P5GO and Puppet Presidents

The 5th Pyramid Game counts from 2013 until it collapses as designed. Yet, there was a false start in 1999 when the Russian Oprichnina did a CdE by replacing the democratic elected president with a FSB agent. Still, the 3rd Comintern’s 21 Conditions are the extreme fundament for high treason CdE Games in the prey states of Europe and America. However, internal Russian rivalries are escalating - with GRU and RAF liberation from FSB and the boosting of the National Guard, Oligarchs, Red Mafia and anarchistic Separatist. The schemes of the 5th Pyramid Game is to corrupt foreign LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial parliamentary powers) with media, law and money – to cause CCD and do CdE. For such a nova-feudal empire, such ambitions appears beyond psychosis and will probably cause an implosion and collapse to its own core. This time, the rest of the world should not be sucked into this internal ‘3rd Fatherland War’.

Nowadays, there are objective information on the internet about the 5 Internationals for the Comintern. Stalin’s execution of the Red Army patriarch and his 4th ‘counter International’ caused other factions to try to alter the central Comintern too. The following summarizes attempts to organize a 5th international. “Trotskyist groups tried to form the 5th International with ‘POUM’ in Barcelona (1938), ‘Quebracho’ in Argentine (1941), Lyndon LaRouche (1965), Socialist Future (1994), LRCI (League for a Revolutionary Communist International) (2003), renamed to L5I (The League for the Fifth International). L5I has grown significantly since 2010 and stated that the 5th International will form in the near future. It has now sections in Austria, Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, Pakistan, Sweden, Venezuela, Latin America, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Chile, and the United States. Moreover, other groups claim to form the 5th international in New Zealand, Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Australia, Portugal, Germany, and France.” (Ref. Wikipedia)

In viewpoints of the 5th Pyramid Game, there are the same procedures as for the previous Pyramids. Anyone are potentials ‘suckers’ for another round of ‘Pyramid schemes’. It is like a Game of RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul) were mass-psychosis are the payment for secret illegal services of treason. However, this time, the Oprichnina needed to rename and reorganize, in order not to be recognized. Suckers of ‘100 potential Vietnams’ of the 4th Pyramid’s RAF need alteration to GRAF to cover up previous Pyramid Games. There were attempts to boost economic triumph in BRIC (Brazil, India, Russia and China) and boost failure in PIGS (Portugal, Italia, Greece and Spain). However, according to the ’21 Condition of the 3rd Comintern’, the main prey is the ‘West’ (i.e. EU & US). Anyone sucked into Pyramid Games are destined to collapse with it. These attempts will be as fatal as for the previous Pyramid Games, if not exposed. For example, the key to understand the present terrors against Paris is by ‘the Jackal’. Anarchists of the 1st Pyramid Game are basically the same as in the 5th. A main challenge is then to identify and defuse the cloaked 3rd party in such sub-Games related to LYAHF (Let’s You And Him Fight).

However, once again, a reminder that the Global Games are far too comprehensive and complex for thoroughly explorations in these UU blogs. Still, the concept of the theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ should provide some ideas along with the following quotations and translations from previous 6 years of UU blogging. Most of the following are based on UU Theme about the BBC documentary ‘Putin, Russia and The West’ in UU 2014.nov.07, UU 2014.nov.28, UU 2014.nov.21 and UU 2014.nov.14, - in addition to UU 2015.okt.09 that concerns GRU, GRAF and ISIL. A main 5D Event was the anti-glasnost/perestroika CdE in 1999, - probably by internal powers related to the ancient secret services of the Oprichnina from the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Actually, Putin was like Lenin and Stalin - a criminal, raised by street-gangs of Leningrad before admitted as a KGB/FSB agent and became Russia’s puppet president. Most alarming, - there are convincing examples that FSB and GRU uses the Red Mafia Factions as PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Autonoms) in the new Imperial ambitions of a ‘Nashi’ and ‘Nova Russia’. These are the real forces for the 5th Pyramid Game, - not some puppet democracy.

Nevertheless, being exposed to such Games for some time, it seems transparent the Putin is merely a marionette, ‘Puppet President Putin’, when playing macho and posing half naked, like some new alpha patriarch, - and riding a tri-cycle amongst some Hells Angels wannabe’s werewolves, - promoting anarchistic PROSA sociopathy in European civilizations. However, to the civilized world, - the annexation of Crimea is a violation of UN treaties and the PROSA wars ruining the east Ukrainian regions are uncloaked as Nova-Russian proxy wars.

The 5th Pyramid Games of Oprichnina are different from the RAF Games of the 4th in the cold war and Stalin’s 3rd in WW2. A main aspect is that the FSB dominated GRU until 2013 that cause rivalry between FSB and GRU. It is became apparent as proxy-wars in Ukraine and Syria, - and the PROSA shooting of the Malaysia airplane over Ukraine is an exposure of such Russian fragmented internal wars of the 3rd Roma. It must be quite alarming for civil Russians that Putin found it necessary to boost up his National Guard to become a regular domestic army. Nevertheless, these issues were talked through in previous blogs, - in UU 2015.okt.09 in particular.

The Jackal is sentenced to 2 times Lifetime in prison in Paris. This alpha patriarch of 4th degree Underworld Games is a global magnet for any GRAF. The imprisonment of the Jackal bursts PROSA mass-psychosis and promotes recruiting for the 5th Pyramid hardcore Game players. Remote controlled anarchist are therefore ordered to execute a two-fold actions, - 1 hit the prey nation for the GRAF, 2 personal reward like massacre on defenseless groups like Jews, women, children (AUF) etc.

PROSA attacks on Europe escalated after the liberation of GRU/RAF from Oprichnina’s FSB in 2013. The videos BBC documentary ‘Putin, Russia and The West’ and ‘Red Mafia’ indicates the relation to attacks on Europe. The main gain of the Pyramid Game is to cause collapse of EU, like the collapse of the ‘League of Nations’ to trigger WW1 and the collapse of the ‘Concert of Europe’ to trigger WW2. Basically, there are Oligarchs’ Underworld Games where crimes of drugs/doping, slavery money laundry and weapons. Recent crises in Europe are as apparent as the fixed elections of the puppet presidents of Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. Other examples are; the Dutch vote that caused veto to Ukraine membership in the EU; the Greek monetary crises due to massive corruption from extreme left and right; the Dane Europol election where the international organized criminal won, the Turkish/EU Schengen cooperation boosted as political crises by certain media; the German internal refugee causing major LEJ instability and probably regime-shift; the PROSA riots related to football and referendum in Spain, France, Germany and Britain.

Oligarchic crimes towards European civilizations were discussed in a UU theme prior to the Dane Europol referendum (UU 2015.okt.16, UU 2015.okt.23, 2015.okt.30 & 2015.nov.06.) There is no doubt that the democratic European Internal Market has made oligarchic cold war business illegal. International criminal organizations fight the laws of Europe fiercely with any means disposal. As well-known now, international organized crime won the Dane Europol/Eurojust referendum in December 2015. Here are some quotes prior to the vote.

As mentioned about the 4th Pyramid, LO is an international oligarchic trade union (UU 2016.juni.10). The shift from 4th to 5th Pyramid regime is rather transparent with the regime-shift in AP (Arbeiderpartiet in Norway), triggered in 2011 and executed in 2013. Looking back as a domestic citizen, it is getting very hard to continue believing the mass-psychosis that the bombing of the Norwegian government in 2011 and the regime shift in 2013 is not PROSA and GRAF related in any way. It rather seems like some parallel to Norwegian CdE in 1963 (the Kings Bay event).

Concerning an US president Trump (extra UU 2016.juni.03). There should be no doubt that the main gain of the 5th Pyramid Game is to have a remote controlled puppet president in US too. There should be no doubt that the Russian bets are set on Trump. A narcissistic Pro-Russian Oligarch is always for sale to the highest bidder or to personal threats. The Russian Oprichnina will most certainly abuse such opportunities and cause US to act against US Will and to nova Russia benefits. It seems there is a ‘3rd Fatherland war’ that Russia has started on itself. This time Europe, or any other proxy-battlefields, should not be lured into it in any way – and let it finish itself. Trump as president is a such a potential high risk for ‘the West’ to enter conflicts.

There is some comfort in Believing “Which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” It should also cause some discouragement to the manic sociopathy of the Pyramid Games. However, that requires a minimum of intelligence, which seems to be vanished during collective self-lobotomy in periods of Ivan and Stalin. The next UU will continuing this with presenting a mounting of the core, the pyramids and its sphere.

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Imperiet (The Empire) was a Swedish rock band from Stockholm between 1983 to 1988. Its original name ‘Rymdimperiet’ (The Space Empire), was taken from the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back. It was a spin-off to the Swedish punk band, Ebba Grön, with Joakim Thåström as front figure.They were joined by Christian Falk (bass) and Per Hägglund (sax, keyboards). Imperiet was mainly successful in Scandinavia, but also toured in the United States, Cuba, Central America and South America., They released their only English language album, called Imperiet in 1988 with translated versions of their some songs. The album had an intensive promotional European tour, but was only popular in Sweden. This put an end to plans for an international career.
The association to these three songs, ‘You’re gonna be president’, ‘Peace (do you really want it)’ and ‘Crime of the Century’, is puppet president like Putin and Trump.

Imperiet - Du Ska Va President
Imperiet - Fred
Imperiet - Århundradets Brott

Extra UU – Videos: Putin, Russia and the West & The Red Mafia

“Putin, Russia and the West” is a four-part British documentary television series first shown in January and February 2012 on BBC Two about the relationship between Vladimir Putin's Russia and the West.”
Part 1: Taking Controlhttps://youtu.be/xqAFHFHW2lI
Part 2: Democracy Threatens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoaYc5HFGCc
Part 3: War https://youtu.be/9k9Rp2hS3js
Part 4: New Start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgvQzIlzOso

“The BBC / History video about the Russian Mafia documents that the so-called ‘Red Mafia’ that controls 40% of Russian economy, is the fastest growing, the most dangerous and operates at nation state levels.”
Video: Documentary Deep inside The Russin Mafia Documentary 2016