P5GO03 – PROSA Workers

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 suggestions to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Quality during this 5th Pyramid Game. ‘P5GO03 – PROSA Workers’ aims to aid citizens from the organized crimes, corruption and treasons in the public sector. The Nordic LO (The Confederation of Trade Unions) is still remote controlled and still have members violating national Penalty Laws in order to cause Coup d’ Etat. However, true ‘Working class heroes’ are not diluted by the masspsychotic isms and memes that degrade democratic citizen (bourgeois) to Oligarchs’ workers. True ‘Working class heroes’ promote Human Rights for positive LifeQuality (UU 2014.okt.17) - PROSA Unions suppresses it. In this century, true ‘Working class heroes’ can free each other by hyper-democracy. Just blow some whistles.

PROSA Unions are contractual bound to the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions. Most such Union member are unknowingly obligated to violate national penalty laws by treasonous conditions as the following.

Some consequences are the same for PROSA Workers and PROSA Pensioners as mentioned in the previous UU 2016.juli.15: “All members in LO are bound by contract to treason against their own nations. Few members of LO realizes this sociopathic and criminal bondage. Most who knows or opposes that, are punished in Games like the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You).” “Anyone can be terrified of losing jobs and wages, which are vital to support their families, homes and future. Most gives in to such mafia terror to save their wives, children and homes.“ Others become true working class heroes.

History proves that such cleansings of loyal citizens (bourgeois), with radicalized workers, were extremely violent before, under and after the WW2. The death tolls were tens of millions humans during the PROSA regimes of the puppet oligarchs like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot etc. Several previous UU blogs concern LO cultures at CCD and CdE levels, for example: The uncloaking of a Stalinist mass-psychopathic culture when overthrowing a matriarchal LO leader – the ‘Valla’ case (UU 2013.aug.30). The Stalinazist cultural root of WW2 is still dominant in LO (see Wikipedia link under), and the TV documentary about the boy Selmer that was donated to Soviet Union and became an unwillingly spy. It also indicates the cloaking of thousands of STASI agents in Europe during the cold war (UU 2014.juli.04). More recent is the ‘Treholt’ Game LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey) as diversion to save other major PROSA agents (UU 2013.aug.30). The Game concept changed to SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do) in the massive organized CdE bomb and massacre in Norway five years ago today. The Judicial system proved that willingly scapegoats are more effective as diversion for the major PROSA agents (UU 01.Juni.2012), - until he also realizes he was no Nashi (Наши) hero, but just another 5th Pyramid Game ‘sucker’.

However, LO is an Oligarchic Trade Mafia is built for violations of national laws of trade. The 21 conditions of the 3rd International contradicts the post-war trade laws of the European Internal Market. The LO crimes were exposed in the NRK documentary ‘LO sitt store comeback’ and uncloaked the massive corruption of the PROSA Union and Party (Norwegian LO and AP) during the parliamentary electoral campaigns. LO bought illegal trade favors, law-violating regulations, and minister posts in the government – all for millions in cash (UU 2013.aug.23). Moreover, Dane LO shows that they do not pay any tax, have just a few underpaid employees and profits greatly on their members (UU 2015.okt.23). More about PROSA Oligarchs in a later UU.

However, true Parliamentary authorities must differ between willing and forced PROSA workers, when investigating such PROSA crimes. In fact, criminal law is stricter to public servants than to civilians. Yet, public servants are rarely sentenced for their crimes even though the scandals of low quality services and expenditures are far too high. It is proof though, of too much fraud and corruption, - like in mafia-dominated markets (UU 2015.okt.23). Most public laborers are forced by violent mafia organizations that are related to the so-called ‘Red Mafia’ (see video link). The threats of Underworld Games were talked through in the previous UU 2016.juli.15 ‘P5GO03 – PROSA Pension’. Although any member of a high treasonous organization can be guilty by association, there are exceptions, - like for civil criminal relation, - by supporting the true Parliamentary system to improve the LEJD Quality by uncloaking the criminal ‘parallel organisational apparatus’ (C3).

PROSA workers cannot be allowed to work in the public sector anymore, - it is like letting a flock of wolfs servicing a zoo. There has to be a contra-revolution in the Parliamentary LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial parliamentary powers) to outweigh the infiltrations and manipulations of para-LEJ workers. The treasonous Condition 2 (C2) demands replacing loyal citizens with PROSA workers in parliamentary factions, co-operatives, local government. In a similar way, all present employees in public sector must read and confirm a letter informing their obligations as civil servants according to national penalty law. Examples on violations according to 3rd International Conditions should clarify some previous misinformation from PROSA Unions. Furthermore, a security clearances, in accordance to the Penalty law, must be signed by all employees in the public sector, - or else they actually choose to leave. Nevertheless, the public sector will manage very well even if PROSA unions cause massive removals. PROSA Unions’ war declaration towards the Parliamentary system, by building para-organizations within, have during the cold war doubled the number of employees required to run the public sector. Besides, valuable information to uncloak the real predators and preys of the Pyramid Games’ will be revealed by their direct and indirect activities and passitivities.

In a hyper-democratic view, there are several new perspectives to consider. The violation of individuals’ LifeQualities have relations to masses also. In individual psychological terms, it is identified as ‘psychotic’, ‘mass-psychotic’ and ‘sociopathic’. Likewise, similar hyper-terms for cloaked para-organizations are ‘the Psychopathy’, ‘the Mass-Psychopathy’ and ‘the Sociopathy’. PGO (Pyramid Game Over) gets much easier with such identification of the hyper-Game-players. It also gets easier to make anti-thesis to such Games of 4th degree, - like the war-declaration towards Europe and America. However, and most important, their Workers and Peasants are mostly innocent because they are violently forced to execute the crimes for their oligarchs. A reward for true Working-class heroes, that testifies and identifies the true criminals, - is forgiveness and fresh start in GO.

International Pyramids
Treason and Penalty law, Norway & Denmark https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treason
The European Human Right Convention
Video: The Russian Mafia Documentary 2015

Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull is an English singer, songwriter and actor that became a lead female artists during the "British Invasion" in the America. Her debut album and her film roles were commercial success. Most people probably know her for a romantic relationship with Mick Jagger though. However, her popularity was overshadowed by personal struggles when she suffered from drug addiction. She made a comeback with the album ‘Broken English’ and has made 21 album. She was nominated to Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance, is listed on VH1's ‘100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll’, got the World Lifetime Achievement Award and is awarded the Commandeur of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. However, Faithfull’s version ‘Working Class Hero’ was probably political promoted, just like Lennon himself became a drugged political product. At some point, his schism probably had him react towards the PROSA, - and was executed – like some Kennedy. However, neither Marianne, Lennon nor Lenin was any true ‘Working class hero’, - but actors. Lennon is also mentioned in in relation to Bowies ‘Young Americans’ in Extra UU2 2014.nov.28.
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