P5GO05 – PROSA Oligarch

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 suggestions to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Qualities. ‘P5GO05 –PROSA Oligarch’, aims to reduce criminal corruption in the Parliamentary Powers. Such acts are violations of ‘Western’ Penalty laws - everything from petty thefts to high treason. Oligarchs of the 5th Pyramid Game are the main puppets placed as ‘Kings of the Castles’ in order to execute the 21 Conditions of 3rd International. This UU sets focus on such moles that have earned their status as secret peer agents. As a final point, some thoughts are presented about the obviously main prize of this 5th Pyramid Game, - the Puppet Presidents (PP).

PROSA means ‘Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatist and Anarchists’ in Pyramid Games. Wikipedia elaborates on oligarchs: “Oligarchy is a form of power structure .. with a small number of people .. by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, religious or military control. Oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist.” “They drew lots from large groups of adult volunteers that pick selection technique for civil servants performing judicial, executive, and administrative functions. They even used lots for posts, such as judges and jurors in the political courts, which had the power to overrule the Assembly.” “The term Russian oligarch is used to describe wealthy businessmen of the former Soviet republics … . The failing Soviet state .. allowed for informal deals with former USSR officials as a means to acquire state property.” “A significant number of Russian oligarchs have bought homes in upscale sections of London in the United Kingdom, which has been called ‘Moscow on Thames’ and ‘Londongrad’.” “Post-Soviet business oligarchs include relatives or close associates of government officials, even government officials themselves, as well as criminal bosses …” ”Putin apparently engaged in a power-struggle with some oligarchs, reaching a "grand bargain" with them. This bargain allowed the oligarchs to maintain their powers, in exchange for their explicit support of – and alignment with – Putin's government.” The 5th Pyramid Oligarch are rather mafia businessmen than treasonous bureaucrats.

PROSA Oligarchs are thoroughly selected and tested to earn the most powerful positions in unions, parties and the rest of the European and American Parliamentary systems. It was treachery before and under WW2, during the Coldwar and is most definitely treasonous by Penalty laws in this century. Here are some examples of their obligations according to the 21 Conditions of 3rd International:

These 21 Conditions documents that the PROSA Oligarchs’ corruption of ‘Western’ Parliamentary systems have been extensive in this 100 years’ war against ‘The West’, - by building high treasonous para-organizations in European and American parliamentary systems. In Norway, the party ‘Arbeiderpartiet’ (Labour) and the union ‘LO’ (The Confederation of Trade Unions) signed the ‘Moscow thesis’ in the ‘20’s. The bondage has never been mutually terminated, - although some local contra-referendum indicates so. Clearly, it is still the parties’ and unions’ main politic. The present 5th generation of PROSA Oligarchs seem to overrule national parliamentary systems on vital domains and events. They are still obligated to such crimes “systematically and pitilessly” with “legal and illegal activity” (C1).

Some previous blogs have touched several of these ‘political activities and passitivities’ that are summarized in UU 2016.juni.10, 2016.juni.24 and UU 2016.juli.15. Although mainly about Nordic nations, it applies on most European nations and American states too.

The targets of PROSA oligarchs’ are surely powerful ministries like; Defence, Research, Finance, Food, Foreign Affairs, Health, Justice, Police, Military, Labor, Energy, Trade, Industry, Communications, etc. Most nations have also vital state controlled companies for; mail, trains, gamble, telecom, broadcast, energy, aircraft, banks etc. In addition, unions might control cooperation for: toll roads, energy, water, food, telecom, papers, etc. All to get PROSA Oligarchs are remote controlled to dominate the markets “systematically and pitilessly” with “legal and illegal activity” (C1).

National conditions and events seem very fragmented and unmanageable without any consistent model. The 3^3 socialpsychological Game models can be helpful to understand Games of PROSA Oligarchs. The models are simplified and suites most relations on personal, organizational and national levels. The following quotes are taken from comprehensive talks about the themes.

The mentality of historical oligarchs can become other persons’ dominating Belief (S-E) centuries later - and ultimately organizations pseudo identity. Stalin’s extreme psychopathy, inherited from the Russian secret services of ‘Oprichnina’, was assimilated as the masspsychopathy of unions and parties, - and ultimately inherit as ‘The Masspsychopathy’. This has to end with this 5th Pyramid Game - and surely can be escalated with hyper-democracy. However, quite the reverse, the 100 years’ war towards ‘The West’ is evidently intensifying globally towards some cascade of climaxes.

There must be hundreds of PROSA Oligarchs in each of the European and American states that has gone through the Pyramid processes of selection, bondage, cleansing. An indication is the documented network of STASI agents. Such Oligarchs might very well have reached a mentality as psychotic schizophrenics - with Belief that the inverted ethics of BDW (Bad, Destructive and Wrong) in their para-organizations is GCR, - like some ‘Manchurian Candidate’, - like some ‘agent Mitrokhin’, ‘agent Selmer’, ‘agent Breivik‘, ‘agent Jackal. These thousands of criminal Oligarchs are seldom brought to justice, - like some untouchable mafia Godfathers and Godmothers. The reason is obvious; - the parliamentary judicial system is the most corrupted parliamentary organization of all. For example, the resent cleansing after the CdE ala Turk shows that just as many judges as soldiers were put in arrest for high treason. Alarmingly, there were no such contra-reformation in European nations after the cold war. The European nations’ para-judicial system are too powerful for any loyal national organization. Consequently, such international crimes has to be dealt with pan-European organizations like Europol and Eurojust. 3rd Pyramid Oligarchs are obliged to fight this “systematically and pitilessly” with “legal and illegal activity” (C1).

A CdE require a Puppet President candidate (PP) to step in after the CCD and CdE is executed by PROSA. The Dexit (Danes rejection of Europol/Eurojust), the Nexit (Netherlands rejection of Ukraine in EU), the Grexit (Greece rejection of legal control of state finances) are rather GdE (Games d’ Etat), - like Games of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorders). Contrariwise, Georgia and Ukraine experienced democratic contra-CdE that removed the PROSA Puppet Presidents. Actually, Russia itself replaced its democratic selected president Boris with a secret service agent in 1999. (See UU 2016.juni.17 about Putin & the West). The internal struggle between FSB (police) and GRU (military) seems to show that CdE attempts are shifting from militant to political Games. Actually, the CdE attempt ala Turk, seems to be triggered by a ‘false positive’ signal, causing the para-military to start CdE without any oligarchic Puppet President in place. Now, the president has altered considerably, - in accordance with his new friend, - PPP (Puppet President Putin). It’s a Game of TLM (Two Little Maids). (See UU 2014.sept.12 about Games.)

An ‘US Puppet President’ for FSB and ‘a Commander in Chief’ for GRU, is obviously the ultimately main prize in this 5th Pyramid Game. It is like planting a ‘Coco’s egg’ in the White House. The CdE process started in 1999 and has reach its climax this year. One of its GdE, the Brexit, failed though, in the sense that the well-functioning UK Parliament rejected the Oligarch Boris of ‘Londongrad’ as unfit as prime minister. The EU and the UK also seem to handle the emocratic CCD attempts well. It did not influence the US election considerably either. However, the US ‘3rd Party’ candidate, now the Republican candidate, appears as anti-western as any PROSA Oligarch of the 3rd Pyramid Game. His genuine personality is obviously like a narcissistic ‘King of the Castle’. However, after elected as republican president candidate, his public appearances indicate seriously altering of goals, influences and perceptions. He is certainly under too hard pressures by sponsors, relatives and mass media. A peak from the opposite point of view helps to see it. Mitrokhin and Selmer indicated that radicalization was the preferred method for making PROSA agents, - like a Coco’s egg, like a complex Electra Muse.

Prior to the Brexit referendum, - the UK queen asked 3 times for reasons to stay in EU.
Prior to the US election, Donald asked 3 times why he should not use nukes in war.
Have mercy – do not hand Donald the Red Button.

International Pyramids
Penalty law, Norway & Denmark
International Pyramids
Videoes: The Manchurian Candidate, Putin & West, Russian Mafia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBDhoUZgsDo

Catherine Mary Bush has a fascinating feminity beyond any man’s understanding. Her special music, lyrics, and acts have made her world famous. She was only 19 years old when she debuted with ‘Wuthering Heights‘, - and with a great immersion of the person. There have been 10 albums since then, where 3 got first place on ‘UK Albums Chart’ and 25 singles appeared on ‘Top 40’. She also got the ‘Brit Award for the best British female solo artist’, a ‘Novello price’ and 3 Grammy Awards nominations. Most famous are songs like; ‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘The Man with the Child in His Eyes’, ‘Running Up that Hill’ and this ‘King of the Mountain’. However, there are ten-folds other masterpieces on the albums for those who pursuits. Previously UU’s songs presented Kate Bush with ‘The tour of Life’ UU 2015.aug.14, ‘Cloud Bursting’ UU 2014.april.04 and ‘All the Love’ UU 2014.feb.21.
The association here is oligarchs’ narcissistic plutocracy that transforms glorious mountains to desert dunes.
Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain (HD)
‘King of the Mountain’ (‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ / ‘Dovregubbens Hall’) is also the title of a well-known classical music piece by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. It is used to the theater play ‘Peer Gynt’ by the author Henrik Ibsen. Peer profiles an ID person. Henrik’s subsequent play ‘Brandt’ profiles an ‘S-E’ person. Both the characters’ mental unbalances cause their own misery and doom – naturally.
Edvard Grieg - Dovregubbens hall