P5GO09 – PROSA Psychocracy

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 proposals for ‘Western’ Parliamentary Qualities. The ‘P5GO09 –PROSA Psychocracy’, aims at the organized psychocratic crimes towards the Western ‘petty bourgeois’ citizens. Now, Oligarchs dominate the illegal drug markets and some subcultures of the legalized drug market of the public health sectors. These next 3 blogs will focus on the criminal ‘21 Conditions of the 3rd Integrational’ in relations to the 3^3 psychosocial model. This first blog will address the first dimension ‘Drive’ - i.e. ID. Initially, there is a theoretical prologue, then some points of view, and finally some suggestions in relation to this 5th Pyramid Game. In brief, this is a continuum and the next level of the blog ‘How-to Heal Dane Psychiatry’. Moreover, it is also about the potential healing a 500 years old Nordic Syndrome.

PROSA actors of 5th Pyramid Game abuse their corrupting subcultures in public sectors. The LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judging Parliamentary powers) are particular vulnerable, as documented by the Norwegian ‘22/7 Commissions report’. “The economic crimes of scandalous public projects and services are mentioned in UU 2013.nov.01. UU 2013.sept.27; describes the basic professional knowledge about qualitative governing, maintain and innovating public services; - in addition to the massive critique in the 22/7 Commission’s report.” (UU 2014.okt.17)

There is no reason to believe that the qualities of public sectors are better in other ‘Western’ states of Norden, Europe or America. The massive organized international drug crimes became evident when excluding the Russian athletes from the 2016 Olympics due to the drug-crimes in 2012. Similar plutocratic manipulations by PROSA Oligarchy in the public health services cause major corruptions and stimulates syndromes of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorders). The subcultures of the previous Pyramid Games have grown into networks of criminal organizations that legitimize globally plutocratic crimes towards the humanity of the Western world - and probably worldwide. Such organized crimes are punishable violations of European human rights and can cause; bondage instead of self-realization of bourgeois citizens; overruling the Judicial powers by the Forensic Psychiatry; and even promoting Beliefs in ancient occult para-beings by misinterpretations of psychiatric terms like ‘schizophrenia’, ‘paranoia’, ‘neurosis’ and ‘psychosis’.

Evidently, the 3rd Pyramid radicalization of the citizens to workers was extremely brutal, - psychological as well as physical. There were organized mass-murders by tens of millions ‘petty bourgeois’ civlians and peasants in the cold-war Russia and Asia. A main reason for the legitimized ‘cleansings’ and genocides was the hostile takeover of western enterprise by the remote controlled state institutions. PROSA Oligarchs were favored via Unions’ for exclusive trade deals, - just like mafias run the illegal drug markets. Only members of Labour parties and unions got jobs in the massive ‘re-purging’ and ‘cleansing’ of workers in the public sectors. Although highly illegal, the cults of the ‘21 Conditions of the 3rd International’ legitimated “no trust in bourgeois (democratic citizens) legality” and make “civil war’ by “setting up a parallel organizational apparatus’ to “do its duty to the revolution” (Coup d’ Etat), and “combine legal and illegal activity.” (Condition 3). The civil war propaganda should be “expound as forcefully as possible” “with every means at its disposal.”(Condition 10) They “declared war on the whole bourgeois world, and the old official 'social-democratic' or 'socialist' parties (Condition 17) and must “cleanse the party systematically of the petty-bourgeois elements”. (Condition 13) (See link hereunder for the full text.)

‘The Psychocracy’, is a term made to extend the terminology to more of the society’s powers (-cracy). Terms like democracy and bureaucracy are well known in political discussions, while terms like ‘plutocracy’ and ‘kleptocracy’ are hardly used. Yet, the terminology had to extend with other social powers in order for fuller psychosocial evaluations. Those powers are important to uncloak, because their cloaking is the very nature of psychosocial destructive Games. “Violence grows in dark places.” That goes for taboos of psychological violence as well as physical. This was theorized in Extra UU 2015.aug.28. “It is possible to make psychosocial relations and use prefixes like neuro, psyko, sosio, xeno, pedo, ‘matro’, ‘patro’ (…). Furthermore, it is possible to substitute the suffix ‘cracy’ (power) with mania, phobia, patia and philia”. With such extended use, the terminology (…) is broadened to (f.ex.) Sophimania, Sophiphobia Sophipatia and Sophiphilia. Terms like Philosophical mania, or Sophimania, indicate the dangers within.” (UU 2015.feb.20 and UU 2013.april.19)

Matriarchs and patriarchs do influence the ethics, norms and laws in organizations, nations and even international empires. As mentioned in UU 2016.juli.29. “Patriarchs of the 3rd Pyramid Game, like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, were thoroughly selected due to their proven personality disorders and criminal records. They all make top-score on the ‘Psychopathy Checklist—revised’ (PCL-R). (UU 2014.okt.17). These masspsychopaths were chosen to recruit likewise and execute the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International. Consequently, any ‘Red Union’ leader, male or female, were chosen, not democratic elected, because of their masspsychopathic and sociopathic nature. Apparently, their psychopathy seem both masculine and feminine, which is more manipulative, oligarchic and emotional. Frankly, looking beyond the dictators’ mustaches and assumed sexuality, they appear rather feminine too.” “The psychopathic population (ca 1%) is radicalized to PROSA executive agents by surprisingly ordinary means and measures. A single PROSA Separatist agent can cause a Bourgeois family to crumble to dysfunctionality in a generation by simple unnoticeable manipulations. The STASI method was to plant their agents as ’Cocos egg’ in the prey organization - like spouses, deputies, delegates etc. The Agent Believed to be a hero in a ‘pitiless war’ towards European and American citizens – as mandatory according to Conditions C3, C10, C13 and C17. (Also see hereunder the video link to the TED talk: Hubertus Knabe: ‘The dark secrets of a surveillance state’ + the movie ‘The Lives of Others’.)”

“Behind every great man there's a great woman” - is a well-known saying. That applies to the negative ethics of BDW as well as the positive GCR. Behind every matriarch or patriarch, there are organizations of all kinds and sizes. There are complex network of interacting deceiving actors with hidden agendas that are camouflaged. These are named PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatists and Anarchists) in the 5 psychosocial Pyramid Games. Such cloaked influences on international cultures Game player are often talked through - like in UU 2016.mai.27.

‘The woman behind Thomas Quick’ is presented like some Matriarchal Psychocrate with power beyond national LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial Parliamentary forces). She operated in plain sight like some International Superior-Ego, where the nations’ LEJ were paralyzed, and the submissives’ IDs acted like immature Jerks, Nerds and Sulks. Traditional psychosocial models, like for family therapy, are far from sufficient for such criminal Psychocracy, - simply because the collective of psychocratic therapists is the main reason to the traumas and crimes. However, the 3^3 model should help a lot. A way to see this phenomena is that the Superior Psychocrate played Games of RainForest with drugs, Games of WildLife with Hypnosis and Games of AnimalFarm in LEJ institutions, - with herself at the top of the pecking order, above the flock of hens, the cockfights and the ‘ugly ducklings’. Associations of Archetypical Memes could be the Matriarchal Hen (AF), The Black Widow Spider (WL) and some yet undiscovered narcotic flora (RF).

The Psychocracy of the 5th Pyramid is too much to cover in a mini-series of 3 blogs. Therefore, the following citations are picked to give some indications of the 3^3 psychosocial theory and previous talks related to The Psychocracy, - mostly from the summary in Extra UU 2015.aug.28.

UU 2016.juni.24 “sums up the previous blogs with focus on BDW ethics (Bad, Destructive, Wrong) and the models LifeQuality, 3^3 sociopsychology and 5D scenarios. Before diving too deep into the ‘black hole’ (a term used to illustrate the properties of the core and sphere of the 5 Pyramids), it should be mentioned that the basic idea is that organizations, nations and empires can be psychoanalyzed like individual persons. The reason to the theory is described in UU 2015.aug.28 ‘How to heal Dane psychiatry’. Consequently, diagnosis as psychotic, neurotic, paranoid, manic, phobic etc. are as legitimate for organizations as persons, mainly because organizational cultures are founded on the personalities of matriarchs and patriarchs. The reasons to such unsound conditions are basically the same – immature Superior-Ego/Superior-ID relations.”

There is no way to prove whether these illegal and hazardous ‘uppers’ and ‘downers’ drugs are used to trigger and manipulate the so-called ‘Arabic Spring. However, the Russian sport dope do cause CBS effects that can be misinterpreted to be demons by occult organizations and schizophrenic by psychiatric cults. The Asian anti-schizophrenic unapproved drug got access via the Egyptian health authorities during the cascades of Arabic CdE Games. It was also illegally tested on Dane minors despite the documented negative side effects. The Asian nation North Korea do use illegal psycho-pharmacy on their populations to promote S-E/S-I cults (Superior-Ego/Superior-ID). Such unbalanced psychological states of mind are the very reason for mental disorders like psychosis (S-E), schizophrenia (Ego), neurosis (ID), - for organizations and nations as well as persons. Such nation-wide psychocratic manipulation of citizens can cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorders) and consequently promote CdE (Coup d’ Etat) in order to make remote controlled puppet states. However, such relations cannot be documented by individuals, but surely by organized investigating the information that already is available in hyperspace.

Simple conclusion to this vast theme does not exist. There will be final summaries and conclusions in the extra 12th blog around ‘The 5th Pyramid’. However, some previous conclusive reflections do still hold.

“As mentioned, ‘How-to Heal Dane Psychiatry’ is a challenge mentioned in the blogs How-to heal ‘Dane psychiatry’ Extra UU 2015.aug.28. The ultimate conclusion is obviously ‘Tear down the Wall’.” (UU 2016.juli.29)

Prologue. Some might wonder how this engagement started - in such issues expressed in this theme ‘The Fifth Pyramid’. The blog UU 2014.dec.12 indicates. “Some Maoist related politicians, like the Danish ‘Pompel & Pilt’, argue that ‘western nations’ doped China with drugs and got them addicted in the 18th century. The argument promotes Underworld Games like Debtor to indirectly legitimize retribution by narcotic trade to the ‘western world’. However, documented history says that: “Opium was first introduced to China by Turkish and Arab traders in the late 6th or early 7th century.” … ” My personal and unfortunate encounter with a RAF related Chinese drug syndicate, have caused awareness of ‘junkies’ politics’ Games and consequently civil misfortunes. This was first expressed in the UU 01.juli.2011 in sympathy for the Stoltenberg family.”

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Aurora Aksnes is a 20 years old Norwegian singer that began writing songs at the age of 9. Her debut EP ‘Running with the Wolves’ received widespread approval from online music blogs and national press. Later the same year she provided the backing track for the John Lewis Christmas advert, singing a cover of the Oasis song ‘Half the World Away’. It also appear on the debut album ’All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend’. She has two older sisters, Miranda, a make-up artist and Viktoria, a fashion designer. She grew up in Os, a municipality in Hordaland close to Bergen. The association to this song is in sympathy to all youngsters that goes through troubles in their development to Adulthood.

AURORA - I Went Too Far + Lyrics

Extra UU – 12 girls play ‘Comfortably Numb'

12 individual girls express themselves instrumentally by playing Pink Floyd’s‘ ‘Comfortably Numb’ (Original title ‘The Doctor’).
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Solo Cover Tina S
Comfortably Numb solo Emily Hastings
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (cover by Juliette Valduriez)
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb solo cover (Sylwia Urban)
Comfortably Numb Solo - Pink Floyd - Leticia Filizzola
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Solos Cover (by Noelle dos Anjos)
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb solo cover by Zora
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Last Solo Cover by Anastasia
pink floyd comfortably numb solo cover HD
Comfortably Numb - (solo cover) Sylwia Lizak
Comfortably Numb solo - Pink Floyd (cover by Kyri)

"Comfortably Numb"is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd that first appears on the 1979 double album ‘The Wall’. Its working title was ‘The Doctor’. The song is one of Pink Floyd's most famous, and is renowned especially for its guitar solos in the middle and at the end of the song. In 2004, the song was ranked number 314 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The two guitar solos were ranked as the greatest guitar solos of all time by both Planet Rock listeners and WatchMojo.com. The association to this song is in sympathy to all youngsters that goes through troubles in their development to Adulthood. This is also in memory to the loss of the bands leader to psychiatric institutions.
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Movie version)