P5GO04 – Bourgeois (Citizens)

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 suggestions to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Quality during this 5th Pyramid Game. ‘P5GO04 – Bourgeois’ (i.e. citizen, borger, pleb), aims to aid us from the organized crimes towards ‘western’ LifeQuality. ILO of the 2nd International was made to protect and promote ‘workers’ LQ from restarting the horrors of the WW1. The anti-thesis, the extraordinary 3rd International, was made to escalate PROSA activities and restart cascades of ‘Western’ CCD and CdE. The Nordic LO factions signed its 21 Conditions, had internal CdE and became anti-ILO para-organizations. Tens of millions ‘bourgeois’ were slayed, tenfold more were traumatized in the following WW2. The organized masspsychopathy of the Gulag colonialization programs used persistent oligarchs in the public services for cloaked assimilations for 100 years. Such CCD and CdE are still possible when allowing anti-democratic sociopathy violate human empathy and democratic defense. The present 5th Pyramid Gamers do reuse the concept of the 3rd Pyramid, - with the concept of ‘same shit – new wrapping’.

LifeQuality is the vital fundament for organizations and nations, as well as any person. This was talked through in UU 2016.juli.01, UU 2015.april.10 and UU 2014.okt.17: “LifeQuality is defined as: A person’s totality of properties and potentials to satisfy stated and implied needs.” “Maslow’s Hierarchy of ‘implied needs’ shows 5 main categories; Physical, Safety, Social, Respect and Self-realization.” The ‘stated needs’ are similar to the ‘Human Rights’ concerning; private properties, self-determination, security, privacy, family, work, education, in addition to freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, expression and more.

Some conclusive quotes from UU 2015.mars.13 elaborates on human sanity. “If the moral, ethics and philosophies of LifeQuality should be put down to a single sentence, - it could be ‘I’m OK – You’re OK’ (ref Thomas A. Harris). It is about tolerance to OK persons, as well as a recognition of oneself. Consequently, it is also about speaking out and making clear statements to ‘not-OK’ persons, organizations and nations.” (UU 2014.sept.05) “A healthy human has a mature balance between these three (Id, Ego, Superior-Ego). Therefor it safe to say that the mental health reflects the personality – whether it is allowed to develop and free to self-realize. However, a suppressed Ego cause unbalance and becomes mental unhealthy, - in worst cases get mental illness and disorders.” (UU 2015.mars.06) "In brief, the S-E (Superior-Ego) can be sub-categorized into Matriarch and Patriarch (and Authority), whilst the ID can be sub-categorized into Jerk, Sulk and Nerd.” (UU 2013.mars.08) “Collective terms like mass-psychosis and double-moral (standards) are related to psychological terms like psychosis and schizophrenia. Therefore, it is social vital not to promote unbalance between societies’ Supremacies; Superior-Ego/Authorities, Ego/Organizations and ID/Emocracy. It is alarming that such unbalance from the 20th century’s global wars are not balanced. The Law-giving and Judging State powers seems weak related to the States machine.” (UU 29.Juni.2012) Bourgeois/citizen/borger is the societies’ self-awareness (Ego/Adult/Will) at macro-level. 3rd Pyramid Gameplayer determined themselves to terminate that ‘middle-class’ and consequently cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) of massneuroses, masspsychosis and massschizophrenia. Most promoters of the 3rd Pyramid Game were probably not aware of such consequences, - believing the CCD and CdE should provide democracy, - from their anti-democrats.

Historically, the Bourgeois was the same that we all takes for granted as citizens in democratic ‘western’ societies today. We are called ‘borger’ in Scandinavian, ‘bürger’ in German and ‘bourgeois’ in French. Originally, bourgeois was per definition the middle class and legally defined class having the rights of citizenship and political rights in a city. They were privileged in the 12th century, compare to peasants outside the city. They formed ‘The Magna Carta’, which is the original of today’s declarations of Human Rights. However, such citizens were called ‘plebs’ in the ancient Roma1. Today, ‘bourgeois’ means any citizen in European nations. However, feudal oligarchs, platocratic statesmen and orthodox theocrats strongly opposed such liberated citizens, between themselves and their peasants/slaves/herds. Marx’ re-defined such middle-classes to be ‘private owners’, rivals to the regimes, which should be degraded to urban peasants - called workers. The ism of Marx was perverted to ism of Lenin to legalize 4th degree anti-LEJ Games of ‘take all - from all’.

‘Yellow Trade Unions’ are known as ILO of the 2nd International (the 2nd Pyramid Game). ‘Red Trade Unions’ of the 3rd International (the 3rd Pyramid Game) declared war on the bourgeois shortly after peace ended the WW1. “ILO (the International Labour Organization) is a United Nations agency with 187 member states. It is obligated to the UN Human Rights and deals with labour issues, particularly international labour standards, social protection, and work opportunities for all. ILO got the Nobel Peace Prize for improving peace among labors. ILO was established as an agency of the League of Nations following (the precursor to EU). World War I. The Socialist Second International was a decisive factor in their work. Between the WWs, ‘The Amsterdam International’ IFTU (The International Federation of Trade Unions) had close links to the 2nd International and was opposed by the Communist-controlled ‘Red’ Trade Unions. US dropped out of it in 1925 and the IFTU became European social democratic. Its primary activity was to lobby the League of Nations and national governments on behalf of ILO.” (Ref. Wikipedia)

The ‘red’ Nordic LO factions host PROSA factions (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatist and Anarchists) of the 3rd Pyramid. It is still highly operative after 100 years of rivalries against ILO. ‘Red Unions’ are contractual bound to the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions – ‘the Moscow thesis’. Most such Red Union member are unknowingly obligated to violate the human rights of their fellow citizens and national penalty laws in order to server treasonous oligarchs and to cause CCD and CdE. Some of the Conditions says:

Patriarchs of the 3rd Pyramid Game, like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, were thoroughly selected due to their proven personality disorders and criminal records. They all make top-score on the ‘Psychopathy Checklist—revised’ (PCL-R). (UU 2014.okt.17). These masspsychopaths were chosen to recruit likewise and execute the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International. Consequently, any Red Union leader, male or female, were chosen, not democratic elected, because of their masspsychopathic and sociopathic nature. Apparently, their psychopathy seem both masculine and feminine, which is more manipulative, oligarchic and emotional. Frankly, looking beyond the dictators’ mustaches and assumed sexuality, they appear rather feminine too.

Anyways, taken from UU 2016.juni.24: “Citizens of ‘western’ prey-nations were assimilate by the Gulag colonialization programs. Remote Controlled state institutions and ‘Red Mafia’ grew to be the most powerful means for assimilation and radicalized the remote controlled oligarchic. (UU 2015.nov.06 UU 2015.okt.23). The Gulag colonialization programs have deployed anti-democratic cultures in order to deploy the Comintern conditions for CdE in European and American democracies throughout the 50 years of cold war. This hypothesis goes along with the hypothesis about PROSA, GRAF and GRU, as talked through in UU 2015.okt.09. In a psychosocial sense, the Gulag is a destructive Superior-ID, - and the European World Wars and the Russian Patriarch wars are evidences.” However, all of them seems to have other people doing the terrors on the ‘bourgeois’ and ‘yellow workers’.

The psychopathic population (ca 1%) is radicalized to PROSA executive agents by surprisingly ordinary means and measures. A single PROSA Separatist agent can cause a Bourgeois family to crumble to dysfunctionality in a generation by simple unnoticeable manipulations. The STASI method was to plant their agents as ’Cocos egg’ in the prey organization - like spouses, deputies, delegates etc. The Agent Believed to be a hero in a ‘pitiless war’ towards European and American citizens – as mandatory according to Conditions C3, C10, C13 and C17. (Also see hereunder the video link to the TED talk: Hubertus Knabe: ‘The dark secrets of a surveillance state’ + the movie ‘The Lives of Others’.)

The masspsychopathic ethics are like legitimation of Pavlov’s cruel testing on dogs by starvation and electro-shock in the name of science. Such Coco Oedipus or Electra might exercise on the spouse’s dogs and cats to become hostile towards humans, then advance to set family members up against each other, mislead public services by partial truths to unjust interference, provide and manipulate legal and illegal drugs, cause social intrigues, arranges crises at work, school etc. Psychosocial Games are basically of 1st-3rd degree and classic Sexual and Underworld Games; like NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch) and Schlemiel, SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight). (Games are further described in UU 2014.sept.12.) Additionally, the Game settings remind about the crime novel of Agatha Christie ‘Ten Little Niggers’. Conclusive, a new Underworld Game of 3rd degree is hereby defined; TLN (Ten Little Niggers). Moreover concepts of Games was developments and adapted to the 3^3 Socialpsychological model. These anti- bourgeois Games suits mostly the new 3^3 Game category AF (Animal Farm). (UU 2015.feb.13).

Yet, such cruelty towards humans in the name of science is simply cover-ups for feeding their personal psychopathy, masspsychopathy and sociopathy. It is executed at society’s micro-level, as a personal reward to the PROSA agents’ personality disorder, - just like some Pavlov’s underdogs. Still, the present spectacular PROSA attacks in European cities are two-fold and clearly show that the sociopathic PROSA Anarchists have to execute a political operation before having their personal masspsychopathy fed on the bourgeois. The preys of such spectacular demonstrations are mostly religious, like Christians, Jews and Muslims, - but of any age and gender. Consequently, the Games’ masterminds are clearly atheists, not theists. Conclusively, the PROSA Separatist ‘Coco Egg’ inside a bourgeois family has probably already executed a cloaked PROSA operation to get such a reward as a prey family, organization or cult. According to the 21 Conditions of the 3rd Pyramid Game, - the original operation was probably damaging the ‘western’ LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial parliamentary powers). Such relations can be clues to investigations older massive crimes in the public sectors.

Howto stop the anti-Bourgeois masspsychopathy, then. PROSA agents know that they can operate and hide in confidence - due to secure bondage to Red Union oligarchs and Red Mafia anarchists. However, the original protectors are probably past away long ago. Now, PROSA agents might, as adults, have second thoughts since hyper-democracy provides truth far beyond the propaganda and realize that the euphoric masspsychosis of youth was just bait for Pyramid ‘suckers’. They might be more open now to testify, convert and retribution. Lenin himself said; ‘follow the money’ for his ‘search and destroy’ tactics. Likewise, reverse identifications are just as straightforward. The secret PROSA agensts are most certainly ‘Red Unionists’ and anti ‘Yellow Unionists’. Most certainly, people with ‘take all from all’ -politics ends up with lots of money and power themselves, well cloaked somewhere. Not merely in 5th Pyramid ‘Panama accounts’, but also in plain sights in public domains, as Party and Union position and with cloaked ‘pirate’ treasures and pensioners’ deals. Such Anti-LEJD crimes by masspsychopaths should not be rewarded anymore, but dealt with according to national penalty law.

Hyper-democratic perspectives are much of the same as in the previous UU 2016.juli.22. “PGO (Pyramid Game Over) gets much easier with such identification of the hyper-Game-players. ... However, and most important, their Anarchists and Separatist are mostly innocent because they are violently forced to execute the crimes for their Oligarchs. A reward for converted ‘whistlers’, that testifies and identifies the true criminals, - is forgiveness and fresh start in GO.”

Finally “ … any humans need and deserve a Global Human Right Law (GHRL). Also knowing that the UN do not have legal powers to make nations live up to their obligations, the path is multi-lateral NHRL. All NHRL (National Human Right Laws) should at least include UNC (United Nations Charter), the ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and the ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).” GHRL has a separate Facebook page and an Avaaz petition page, - however still very pacified.” (UU 2014.okt.17 and UU 2015.april.10)

International Pyramids
Penalty law, Norway & Denmark
GHRL – Global Human Rights Law and conventions
TED talk: Hubertus Knabe: The dark secrets of a surveillance state

This song ‘Everybody Hurts’ is meant as a comfort for any bourgeois democratic citizen; man, woman and children; that suffering from the insane masspsychopathic processes of the Pyramid Gamers. The song was made by the group REM, though. The name of the band is short for ‘Rapid Eye Movements’. It is a natural reaction of the eyes when ‘falling asleep’. It is intriguing to know that we spend 1/3 of our lives at sleep and that we do not remember much from that UD ‘ego-state’. However, sleep is vital for our LQ. Being tired, and lacking a good night’s sleep can ruin the day for CW (Conscience Will). Even worse, sleeplessness can cause insanity, or at least similar interpretations of such a semi-UD (UnderConcience Drive) state. Unfortunately, sleeplessness is used as an effective form of torture to break individuals’ Ego/Will. Anyways, dreams are important to Jung’s theories because it gets access to the Under-conscience and can provide information about the psyche. However, interpretation of dreams are less emphasized in this century. (See more about these 3^3 theories in UU 2015.feb.27, UU 2015.mars.06 and UU 2015.mars.13.) REM appears in UU 2014.okt.10 and UU 02.nov.2012.
The Corrs does an excellent presentation of REM’s classic. They are an Irish band that combine pop rock with traditional Irish themes within their music. They have released six studio albums and numerous singles, which have reached platinum in many countries. They have been actively involved in philanthropic activities. They have performed in numerous charity concerts.
The Corrs - Everybody Hurts UNPLUGGED - Amazing version of the REM Song + Lyrics