P5GO and Ethics of 4D

Beyond Games, there are ethics. The positive 3D system of ethics is; Good, Constructive and Right. These are fundamentals for civilizations’ Quality of LEJ as well as LifeQuality. Game Over (GO), is anti-thesis to the war-Game against ‘the cradle of democracy’. The focus of this final blog should merely conclude the theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’. However, after serious re-thinking, Democracy is now included as the 4th Dimension to the LEJD model (Legal, Executive, Judicial & Democratic powers).

The ‘true’ 4th Dimension of Space is not time. However, 4D still includes time as a hyper-aspect as well as ether, mass and energy. This sudden appearance of hyper-democracy as the 4th Dimension enriches the political LEJD model with models of humanity like 3^3 sociology, LifeQuality and Games, - and thereby Freud/Jung psychosocial analysis and remedies. Finally, this concluding blog also is a teaser to a much more comprehensive and innovative future UU theme concerning Hyper-Democracy. Consequently, the Brexit event is considered an anti-LEJD symptom of 5th massive Pyramid hyper-Game towards the ‘Western’ democracies.

The theories of 4 dimensional Space is hard to grasp, since it is invisible, controversial and hardly detectible - still. However, recent detections of gravity waves in Space do legitimate the theories. The Extra UU2 provide some scientific explanation about the 4th Space dimension – hyper-space. Similar, hyper-existence with IT and Internet are certainly accepted as real in this century. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is more used than other address nowadays. Influences of virtual hyperspace are exponential growing in every aspects of civilizations – and causes sudden unpredicted changes in LEJD. LEJD 5D scenario models become even more relevant to maintain and to innovate its quality, - as well as hinder CCD and CdE. Furthermore, Democracy is said to be the 4th Parliamentary Power. Yet, the 4th dimension have both positive and negative axis, - democracy and anti-democracy. For example, to call the state-subsidized media/press for the 4th State-power, is an anti-democratic Game Gimmick of deception and mass-psychosis. In fact the 1st (of the 21) Conditions of ‘the 3rd International’ – ‘the 3rd Comintern’, is a script on how-to make para-organizations to cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) in prey-nations in order to execute high-treasonous CdE (Coup d’ Etat).

The term ‘Cyber’ has become the most used hyper-term in IT (Information Technology). ‘Cyber’ stems from ‘cybernetic’ that means ‘skilled in steering or governing’. Now it is mostly used in the terms cyberspace, cyberlaw, cybercrime, cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, cybersex, and cyberbullying, etc. However, the term ‘Hyper’ is here not related to governing in particular, as in LEJ, but is rather related to the Democratic dimension. Hyper-democracy might appear by cyber-democratic means, though. Yet, hyper-democracy rather refers to the LQ (LifeQuality) of humanity at large scales. As Young talked about collective ID and Superior-Ego, the hyper-democracy exists independent of information technologies, - even without papyrus and pencil. Hyper-democracy exists in every single human as a holistic inter-relation./

The negative health aspects of the Pyramid Games were talked through in the previous UU 2016.juni.24. In brief, dominating Superior-Ego/Superior-ID relations in society, by undermining individuals’ Self (Ego), are highly unhealthy and cause mass-psychosis, mass-schizophrenia and mass-neurosis. This is abused to cause civil unrest, CCD and CdE. These terms can as well be adapted to the hyper-dimension as hyper-SE/hyper-ID (H-SE/H-ID) like; hyper-psychosis, hyper-schism, hyper-neurosis, hyper-phobia, hyper-mania and hyper-philia. Furthermore, there are hyper-LEJD powers like hyper-aristocracy (elite), hyper-plutocracy (death), hyper-stratocracy (military), hyper-timocracy (capital), hyper-autocracy (machine), hyper-anocracy (dictator), hyper-democracy (people), hyper-theocracy (god), hyper-adhocracy (random), hyper-technocracy (science) etc. However, such ‘undetectable’ hovering intangible entities, can be identified with meta-terms like; The Psychopathy, The Mass-psychopathy and The Sociopathy. They are in particular related to the 3rd Pyramid Game. Besides, such terms also relate to Jung’s theories of collective sense of Superior-Ego. See UU 2015.feb.20 and UU 2013.april.19 for further potentials by use of hyper-terms.

A reminder of what the 5 Pyramid Game seems appropriate now to conclude the theme. The other models of LQ, 3^3, 5D are summarized in UU 2016.mai.13 and theories were talked through in UU 2014.sept.12. The Most relevant UU Themes for ‘The 5th Pyramid’ are ‘LifeQuality’ (UU 2013.februar.01 - UU 2013.nov.29), ‘The Dane Europol vote (UU 2015.okt.02- UU 2015.nov.06) and ‘Tordenskjold Pirates’ (UU 2016.jan.08 - UU 2016.mars.11).

Generally, the cure, the treatment and the necessity, to reduce harm to themselves and the related, are basically the same as for group therapy. In comparison, the situation is similar to how society should deal with unsound mafia organizations to minimize the personal and societies traumas. It is a psychosocial Game of Game Over (GO). Still, the insight from outside ‘the Black Hole’s Event Horizon’ is minimal, - just like for Vaticanology and Kremlinology (see previous UU 2016.juni.24). Yet, there is hope with general knowledge of human and organizational natures. Russia did the sound change by introducing democratic transparency with ‘glasnost and perestroika’ to end the cold war. However, Oprichnina disagreed and the democratic selected president was replaced with an FSB agent in 1999 - the Puppet President Putin. Then the 3rd Fatherland war and 5th Pyramid was initiated. The war against the West operates fully now in Oprichnina secret service style of 500 years tradition from the constitution of Roma3. Still, the Game Over is rather simple. Spot the PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatist and Anarchists) that are obligated to the 21 condition of the Internationals, Pravda propaganda, Putinized strategies and other anti-parliamentary expressions, activities and passivities. National Penalty laws should be used as warning or contra-activity.

GO (Game Over) is the very anti-thesis to any Game, including the five Pyramid Games. Ending Games can be done by removing the Gain, exposing the ulterior of the Game, arrange counter-moves, change the Gimmick and/or disable the Game players. How-to Heal ‘Western’ LEJD is mainly about how-to end the 5th Pyramid Game, and the ‘zombies’ of the previous Pyramids. ‘How-to heal Dane LEJ’ was talked through and summarized in UU 2015.nov.06.

Previously, democracy was not included in the 4D or 5D political models, due to the commonly propagated misunderstanding that Time is the 4th Dimension of Space. However, Time is still a factor that can be used on any the political models to illustrate developments over time. Anyways, the 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D political models are still valid as earlier. However, it should be stressed that the ancient primitive political models, based on 0D and 1D, are declared obsolete due to inadequate foundation in political realities. Only Pyramid related politicians and mass-media still propagate such. Furthermore, the absurd geographically term ‘The West’, i.e. Europe and America, does not merely prove the 2D stone age illusions from Moscow’s Comintern about 2D Flat Earth and flat Sky, but also insane political perspectives on humanity. The World is round – period. Calling a region west, east, north or south is as absurd anywhere in the world except for a fixed point of the source, like the Kremlin. Such ignorant arrogance merely proves how Bad/Destructive/Wrong the Illusions of the International Comintern are. Simple 0D, 1D and 2D will experience democratic event as ‘ghosts in their machine’ and act psychotic and paranoid toward it. ‘The West’, i.e. US and EU, unfortunately experience powerful paranoid Games like ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), LYAHF (Let’s You and Him Fight), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul) and DAC/UAC (Devide&Conquer/Unite&Conquer). Anyone sane left in that 0D system should free themselves before it collapses in itself. However, present generation civilians will probably be enlightened enough to run the Roma3 machine sanely. (See description of Games in UU 2014.aug.29)

Brexit is a hyper Pyramid Game toward the British Parliament in order to cause CCD, CdE and eventually re-connect UK to Nova-Russia and nova-Mongolia. The most apparent PROSA attacks prior to the referendum at 23/6 were; football Game-fixing and money laundry, Muslim refugee tsunamis, red mafia attacks at English football supporters in Spain, assassin of a British member of parliament in London and endless parroting Pravda by the mass media’s and certain politicians like Boris Johnson. Soon after, England surprisingly lost in football EM. Loosing soccer sounds extra humiliating in English. However, there have been considerably Chinese silent activities in the English Throne that are related to the Brexit Game. The encounters are described; "They were very rude to the ambassador," the Queen interjected. “They walked out on both of us,” the ambassador added." In 1997, Crown Prince Charles, described Chinese leaders as "appalling old waxworks".

Therefore, Brexit seems most of all a joint Russian/Chinese attempt to schiz Europe with threats and temptation of Asian trade, - like UK used to in the ‘Commonwealth'. However, neither nova-Mongolia nor nova-Russia means no pity or mercy in this 5th Pyramid Game. As the annexation of Hong Kong, UK did not dare to utter any objections while nova-Mongolia took control, like they did CdE in Beijing in 1949.

Now, the Pacific/Atlantic trade will increase considerably with the expansion of the new Panama Canal. China needs UK as a harbor. Similar CCD Games goes on in Greece, and other Mediterranean nations, in order to establish a joint nova- Russia/Mongolia harbor in the Mediterranean side of the Suez Canal. Nevertheless, one should distinguish the Pacific inter-seas motives from other conflicts in order to minimize the damages of all the CCD Games going on in the Mediterranean region. (See UU 2013.juli.19, UU 2014.mars.07 & UU2015.mars.06 for Roma5/UA and UU 2013.aug.02 & UU 2015.mars.27 for UAE.) It will be interesting for UK and EU to see the results of the Australian election in 2016-07-02, the Hong Kong election in 2016-09-04 and the USA election in 2016-11-16. Previously China has taken a seat in the Artic Council instead of EU. That is in Russia’s interest. Anyways, a referendum is not legally bounding to the Parliament that does not have to leave the EU, especially if it was manipulated like some match-fixers in football.

No need for panic - in 3^3 sense, - emocratic mass-movements are of the collective Drive and Belief, - and the Will comes to its senses eventually. Thoughtless and spontaneous over-reactions are the most hazardous. However, Brexit might show out in the end to be a 5D hyper-Game of high treason to causes DAC on UK and UAC on EU. At least, EU should beware of the Games and act upon it. It will strengthen the EU. As mentioned in UU 2016.juni.17. “The main gain of the Pyramid Game is to cause collapse of EU, like the collapse of the ‘League of Nations’ to trigger WW1 and the collapse of the ‘Concert of Europe’ to trigger WW2. Basically, there are Oligarchs’ Underworld Games where crimes of drugs/doping, slavery money laundry and weapons. Recent crises in Europe are as apparent as the fixed elections of the puppet presidents of Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. Other examples are; the Dutch vote that caused veto to Ukraine membership in the EU; the Greek monetary crises due to massive corruption from extreme left and right; the Dane Europol election where the international organized criminal won, the Turkish/EU Schengen cooperation boosted as political crises by certain media; the German internal refugee causing major LEJ instability and probably regime-shift; the PROSA riots related to football and referendum in Spain, France, Germany and Britain.”

The political systems of England and Norden are surprisingly correlated. England should compare the Political Games of Norway in the period of 2011-2013 with their own present political power-struggles in their Labour party. The Norwegian ‘Arbeiderpartiet (AP), ’Labour Party’, is unable to free itself from the 3rd Pyramid para-organization LO (The Confederation of Trade Unions’). AP wants to become a social-democratic party, like in the rest of Norden, but LO corrupts and hinder their democratic development. The conflict increased for AP when joining a Red-Green political alliance in Government. The AP/LO schizophrenic condition climaxed in 2011.july.22 by blowing up the government building in Oslo and massacre their youth organization at Utøya. A single boy was caught and he bragged about taking all the ‘blame’ for both these highly advanced and coordinated CCD/CdE attempts. However, the Prime minister calmly resigned and had to let the seat to the oligarch Støre, while Stoltenberg himself got the seat in NATO as general secretary. Even though far-fetched, some indications of the UK situation and 5D events seem to be hinted in the movie ‘Skyfall’. The conflict stems rather from the Throne than the State, although Labour is highly involved as a 3rd Pyramid para-organization. (UU 2013.des.06)

EFTA is a para-organization to EU with its EFTA court, the EFTA Commission (ESA), the EFTA Council. The EEA Treaty (European Economic Area) is practically the Maastricht Treaty between EU and EFTA. EFTA is highly dominated by Norway via LO influences and thereby the 3rd International of the Comintern, the Moscow Thesis. LO is basically still a 3rd Pyramid organization, as described in UU 2016.juni.03. LO is bound to and operates as describe in Condition 3 to Lenin/Stalin’s 3rd International, which says. “In almost every country in Europe and America the class struggle is entering the phase of civil war. Under such conditions, the communists can place no trust in bourgeois legality. They have the obligation of setting up a parallel organizational apparatus, which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution (CdE Game). In every country where a state of siege or emergency laws deprive the communists of the opportunity of carrying on all their work legally, it is absolutely necessary to combine legal and illegal activity.” There should be no doubt that EFTA can and will be abused to cause CCD and CdE in EU and thereby expand the 3rd Russian Fatherland War to Europe, just like before the 1st European WW and the 2nd. 5D scenarios considering 4D LEJD might provide vital points of views. Two previous articles might provide clues.

This is important issues for Europol and Eurojust. Cyberwars are already highly relevant towards EU. In fact, these are European international hyper-organizations fighting PROSA in order to prevent abuse of hyper-democracy to cause the 3rd European collapse and 3rd European world war.

Finally, a controversial proposal global solution to secure the Democratic Dimension and LifeQuality. It is Parliamentary very simple, but shows out almost impossible due to low LEJ Quality. However, every nation in the UN should ratify the Human Rights to national Law, - as obliged half a century ago. The following citations talks through what NHRL and GHRL are about.

Finally, something very different. Jon Bing wrote a book, hidden in the hyper-space of his computer, when he passed away. I am looking forward to read ‘Fremtidens fortid’ (The future’s past) when the situation is proper. Also, see the necrology at UU 2014.jan.24 b.

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The Alan Parsons Project will complete this extra UU theme of upgrading models concerning LQ (LifeQuality). APP was basically a band consisting of Alan and Eric with several guest musicians. It was successful with several hits in the ’80 and ’90. Some albums were dedicated well-known books like ‘I Robot’ (UU 2011.mars.04) and ‘War of the Worlds’ (Extra UU2 2014.sept.12). This UU is dedicated the song ‘Pyramania’ as a sarcastic comment to the bogus isms and mass-psychosis of the 5th Pyramid Game.
Alan Parsons Project – Pyramania + Lyrics

Extra UU1 - Genesis – Selling England by the Pound

GGenesis is a favorite band from the youth. I got to know the original band about the period of ‘Selling England by the Pound’. This is from the period when the original band was at the top of its success. It climaxed though with a hard schism for the band when Peter Gabriel had to leave due to internal conflicts about personal and collective interests and creativity. (See also UU 2010.aug.20.) Once I experienced the cover-band Musical Box live. Then I had to realize that we cannot experience the live concerts as they used to be, anymore. Some videos from long lost performances can be seen on internet though. However, also realizing that people gladly see a play by Shakespeare or a concert by Mozart, without them performing anymore, made me see the value of high quality cover bands. This might be an interesting industry in competition to the cyber industry of virtual realities. Despite all critics, - cover bands are real, - not merely virtually real. Anyways, the association to this song is Brexit – of cause. The rest of the album does also somehow relate. Enjoy.
Selling England By The Pound - Genesis + Lyrics [Full Remastered Album] (1973)
https://youtu.be/E-jS4e3zacI http://lyrics.rockmagic.net/lyrics/genesis/selling_england_by_the_pound_1973.html

Finally, just a reminder that nobody expects a Spanish, or Chinese, Inquisition.
Monty Python 2x02 The Spanish Inquisition pt 1

Extra UU2 – The fourth dimension of Space

“Comparatively, 4-dimensional space has an extra coordinate axis, orthogonal to the other three, which is usually labeled w. To describe the two additional cardinal directions, Charles Howard Hinton coined the terms ana and kata, from the Greek words meaning "up toward" and "down from", respectively. A position along the w axis can be called spissitude, as coined by Henry More.” “In 1908, Hermann Minkowski presented a paper consolidating the role of time as the fourth dimension of spacetime, the basis for Einstein's theories of special and general relativity. But the geometry of spacetime, being non-Euclidean, is profoundly different from that popularised by Hinton. The study of Minkowski space required new mathematics quite different from that of four-dimensional Euclidean space, and so developed along quite different lines. This separation was less clear in the popular imagination, with works of fiction and philosophy blurring the distinction, so in 1973 H. S. M. Coxeter felt compelled to write: Little, if anything, is gained by representing the fourth Euclidean dimension as time. In fact, this idea, so attractively developed by H. G. Wells in The Time Machine, has led such authors as John William Dunne (An Experiment with Time) into a serious misconception of the theory of Relativity. Minkowski's geometry of space-time is not Euclidean, and consequently has no connection with the present investigation.” (Wikipedia)

Carl Sagan - The 4th dimension explained.
Wikipedia – Four Dimensional Space
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Extra UU3 – Global Human Right Law (GHRL)

Every united nation should ratify a complete National Human Right Law (NHRL). Most nations have signed the UN HR conventions, but merely bits and pieces are yet ratified. Therefore, every member nation should have a NHRL in order to justify the Global Human Rights Law (GHRL). Such a legally valid ratification is surprisingly easy and quick to do. It happened in Norway in 1999.

The Human Rights are like a global ‘One for All – All for One’ declaration. The need for this became well understood by most humans and nations after ww2, - due to all the inhuman doings and destructions of nations and civilizations. Think about it, - it is now a 100 years since the world wars started. What would be the outcome with an operational UN and GHRL at that time? It probably prevented ww3. However, a national regime can suddenly turn bad to its citizens and neighbor nations. Everyone needs a protection against that and NHRL/GHRL is an insurance (1).

How to get your National Human Right Law (NHRL): What You can do:
• Sing this petition to show your Members of Parliament (MP) that it is a call for action now.

 What some positive MP should do:Some democratic MP should be convinced that a NHRL is morally, legally and nationally right.
• Gather the text from the UN conventions UNC, UDHR, ICCPR and ICESCR (2), and bind them togehter to a single booklet. (Additional signed conventions, amendments and protocols should be included.)
• Add an introduction page with paragraphs that put the NHRL above any conflicting law.

Any MP can then propose in the Parliament that the NHRL should pass as national law. This is how the ratification of the NHRL should happen:
• There will be a vote in the national parliament.
• MPs cannot morally decline the NHRL and expect to be re-elected by the citizens.
• Ergo, - a simple suggestion from one MP – and the nation should get its NHRL. After the ratification:
• Have the results published.
• Inform the citizens of basic human rights.
• See to that the national law system actually follows up legally.
It works, - it happened in Norway with the NHRL ‘Menneskerettsloven’ in 1999.

(1) Almost all the 193 member states of the United Nations (UN) have committed to ratify the Human Rights into their national laws. The member-states are obligated to secure their citizens’ rights concerning; private properties, self-determination, security, privacy, family, work, education, in addition to freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, expression and more. Even though the UN conventions seems inconsistent, the states are still obligated to be concrete and realize the rights. (2) The UN fundamental inter-national obligations are stated in the UNC (United Nations Charter) where chapter VI provides the UN powers to investigate and mediate in international disputes. Chapter VII authorize international economic, diplomatic, and military sanctions and force to resolve the disputes. The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is the foundation of the later ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights). All this should be included in all NHRL.

Web-sites: GHRL Petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/All_united_nations_Parliaments_Ratify_a_National_Human_Right_Law_NHRL/
Monitoring the core international human rights treaties:
About Human Rights - Wikipedia:
Norwegian NHRL - ‘Menneskerettsloven’ in 1999.
Facebook Page: GlobalHumanRightsLaw

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