P5GO02 – PROSA Pension

‘Pyramid Game Over’ (PGO) provides 12 suggestions to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Quality in this period of the 5th Pyramid. This ‘P5GO02 – PROSA Pension’, aims to reduce rewards for treasonous crimes and consequently the draining of ‘Western’ nations for resources, wealth and innovations. Such Games of BDW (Bad, Destructive and Wrong ethics) can be terminated by hindering the Game-masters’ looting by doing full public exposure of the corruption. Still, after 100 years, such crimes have become mass-psychotic Believes of being GCR (Good, Constructive or Right). Now, the corruption involves most affairs in the Oligarchic Public sector and is practically untouchable for the LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial parliamentary powers). Such should not be rewarded with PROSA Pensions (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatist and Anarchists), but rather be dealt with as crimes it is according to the Penalty Laws. Nevertheless, hyper-democracy, with cyber-tools like the internet, do now provide true democratic solutions that might break through that iron curtain.

The Pyramid Games are described in the initial UU 2016.mai.13. Pyramid Games are based on the illegal ‘Pyramid scheme’, ‘Eight-ball’ and ‘Gifting circles’. 8 people are lured by one to ‘invest’ in illusions of repayments in a distant future, - not realizing that the Game is built to collapse and rather cause their ruin. The ethics to such Game masters are ‘honesty is for suckers’. The 5 Pyramid Games in this UU theme are related to the 5 Internationals. Those ‘suckers’ are lured to contribute to domestic CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that weakens their prey nation enough to enable the main gains of CdE (Coup d’ Etat). Related sub-Games played by potential PROSA Pensioners are of all categories, - especially Underworld Games and Sexual Games like; NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch) and Schlemiel, SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), DAC&UAC (Devide&Conquer & Unite&Conquer), ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another’s Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). (UU 2014.sept.12.)

Their Suckers’ Belief in bogus gains have changed during the period of the 5 Pyramid Games. The 1st and the 2nd Pyramid Games where based on Russian orthodox Christians that were cunningly promised rewards in Heaven after their death. The Game masters collected contributions and did not have to pay anything back. Sceptics and critics were threatened with confiscations, misery and threats of eternal punishment in Hell. That concept of fraud was ended by the massive organized atheism of the 3rd and 4th Pyramid Games. Instead, PROSA Pensions, in a far future, were promised in return for Pyramid war crimes like Underworld Games. Assimilated survivors in Europe did get pension, but far less than expected, since the West did not loot and mass-massacre its own citizens in the scales of Lenin and Stalin. Nevertheless, the 4th Pyramid was deployed to China and other Asian nations with CdE, confiscating and genocides at even larger scales. Now, the concept of the 1st and 2nd Pyramid PROSA Pension is deployed to the ‘suckers’ of the 5th Pyramid. Red-Green Believers of the political Islamism execute anarchistic mass-murder by committing suicide. Contradicting the Quran, they are brainwashed to Believe that suicide massacres are rewarded after death, with virgins, green cushions etc.

PROSA pensioners are obligated to treasonous sociopathic contracts like ‘the 21 conditions’ of the 3rd International. Concerning the mass-psychopathic demands towards their own citizens, it says in Condition 17. “The Communist International has declared war on the whole bourgeois (democratic citizen) world and on all yellow social-democratic parties (democratic Labor Unions). The difference between the communist parties and the old official 'social-democratic' or 'socialist' parties that have betrayed the banner of the working class must be clear to every simple toiler.” C2. “Every organization that wishes to affiliate to the Communist International must regularly and methodically remove reformists and centrists from every responsible post in the labour movement (party organisations, editorial boards, trades unions, parliamentary factions, co-operatives, local government) and replace them with tested communists, without worrying unduly about the fact that, particularly at first, ordinary workers from the masses will be replacing 'experienced' opportunists.”

In Norden, LO (The Confederation of Trade Unions) is the International para-organization that is bound to the obligations of the high treason of the 3rd International, - the Moscow Thesis. LO’s 100 years of political dominance and related LEJ inabilities, proves the seriousness of Parliamentary corruption. However, after 100 years of corrupting CCD and incapable of doing the CdE, LO members should finally realize that they merely contribute to continuous BDW that never will realize their illusions of GCR. Most probably are able to see that, but ignore it. They do not dare to risk the processes of a true democratic reform of their Union. They know very well from history the brutal consequences from the Game masters.

Furthermore, 2% of all employees are disloyal in the none-public sectors, - says a recognized thumb rule. (UU 2016.juni.24 & UU 2015.sept.25). The number is of cause an uncertain average though. Yet, it is probably much higher in the Executive powers, because the public sector is a PROSA domain and therefor far less exposed to the Judicial parliamentary powers. Most employees in the public sector are forced into the 3rd Pyramid Labour Organization like LO, which counts for half the employees in the Nordic nations. Therefore, the 98% members in LO are bound by contract to treason against their own nations. Few members of LO realizes this sociopathic and criminal bondage, - and most who does and opposes that are punished in Games like the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). Opposing citizens are considered, at the best, as “(C17) … social-democratic' or 'socialist' parties that have betrayed the banner of the working class”. The ‘pitiless’ punishment is at the best minimized or removing of Pension and other welfare benefits, - leaving loyal citizens in ruin as an example for the rest.

Still, the Game Over (GO) is rather simple, - also for the treasonous rewarding system ‘PROSA Pension’. Spot the PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatist and Anarchists) that are dedicated to the 21 treasonous conditions of the Internationals. Most are all someway related to LO, - the remote controlled Central. C12: “In the present epoch of acute civil war the communist party will only be able to fulfil its duty if it is organised in as centralist a manner as possible, if iron discipline reigns within it and if the party centre, sustained by the confidence of the party membership, is endowed with the fullest rights and authority and the most far-reaching powers.” National Penalty laws should be used as warning to PROSA Pensioners. Ending such Games can be done by removing the Gain, exposing the ulterior of the Game, arrange counter-moves, change the Gimmick and/or disable the Game players. However, the massive corruption in Nordic public sector is evident and proof the LEJ Quality is seriously corrupted, - even some judges. These issues will be followed up in next PGO UUs.

Treasonous PROSA activities should not be rewarded with pensions and other benefits. By penalty law, such benefits shall end and should never been allowed to start. Likewise, the processes to defuse the Italian Mafia should be a concept against other mafias like LO. However, it is a Stalinist mafia organization that uses all such methods for power and dominance against society as well as citizens. Anyone can be terrified of losing job, wages that is vital to support family, home and future. Most gives in to such mafia to save their wives, children and homes. However, the history throughout the Pyramid Games clearly and evidently proves that the Parliamentary LEJ is too corrupted for such ‘glasnost’, - even in Norden. Yet, humanity’s evolvement do now provide hyper-democratic solutions.

Any citizens exploited by PROSA organizations have now the opportunity for hyper-democratic expressions. Any PROSA pensioners have the opportunity to explain themselves, to confess and alert about illegal PROSA corruption, - even anonymous. Anyone can write down their experiences, opinions and will. Anyone can uploaded it to hyperspace as documents to relevant web-cites in ‘The Cloud’. Such ‘whistlers’ should not be punished, but rather protected and have their pensions and benefits revived for restart. International LEJ powers, and not merely national LEJ, should deal with the international criminal organizations. More about that in the next UUs.

International Pyramids
Treason and Penalty law, Norway & Denmark

Yazoo (Yaz) were a British synthpop duo, consisting of former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet. The duo made two critically acclaimed albums, blending Clarke's synthesizer melodies with Moyet's blues- and soul-influenced vocals. They enjoyed worldwide success, particularly in their home country. The duo split acrimoniously in the spring of 1983. Clarke went on, via The Assembly, to form Erasure. Moyet embarked on a highly successful solo career. Yazoo's combination of electronic instrumentation and soulful female vocals has been cited as an influence on the house music scene that emerged in the mid-1980s. 25 years after splitting up, Clarke and Moyet reconciled and reformed Yazoo to play a successful tour and a pair briefly reunited to play three Yazoo songs at a music festival. (Yazoo appears in UU 2013.feb.08 and Erasure on UU 2013.okt.18, UU 2013.nov.08 and UU 2013.nov.01.) The lyrics to this song speaks for itself.
Yazoo - Happy People + lyrics