P5GO and Black Star

Beyond Games, there are ethics. Games are mostly of the negative BDW (Bad, Destructive and Wrong) and Pyramid Games are even illegal in most Parliamentary LEJ (Legal, Executive, Judicial powers). This UU theme, ‘The 5th Pyramid’, has illustrated a Core and 5 Pyramids that is now assemble in a Sphere. Symbolically, it is a black star, or a black hole. It is, like Games, invisible to most – except for its Event Horizon. Its invisible gravity force sucks its preys, unwary until too late, towards its crunching Singularity. This symbol is clearly metaphorical to make awareness of such dangerous memes and its consequences. However, patterns of symptoms of such ‘toxoplasmoses’ in European referendums is now evident with yesterday’s anti-EU event in UK. It is against all odds and appears just like the game fixing, sports doping, money laundry and PROSA violence in football. It is time for the counter Game - Game Over (GO) – with normal use of the Penalty Laws on the public servants for high treason. Europol should, for Europe’s sake, initiate full investigation of the UK referendum, - or else the EU will be destroyed like its two predecessors that lead to the European ww1 and ww2.

Anyways, this second to the last blog concerns general murky sides of ‘the 5 Pyramid Games’. It is sums up the previous blogs with focus on BDW ethics (Bad, Destructive, Wrong) and the models LifeQuality, 3^3 sociopsychology and 5D scenarios. Before diving too deep into the black hole, it should be mentioned that the basic idea is that organizations, nations and empires can be psychoanalyzed like individual persons. The reason to the theory is described in UU 2015.aug.28 ‘How to heal Dane psychiatry’. Consequently, diagnosis as psychotic, neurotic, paranoid, manic, phobic etc. are as legitimate for organizations as persons, mainly because organizational cultures are founded on the personalities of matriarchs and patriarchs. The reasons to such unsound conditions are basically the same – immature Superior-Ego/Superior-ID relations.

First, - a brief summary of the previous blogs. The core is as a 0th Pyramid and relates to Games of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and CdE (Coup d’ Etat) by; the Napoleon wars in Europe; the 1st Fatherland war of Russia; and the organization of the first confederal European union (the League of Nations) - 1813. The 1st Pyramid relates to 1863; the 1st International; the failed attempts to trigger European wars after the CdE/Throne in Denmark; and self-destructive war against Germany. The 2nd Pyramid relates to the 2nd International; 1913; the collapse of the second confederal union (Concert of Europe); and outbreak of ww1 in Europe that caused CdE in most European nations. The 3rd Pyramid relates to the extraordinary 3rd International; the 21 Conditions; the extraordinary mass-massacres; CCDs and CdEs in Europe and Russia. The 4th Pyramid relates to the 4th International; 1963; and the global terror-balance by cold and proxy wars. The 5th Pyramid relates to the attempts to re-organize to a 5th International; 2013; the 3rd Russian Fatherland war; the present CCDs and CdEs. The ‘legitimized’ International crimes of anti-democracy and anti-Parliamentarism concern new technologies of information, money, laws and mass media. However, since Moscow declared itself Roma3 by the theocracy about 1500, it is bond to heritages of Roma1 and Roma2; cultures of ‘the Pirates of 4th Crusade’, in addition to its ancient Muslim/Mongol relations. These appears very strong in times of crises, - like now – the eve of the 5th Pyramid Game.

This theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ focus on politics, - although it concerns any aspects for LifeQuality in societies. A brief introduction of the 3^3 psychosocial model was presented in UU 2015.nov.06. “It was necessary to upgrade and extend the classic Freudian models to organizational levels in order to enable psychosocial analysis. The result is a joint Freud/Jung/Berne model called 3x3. This was further developed to the 3^3 (i.e. 3x3x3) model.” It is explained and used from UU 2015.juni.05 to UU 2015.juli.24 about the recent Dane referendum and will be further used in the final blog.

However, once again, a reminder that the Global Games are far too comprehensive and complex for thoroughly explorations in these UU blogs. Still, the concept of the theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ should provide some ideas along with the following quotations and translations from previous 6 years of UU blogging. In order to provide some sort of coherency, focus is set on the summary to the closing blog to the UU Theme prior to the Dane Europol/Eurojust referendum (UU 2015.okt.16, UU 2015.okt.23, UU 2015.okt.30 & UU 2015.nov.06.). In this concept, the Game is certainly a Pyramid and of the category GdE to promote CCD and eventually CdE. The referendum included decisive acts in a CCD Game against Denmark and Europe. Here are some quotations to conclude the murky side of the theme:

International Criminal organizations won the Dane referendum of EUROJUST, EUROPOL and CEPOL. It should be investigated by these organizations if the referendum was corrupted like football Games with drugs, money and bondage by PROSA.

The Dane tax authorities ‘SKAT’, meaning ‘Treasure’, are too often seriously involved in criminal cases of fraud, mismanagement, corruption and scandalous IT investments, - especially in Games de Etat (GdE) with IT (UU 2014.mars.07 to UU 2014.april.04). Recently, the massive involvement by Skat in the ‘Panama cases’ has clear historical bonds to Russia Imperialism, Mongol ‘tax&terror’, Caribbean Pirate Bay (Virgin Islands), ‘the Pirates of the 4th Crusade’ and the Danish tax-castle Kronborg. The latter is the site for Shakespears ‘Hamlet’, the king of ‘tax madness’ and the infamous quote: «Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

Sub-cultures in SKAT seem to act like remote-controlled IT toxoplasma. It is a clear symptom for all the parliamentary powers in all the European nations. The para-organizations promoted in the 3rd Condition to the 3rd International and Pyramid Game is a Virtual Reality – real but virtual. Such International organized Cyber Crimes of IT Parasites can only not be dealt with by isolated nations, but only with accordingly EU powers like EUROJUST, EUROPOL and CEPOL.

However, far worse is the ancient manipulation of the people, systematic formalized the 1st Condition to the 3rd International and Pyramid Games. “Members (of the 3rd International) … can place no trust in bourgeois (the nations’ loyal civilians’) legality (and shall) brand bourgeoisie (civilians) and helpers systematically and pitilessly” The system is called Gulag and became internal ‘Animal Farms’ of mass-massacre in Russia and the Stalinazistic Germany. Citizens of prey-nations were assimilate by the Gulag colonialization program. The mass-psychopathic deeds were finally exposed in Russia, Germany, China and Asia, - after massive denials from the Comintern. Remote Controlled state institutions in ‘the West’ grew to be the most powerful means for assimilation and turned RC oligarchic. Following are some relevant quotes to elaborate.

The blog UU 2014.dec.19 ‘The Whole of the Moon’ goes deep into the psychosocial murky sides of the pedocratic assimilation programs, ‘Gulag for Kids’, realized in the Nordic Folkeskolen (Folkschool/ Volkschule). It does pinpoint some fundamental aspects of Superior-Ego to Superior-ID assimilations.

No doubt, the folkshool, folkchurch, ‘Confederation of Trade Unions’ (LO) and folkmovements (folkeskolen, folkekirken, og folkebevegleser) are means indifferent to parasite remote controlled schizophrenia and psychoses, that ultimately cause neuroses.

Psychiatry deals with the legalized side of drugs, while mafia oligarchs deal with the illegal drugs. However, being in the same industry and have similar interests in products and services, - has caused unfortunately BDW Games in both organizations. These International Underworld Games does certainly affect LEJ negative. Civil society is well aware of the high level of crimes against humanity in public psychiatry, - however powerless toward the related Oligarchs of those Underworld Games. The methods are systematically used in Radicalization programs for PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatists and Autonoms). The following quotes are taken from UU 2015.aug.28 ‘Wrong’.

T. Gondii (Toxoplasma Gondii) is quite the opposite of T. Rex. Parasites in the human brain are quite common, though. Wikipedia says; “T. Gondii is a parasitic that causes the disease toxoplasmosis. Studies estimate that 30–50% of the global population has been exposed to and may be chronically infected with T. Gondii.” “It has been shown to alter the behavior of infected rodents in ways thought to increase the rodents' chances of being preyed upon by cats. Because cats are the only hosts within which T. Gondii can sexually reproduce to complete and begin its lifecycle. The rats wouldn't shy away from areas where cats live and would also be less able to escape should a cat try to prey on them.“ “A latent infection and has recently been associated with numerous subtle adverse or pathological behavioral alterations in humans. In infants, HIV/AIDS patients, and others with weakened immunity, infection can cause a serious and occasionally fatal illness, toxoplasmosis. A number of studies have suggested that subtle behavioral or personality changes may occur in infected humans, and infection with the parasite has recently been associated with a number of neurological disorders, particularly schizophrenia. Preliminary evidence suggests that T. Gondii infection can induce some of the same alterations in the human brain as those observed in mice.”

As mentioned several times in this theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’, - theories of toxoplasmosis is highly relevant for 3^3 psychosocial analysis of the Games of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and CdE (Coup d’ Etat).
Just yesterday, the results of the UK referendum were in favor of the Russian Kremlin, just like the Dutch referendum to exclude Ukraine from EU, - and the Dane referendum to exclude EUROPOL from Denmark. These European nations have in common a dominating elderly matriarch Thrones that historically were closely related to the Russian Throne 500 years ago, - as well as before and during the 1st and 2nd Russian Fatherland wars. There is no longer any doubt that the main gain of the Pyramid Games are a US Puppet President Trump. The PROSA ‘toxoplasmoses’ in European nations need urgently to be isolated and passified, - even though it means a generation shift in the European Thrones. The heir to the Thrones are probably far more capable of dealing with international challenges this century.
‘Prince’ Henrik of Denmark choses to go on ‘pension’. It should be inspirational to all the elderly in the European thrones.

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David Bowie – Blackstar (audio – video - lyrics) ‘Blackstar", is a song by David Bowie. It was no hit and got only" # 61 on the UK Singles Chart. It is an art rock, jazztronica song with an "avant jazz sci-fi torch, inspired by Gregorian chant. In the middle section, the song turns from an acid house-ish style to a sax solo to a bluesy slow middle section. Bowie died of cancer two days after its release. His illness had previously been kept from the public. Co-producer Tony Visconti described the album as Bowie's intended swan song and a "parting gift" for his fans before his death.
David Bowie is often presented in these blogs, and lastly in UU 2016.april.08 as a necrology: “How are David Robert Jones these days? That might sound like an odd question knowing that David Bowie passed away by Cancer at 69. Yet, Ziggy Stardust passed in 1975, leaving David Bowie more alive than in a long time. The Ziggy character was definitely an alter ego created for public appearances. The inspirations might have been due to his dissimilar eyes, bisexuality and schizophrenic half-brother. However, all the extreme activities to become Jinn turned out to be life threatening for his real ego. One of them had to ‘die’. Likewise, living as Bowie was hard too.” The association is not like the video and therefore not presented here. It is rather to the meme and lyrics that a dead black star reveal himself after an artistic lifetime being hidden in plain sight for everyone to see but not recognize.
David Bowie – Blackstar (audio – video - lyrics)

Extra UU1 – The Queen, Ivan and Brexit

”Queen asks guests to give her three reasons why Britain should remain in Europe”. The challenge is taken; 1 Puppet President Putin fights it; 2 Puppet President Trump favours PPP and; 3 - well sometimes one needs to look at oneself to find the answer.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit (HBO)
EU referendum: Queen asks guests to give her three reasons why Britain should remain in Europe
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/21/queen-asks-guests-to-give-her-3-reasons-why-britain-should-remai/ Yes Minister — Why Britain Joined the European Union

Queen Elizabeth I of England- relation to Russia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_I_of_England#Russia
Wikipedia: “Elizabeth continued to maintain the diplomatic relations with the Tsardom of Russia originally established by her deceased brother. She often wrote to Ivan IV ("Ivan the Terrible"), on amicable terms, though the Tsar was often annoyed by her focus on commerce rather than on the possibility of a military alliance. The Tsar even proposed to her once, and during his later reign, asked for a guarantee to be granted asylum in England should his rule be jeopardised. Upon Ivan's death, he was succeeded by his simple-minded son Feodor. Unlike his father, Feodor had no enthusiasm in maintaining exclusive trading rights with England. Feodor declared his kingdom open to all foreigners, and dismissed the English ambassador Sir Jerome Bowes, whose pomposity had been tolerated by the new Tsar's late father. Elizabeth sent a new ambassador, Dr. Giles Fletcher, to demand from the regent Boris Godunov that he convince the Tsar to reconsider. The negotiations failed, due to Fletcher addressing Feodor with two of his titles omitted. Elizabeth continued to appeal to Feodor in half appealing, half reproachful letters. She proposed an alliance, something which she had refused to do when offered one by Feodor's father, but was turned down.”

Extra UU2 - VDGG – The Undercover Man

Van Der Graaf Generator (VDGG) was presented in UU 2016.juni.03.
“VDGG was one of those art-rock bands in the 70 with complex music and lyrics. Still, the VDGG lyrics are highly philosophical about humanity at universal level. Their style is not mainstream and made for whoever that is interested. The original concept was to organs, sax /clarinet and drums, - quite by the side of mainstream of guitar bands at that time. The lyrics are often of high philosophical reflections that are Inspiring. Peter Hammill voice swings between the very melodically to sometimes at the boarder of breaking. The name VDGG is taken from the machine that was used to prove that the fundamental Greek fundamental science was rather based on a Belief, - that atoms are unbreakable. That ‘scientific fact’ was proved wrong – and has been wrong Belief through the thousands of years. In the previous century, the traditional scientific Believes fell apart as new Beliefs were developed like the String theories, the Big Bang, and Multiple universe. Once again humanity is reminded that scientists’ mostly claims their Belief is absolute fact and seldom admit being wrong. This goes most certainly for the Believers in the isms of Pyramid Games as well. (Also see UU 2012.okt.05)”
Undercover Man’ by VDGG was one of the first songs presented in UU 2010.aug.13. The lyrics is about a person having the final confrontation with his alter-ego, - with the outcome ‘0-0’. The association to this UU Theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’, is a similar confrontation the Russian Empire should do before starting the 3rd Fatherland war toward itself - and the ultimately consequences of own self-destructive insanity – and an Empire in urgent need for profesional healing.
Van Der Graaf Generator - Undercover Man + Lyrics