P5GO08 – PROSA Plutocracy

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 proposals to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Qualities. ‘P5GO08 –PROSA Plutocracy’, aims to reduce organized international crimes towards the ‘European Internal Market and SMEs. The European democratic market is vital for the liberation from the Pyramid Games. Still massive ‘abuses of market dominance’ indicate the level of corruptions in the Parliamentary powers (LEJ). The Dane ‘rejection’ of Europol & Eurojust in the referendum in 2015 is a clear indication. The international organized crime definitely won - Dexit like Brexit. As for sports, Game fixing is as possible in Parliamentary referendums and elections too. However, this blog set a focus on SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) that are mostly made by freed ‘bourgeois’ citizens that thrive for prosperity. In this blog, - first there will be some theoretical aspects, next some summaries of previous relevant blogs and finally some proposals on howto increase the qualities of the European Nations.

First of all, «‘Plutocracy’ means ‘wealth’, and ‘power’. It is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens. Unlike systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism or anarchism, plutocracy is not rooted in an established political philosophy. The concept of plutocracy may be advocated by the wealthy classes of a society in an indirect or surreptitious fashion, though the term itself is almost always used in a pejorative sense. The term plutocracy is generally used as a pejorative to describe or warn against an undesirable condition. Throughout history, political thinkers such as Winston Churchill, 19th-century French sociologist and historian Alexis de Tocqueville, 19th-century Spanish monarchist Juan Donoso Cortés and today Noam Chomsky have condemned plutocrats for ignoring their social responsibilities, using their power to serve their own purposes and thereby increasing poverty and nurturing class conflict, corrupting societies with greed and hedonism.» (Wikipedia.) Plutocracy is thereby also a form for PROSA Anarchy that relates to political ‘ultra-liberalists’ as described in UU 2016.aug.19.

Markets are anywhere that humans exchange products and services. No market or market ‘-cracy’ (power) is ethical positive or negative. Markets are neutral in itself. Any market-powers can be positive or negative according to any societies’ moral, ethics and law, - or Games’ Gimmicks. European nations are democratic, - so are the European laws for its Internal Market. However, market dominance is vital for any oligarch. The market Gimmicks of the Pyramid Games are anti-democratic, evidently by the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International. (See link hereunder.) Stigmatically, the Markets of the 1st and 2nd Pyramid Games were Feudal, the 3rd Pyramid Anarchistic, State Oligarchic for the 4th Pyramid and is now, in this 5th Pyramid Game, the market rivalries appear Plutocratic (money wealth). All these Pyramid Market-powers contradict democracy based on European Human Rights and Internal Market.

Some fundamental views on the democratic societies and how the market works, were introduced in the document (to the Norwegian) “Proposals to the productivity commission” about “quality innovations of infrastructures based on this century’s technical, legal and democratic potentials” (‘Forslag til Produktivitets-kommisjonene“ ”Om kvalitative innovasjoner av infrastrukturer basert på dette århundres tekniske, juridiske og demokratiske potensialer). In this occasion, some basic descriptions are translated from Norwegian to English, with focus on quality, products, services, and infrastructures for public and non-public markets.

Wikipedia describes Oligarchy further. “Some models of imperfect competition were proposed: 1) The monopoly model, already considered by marginalist economists, describes a profit maximizing capitalist facing a market demand curve with no competitors, who may practice price discrimination. 2) Oligopoly is a market form in which a market or industry is dominated by a small number of sellers. The oldest model was the duopoly. 3) Monopolistic competition is a type of imperfect competition such that many producers sell products that are differentiated from one another (e.g. by branding or quality) and hence are not perfect substitutes.” Instead of oligarchic dominance, some solutions’ efficiencies might be found in excluding corrupt personnel, planning and reorganizing use of resources and infrastructures, get rid of old inefficient products and their expensive maintenance, etc.

SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) are also fundamental for any democratic society. They are like the ‘underwoods’ to the ‘forests’ of societies’ ecological processes. Without SME, societies decay and corrupts in a few decades. Bourgeois’ SME are the realization of the very basic idea that any vassal was freed to farm, produce and service, - free from the decaying bondage of some feudal oligarchs. The idea is the basics of Magna Carta that evolved to the UN Human Right and the extended European Human Rights. In the European Internal Markets SME are protected from oligarchs’ market abuses by law. SMEs are even supported and promoted by international regulations and programs. This has been the issues in several bogs and the following is taken from UU 2015.okt.23 and UU 2015.okt.30.

Pyramid Gamers use the markets too. Generally, Wikipedia lists 5 types of markets; 1) Physical consumer markets, 2) Physical business markets, 3) Non-physical markets (like services and Intellectual products), 4) Financial markets and 5) Unauthorized and illegal markets. All these markets exist in both the public sector and non-public sector. In fact, the public sector dominated most of them in 3rd Pyramid worker states. However, 25 years ago, the European ‘Rules of Competition’ made traditional state oligarchic market activities ‘Unauthorized and illegal’. Furthermore, the nature of 5th Pyramid PROSA Oligarchs are very different from the 3rd. They rather seem to revert to some 1st Pyramid Feudal Aristocracy. Anyways, Wikipedia elaborates on the present PROSA Oligarchs.

The results of this cold war DAC/UAC Pyramid Games can be seen that the Dane retail market. 90% of the Dane food market is dominated by two actors, the 3rd Pyramid’s COOP (Norden) and a rivaling national feudal-like organization. This duopoly is homogeneous, cost-effective, but takes the highest prices on food in the EU. For example, a Norwegian discount enterprise is allowed to the Dane market, though, but sells no Norwegian products at all, - only the same products as the duopoly. This example of Dane consumer market is definitely the cultural norm, - and very opposite of the obliged Law of competition in the European Internal Market. However, it appears like the distribution network has the main corrupted plutocratic Game Players in the national duopolistic market.

There are many other large global markets that should be investigated, - like markets of IPR, energy, money, arms, drugs, humans etc. However, the focus here is set on SME vs Plutocracy. In this relation, the Tax authorities are fundamental for any society. However, it can be abused in Oligarchic Games to end SME competition. That is basically feudal Games to keep the peasants and workers in bondage instead of a natural develop to ‘bourgeois’ citizens. It is said that Denmark is probably the nation where it is easiest to start an SME. Any adult can register as CVR (Central Virksomhed/Enterprise Register) to pay VAT (Value Added Taxes). However, statistics show that Denmark also is the hardest place for SME to survive. Most get bankrupted in a few years, due to bureaucracy, cleptocracy and plutocracy. The powerful tax authority is a main reason, which occasionally confiscates despite the EU SME protections. Similar is the lack of IPR protections (Intellectual Property Rights) where the EU IPR referendum in 2013 did win through, despite hard opposition like at the Europol/Eurojust referendum. However, the market and authority practice have not improved accordingly, - not at all. Plutocratic piracy still rules, like the case of ‘Pirate Bay vs CSC’ proved (UU 2014.nov.28).

Dane Tax traditions are not the main issue here. However, some reminder of history do explain the present malpractices and global financial scandals involved. Taken from UU 2016.juni.24 and UU 2016.mai.13.

While writing, there are major plutocratic crimes revealed in the Dane tax-authority ‘SKAT‘. The oligarchic war has been going on since the previous global financial plutocratic War Games from 2008. It was talked about in UU 2013.des.20 and UU 2014.april.04 (See the TV series ‘Financial Meltdown’). How could anyone be surprised by that plutocratic war, when it was the same procedures as in ‘The Great Depression’ in the 1929, - just before WW2, - at the eve of the 3rd Pyramid Game. “Follow the money”, - as the plutocrat Lenin said. However, this time is the eve of the 5th Pyramid Game with a different Gimmick. Radicalized vassals, from peasants to workers of material products, were the main assets in the 3rd Pyramid Game. This time, in the 5th Pyramid Game, radicalize workers from the material to the immaterial industry are the main assets.

The so-called ‘Panama Papers’ uncloaked a major plutocratic war depot for the 5th Pyramid Game. Wikipedia describes: “The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information for more than 214,488 offshore entities. The leaked documents were created by Panamanian law firm. The leaked documents illustrate how wealthy individuals and public officials are able to keep personal financial information private. While offshore business entities are often not illegal, reporters found that some of the shell corporations were used for illegal purposes, including fraud, cleptocracy, tax evasion, and evading international sanctions.” However, one major ‘Treasure Haven’ related to the Panama firm was on the ‘Virgin Islands’ now British, prior Dane/Nor ‘Pirate Haven’ in the Caribbean. It was remote controlled from the newly declared Russian Empire by Peter the Great of St. Petersburg in 1720. (UU 2016.mars.11).

It is evident that some international plutocratic criminal organizations dominate and manipulate sub-cultures in SKAT, - like some untouchable mafia. Dane authorities appear helpless after Dexit and gives in repeatedly. Dane Tax authorities (SKAT) was commercialized in Russian media as ‘Tax Haven’ for Caribbean money laundry. SKAT made it easy to establish virtual firms in the Caribbean that are not obligated to document financial transactions. The remote virtual directors are merely someone signatures on papers and do not run the business at all. SKAT’s plutocratic warfare escalated in 2013 when it was ordered to reorganize to provide more qualified leadership, with less ministerial and political influences. SKAT has gone through cascades of massive scandals since. It is simply a battlefield for Pyramid Games, where leaders and employees of different rivalries fight and fall in thousands. At this moment, organized plutocratic crimes related to Panama and Virgin Islands, for over 1,5 billion Euro are uncloaked.

BK Medical is an example of the massive organized frauds via SKAT. The firm sold considerably overpriced medical equipment to Dane public health services. The difference in prices were sent to Caribbean tax havens where the oligarchs get paid - free for reporting and free for tax. The Russian medical firm will rather pay a fine than facing court, though. That is the plutocrat way of calculated risk and to settle spoils of war. This example demonstrate how PROSA Oligarchic plutocracy works in all of the Nordic public sector. Actually, it is a worldwide crime where African nations seem to suffer the most. This explain why the Nordic public sectors are overpriced, inefficient and provide services beneath acceptable qualities. It also explains why the hard political fight by coldwar, by PROSA Oligarchs of unions like LO,protect the monopoly and blocks SMEs alternative innovations. The markets of the Nordic public service sectors were simply taken over by international criminal Oligarchs during the cold war. Most alarming, national authorities are incapable to execute their ‘rule by law’.

The conclusion and solution to Organized International Plutocratic Crimes is simple:
“Rule by Law”.
However, it is quite challenging for single nations when the Mafia is remote controlled by an empire. How did America, Italia, China and even Russia fight the mafia infiltration? That is the same way the global Red Mafia should be dealt with. However, and most important, one should remember that most people involved are forced by fear. They are potential whistlers if offered security. Yet, no single nation is able to resist mafia corruption, - it has to be fought together, - with Europol, Eurojust and Cepol.

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Documents: OECD, Produktivitetskommissionen, 22. juli kommissionen (22/7 terror)

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The association here is not merely their own experience as SME, - but any citizens that strive for being productive, but sadly extorted by others like oligarchic industry and tax authorities.
Flash And The Pan - Early Morning Wake Up Call + Lyrics

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