P5GO01 – PROSA Politicians

Pyramid Game Over (PGO) is derived from the UU theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ to provide 12 suggestions to increase Parliamentary Quality and to decrease corruption of ‘Western’ nations. This first, ‘P5GO01 – PROSA Politicians’, aims to reduce mass-psychotic propaganda that trigger CCD and CdE. Recent such events are the referendums; UK Brexit, Dane Europol/Eurojust and Dutch EU/Ukraine. Such HAR Games (Hit&Run) are numerous and more are announced, like; Nexit, Dexit, Frexit, Spexit, Grexit etc. These sociopathic CCD Games (Colony Collapse Disorder) aim to cause collapse of the European Union of nations, and thereby trigger another pan-European war like ww1 and ww2. The finally aim to the Pyramid Game is always the same, - cascades of CdE (Coup d’ Etat).

Still, Europe is ‘the cradle of democracy’ and a global minority with merely 10% of the world population, - yet vital to a sane progress of humanity. The democratic struggle in Europe has gone on since the days of Roma1 and are evident these days. Ancient anti-democratic rivals are stronger and more experienced in sociopathic warfare. One tactic is to radicalize provincial ‘plebs’ (bourgeois/citizens) to do mass-psychotic propaganda in order to cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and consequently CdE (Coup d’ Etat). The BDW ethic (Bad, Destructive and Wrong) is somehow legitimized by some perverted isms and logics like; that ‘negative on negative somehow ends up positive’. Sociopathic residents are altered to PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists) to cause BDW (Bad, Destructive and Wrong) in mass-psychotic Belief that they are doing GCR instead (Good, Constructive, and Right). That is ethics of warfare.

PROSA actors are bound to contracts of mass-psychosis like the 3rd of the 21 conditions to the 3rd International. It says; “In almost every country in Europe and America the class struggle is entering the phase of civil war. Under such conditions, the communists can place no trust in bourgeois (domestic citizens’) legality. They have the obligation of setting up a parallel organizational apparatus which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution. In every country where a state of siege or emergency laws deprive the communists of the opportunity of carrying on all their work legally, it is absolutely necessary to combine legal and illegal activity.” Such disloyal obligations of ‘illegal activity’ classifies as Treason in most national penalty laws. A sound nation’s LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial powers) detects, acts and judges on such treasonous activities. An invalid nation needs international support like the European confederal Union of nations. A nation that rejects such support is evidently gravely corrupted, dangerous for itself, its surroundings and its allied.

National Penalty Laws against Treason is the instrument for reactive counter-move to such Pyramid Games. Any Executive and Judicial parliamentary power are obliged to counter-act upon such Treason. Generally, treason is by law “the violation or betrayal of the loyalty a person owes his sovereign or his country, especially by attempting to overthrow the government is high treason”. Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...a citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the nation", “even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor.” In UK, the law protects the Throne against "to compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend … to deprive the sovereign of the Crown … to levy war against the sovereign … by force or constraint to compel her to change her measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon or in order to threaten or scare Parliament, .. to move or stir any foreigner to invade.” There should be no doubt that international criminal organizations won the Dane Europol/Eurojust referendum. PROSA won the Dutch EU/Ukraine referendum and the Brexit, - all three due to massive disinformation by media, politicians and organizations.

These PROSA actors are hidden in plain sight, but rather easy to identify. Some even brags manically about it, - like some sponsored narcissist politicians. The concept, parroting Pravda, is similar in most nation. It is based on the International’s 21 conditions, Kremlin’s dictations and Puppet President Putin’s appearances in mass-media. PROSA politicians avoid talks about real alternatives to the EU solutions because the sources it is ultimately Nova Russia. Instead, there are extreme negative accusations about the prey nations’ constitution, leaders and politics. After the referendum, though, there is a HAR Game (Hit&Run), which means they all escape any Adult responsibility that their voters Believed they would take. However, the deeds are evidently treasonous by law towards their own Country, Constitution, Parliament and Government.

Who should initiate the counter attack on European parliaments? Most obvious the members of Parliament (MP), the parliament’s chairpersons (presidents) and the constitutional security units. However, Members of the European Parliament (MEP) seem to react when national MPs fail. After Brexit, most European responsible leaders criticized the PROSA politicians as; “Patriots don't resign when things get difficult”, “Instead of developing the plan, they are leaving the boat” and “That UK now has collapsed - politically, economically, monetarily and constitutionally, and you will have years ahead of you to get out of this mess”. Furthermore, MEPs should initiate Europol and Eurojust to investigate PROSA politicians for CCD & CdE attempts by referendums in the Parliaments, in order to protect itself and its constitutions. Even PROSA politicians should be sentenced for treason even though too few have during the cold world war. That is a grave symptom for the LEJ quality.

No doubt that the Brexit promoters caused extreme damages to the UK. However, the Brexit seems to rather strengthen European Union’s awareness, unity and cooperation against such future CCD attempts. The 5D scenario model can be useful when searching historical roots of the past and possible futures. Knowing well that all EU nations came from EFTA, some answers might be in the EFTA nations Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The NoExit events in Norway 2011-2013 included CdE by bombing the government building and massacre their youth. The Norwegian labor Union and Party symbiosis is very similar to the UK ones. In both, LEJ appear to have unacceptable low qualities for self-protection. Hyper-democracy with cyber-means might change that. (See concluding 5th Pyramid blog UU 2016.juli.01.)

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The band Supertramp is often uses in UU blogs, mostly due to both their lyrics and music. The song ‘Bloody well right’ hints to the abuses of the human rights of expression. The abuses are massive during European parliamentary democratic elections and referendums. Hopefully, this song might contribute to uncloak PROSA CCD projects like Brexit in the CdE program of the 5th Pyramid Game.
Supertramp - Bloody Well Right, studio, Live + lyrics