man that is manipulated to believe that his misfortune is due to superstitious faith. The video shows the real situations and consequences, - quite metaphorical of cause.

Depeche - Mode Wrong + lyrics

This blog relates to the schized Church and the current pandemic and -demonic warfare. Quite frankly, the north Korean dictator appears determined to play a role as a biblical BGGG Game as setup by his forefather’s godfather Stalin. He was made for a CoC Game that provided a superior-devine script as out of the Mongolian shamanism, - and adapted to the northern Korean shamanism. That happened after the final Tsar had a catastrophic failure in establishing a Korean sea port. The Japanese wiped the proud Tsardom’s fleet out. That turn of event was also fortunate for Lenin’s blood feud towards the Tsar.

Wikipedia writes how the Russia made the fake puppet shaman elite of north Korea:

The risk for humanity, the GoT related CoC Game and the anti-thesis - is hidden in plain sight. The North Korean elite are still puppets of the Comintern’s CoC Game. They are selected and assimilated by the atheistic RoC state-church in order to control the region by eliminate true Korean religion. Most alarming is the nuclear detonations at the root of the super-volcano, the black shamanistic farming of ‘workers and goblins’ and the potential biological warfare, like by some occult christian church in south Korea. All is covered up by some scripted scenes of being biblical horsemen, son of the sun and narcissistic hymns of mass-psychosis. No doubt - this Stalinist puppet is of the same script as black shaman Hitler.