P5GO10 – PROSA Technocracy

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 proposals to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Qualities. The ‘P5GO10 –PROSA Technocracy’, aims at the organized crimes towards the Western nations by abuse of Information Technologies (IT). PROSA Technocracy is this 5th Pyramid successor of the Cold War Bureaucracy. The present global mass-deployment of IT do cause irreversible global changes for humanity. The 5th Pyramid Game might cause irreversible damages. To discuss that, this blog will address the second dimension ‘Will’ of the 3^3 psychosocial model, - in relation to such PROSA crimes in ‘Western’ nations. Initially, there is a theoretical introduction, then some points of view, and finally some suggestions. In brief, this is a continuum and the next level of all the previous blogs concerning IT. Moreover, these final triad of blogs is also about the potential healing a 500 years old Nordic Syndrome.

The sociopathy of the 5th Pyramid Game aims to cause dystopias, like the previous 4 Pyramid Games caused CCD (Colony Collapse Disorders) and World Wars. Therefore, it is important that ‘Western’ Parliamentary Democracies strengthen their superiority over technocracy. In order to enlighten the issues, this main focus is set on the criminal ‘21 Conditions of the 3rd Integrational’. This will show that the previous failed CdE (Coup d’ Etat) -attempts are main reasons for present abuses of Information Technocracy in the Parliamentary System. All related organizations suffer from the corruption in economy, politics and legality, - as talked through in blogs like UU 2015.juni.05, UU 2015.juni.26, UU 2014.okt.17, UU 2013.nov.01 and UU 2013.sept.27.

The technocracy of this century represents the same counterpart in the democratic bourgeois citizens’ struggle for self-realization. However, most philosophers agree that such powers should support the citizens against bondage and misery, although it sometimes turned out differently. Now, technocracy is a recognized term, yet still considered hypothetical as a political power. It must relate to other terms like bureaucracy, cyber and statesman. Taken from Wikipedia:

Any 3rd Pyramid Gamer has disqualified themselves as true statesmen, bureaucrats or technocrats. They are rather sophists or imitators, - and even the negative counterparts. To document that, a summary of the Gimmicks of the 3rd Pyramid Game follows: “The Communist International, refer to the conditions, most of which were suggested by Vladimir Lenin, to the adhesion of the socialist parties to the Third International (Comintern) created in 1919. The conditions were formally adopted by the Second Congress of the Comintern in 1920. Some of the 21 Conditions were:”

During the 5 Pyramid Games, the Information Technology (IT) has developed from 1) Pen, 2) Telegraph, 3) Telephone, 4) Television to 5) Computers. All these new technologies caused industrial revolutions that were abused by the para-Technocracy at their times, - inspired by concepts of parasite organizations. Therefore, some bits from previous blogs are relevant hints for the present and future Technocratic Games.

Major Technocratic organizations in all ‘Western’ nations are definitely main targets for ‘setting up a parallel organizational apparatus’ (C3). There is no doubt that major national and international providers of IT, Tele and Media are infiltrated and manipulated, - like some data- virus and parasite infections. Enterprises’ deviating behaviors, from the ‘Western’ democratic morals, ethics and laws, do most certainly indicate such infiltrations. Just like T. Gondii is a natural reason for persons’ disorders, - organizational parasites most certainly do to. Society must deal with and cure both profesionally.

Technocratic International IT Crimes escalates and are becoming too big for Western nations to handle individually. However, technically, such crimes are very easy to reduce to acceptable and legal levels. These issues has been addressed in several blogs, like:

The technocracy, like the bureaucracy, is incapable to perceive human qualities of the bourgeois citizens. Each citizen’s LifeQuality is at risk and do cause human catastrophes when a republican State becomes dominant in the society. Some previous quotes about the preys, the citizen, the peasants and the worker focus on that.

The 3^3 model was described in UU 2016.sept.02 and further elaborated in the following quotes with focus on PROSA and RAF. The following paragraphs from UU 2015.mars.06 elaborates on this relation to the ‘Will’ Dimension and is taken from.

Furthermore, surely, any Mafia plays Underworld Gamers on fear, kleptocracy and extortion. That goes for the PROSA Technocrats as well. Workers fear losing job and consequently ruin of families, homes and other fundaments of LifeQuality.

Finally, these are attempts to sum up to some conclusive proposals, in addition to all the hints in this blog, in order to promote ‘Western’ democratic parliamentary nations during this phase of the 5th Pyramid Game:

Afterword. Some might wonder why it started, - this engagement in such issues expressed in this theme ‘The Fifth Pyramid’. It is indicated in UU 2013.april.26 (translated to English): “ ... it should be mentioned that this theoretical part of the theme ‘IT and LQ’ is a continuum of the Master of Science Thesis from the Norwegian School of Management. The main objective for the study was to find the optimal solution for both public and private sectors in the European Internal Market. That was about 20 years ago when LO and IBM were highly influential at the institution. In order to get my thesis and MSc title recognized, I was asked to remove a chapter about industrial-political rivalries in the thesis. I had no real choice except do the self-censure and cloak the findings. A few years later, the European study was closed in Norway and sold to Shanghai/China. Ever since, it has been impossible to work with my true profession in these 20 years, both in Norway and Denmark. However, the competency is maintained as a hobby, here as these blogs called UU”. This UU Theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ is an escalation of the never-ending story.

Music: Kraftwerk was one of the first band to take robot music seriously. They lived into the role and made music that they thought robots would do in the future. The quality of the sound was far beyond what anyone else could. However, the lyrics and melodies were not that impressive. They were as without fantasy, - just like robots. At the time, there was hardly any pc. The pocket calculator was high tech. but finding Pi and all kinds of square roots was not exciting in the long run. The tech is certainly different now, with personal computers for all family members. Now, children learn to conquer virtual worlds before the even learn to write, they down- and uploads movies on the internet, and do not remember any telephone number, - not even to their own home. I can remember the first job and was impressed by a box on 1x1x1 meter that contained a disk with 10 MB. I even had to program by manual switches. That was the time when Kraftwerk was very futuristic and popular. The band is previously mentioned in UU2011.feb.18 and UU 2013.okt.25

Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator / Dentaku (live) [HD]
Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator (studio)

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