P5GO11 – Mass-psychoses

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 proposals to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Qualities. The ‘P5GO11 –Mass-psychoses’, aims at the propagated dilutions against the ‘Western’ nations by abuse of isms and mass-media. Such collective ‘Belief’ was founded in the 1st Pyramid Game, but altered by the 3rd - and should end with this 5th. The global shifts in those mass-dilutions involve all the 3 Superior-powers of Throne, State and Temple. Their Belief in morals, ethics and philosophies are now shifting in this eve of this millennium and shift of Era/Age. In order to discuss such in this blog, there is an extended theoretical talk through, including some points of view, and finally some suggestions. In brief, this is a continuum and the next level of all the previous blogs concerning Belief. Still, this final triad of blogs is also about the potential healing a 500 years old Nordic Syndrome.

The Belief of the 5 Pyramid Games was the foundation for the previous century sociopathic warfare in Norden, Europe and the rest of the world. Far less dilutions and far more sanity is vital to have ideas of what to do and not. That 5D change can only come with realizing the insanity of the previous Pyramid Games and use of sound mentality on plans for this century. The 5th Pyramid Game can only be stopped by uncloaking deceptive Beliefs in mass-psychotic propaganda. This last blog of 3 mini theme adds some unorthodox suggestions to the previous ones. However, in brief, a new century requires a generation’s renewal in all European Thrones, as well as States and Temples. All the ‘Minotaur labyrinths of deceptive Games’ are negative spirals of BDW (Bad, Destructive and Wrong). ‘Game Over’ is the only improving solution to negative Games. The following pinpoints the BDW (Bad, Destructive & Wrong) Belief in the State Superior-power during the 3rd and 4th Pyramid Game.

The 21 conditions of Third International, is an uncloaked statement from the treasonous Statesmen to their submitted workers, peasants and soldiers. Propaganda in mass media is a main obligation. Although this statement of the 3rd Pyramid Game is finally published on internet, almost a century later, it is of a concept for all the 5 Pyramid Games for all the 3 superior-powers; Throne, State and Temple. Therefor the following citations is conceptual for any of these regimes throughout the 200 years period of Pyramid Games. To document the Belief in the Gimmicks of the Pyramid Games, the following quotes parts of the Third International (Comintern) of the Second Congress of the Comintern in 1920:

‘Belief’ is the 3rd ‘ego state’ Dimension in the 3^3 psychosocial model. In brief, it is the social equivalent to the personal ‘Superior-Ego’ and the tribal ‘Parent’. However, before elaborating on that, there are some definition from Wikipedia:

In the 3^3 psychosocial model ‘Belief’ is extensions of classic mainstream theology, psychology and psychiatry. The following in is taken from the extended summary to the UU Theme ‘Charlie’ from UU 2015.mars.13.

This theoretical summary of the 3^3 psychosocial model provides a background for the following talk through of Belief in the 5 Pyramid Games.

The Gimmicks of the Pyramid Games are not based on Belief, - but psychosocial deceptions of Games to acquire unrightfully Gain of pray actors. The 1st Pyramid Game was based on the Game categories of KoC and GoT, play by S-E towards S-I of the game categories RF, WL and AF. It shaped the delusions for the subsequent 2nd Pyramid that failed. That caused cascades of collapses in the European Thrones, the European confederations and triggered the WW1. The extraordinary 3rd Pyramid Game was the rice of States as superior-powers over Throne and Temple. The 4th Pyramid Game was played with the total State supremacy with massive Games of CCD and CdE and Genocides. The Gains and Gimmicks of this 5th Pyramid Game can be uncloaked by focusing on some of the Patriarchs, Matriarchs and Authorities of the first Pyramid Games. The intro blog UU 2016.Mai.20 focus on that.

The rise and failure of occult mass-psychosis after the 1st Pyramid, was the main reason for the global insanity of the 20th century. It was triggered by the unexpected and unexplainable Tunguska event in 1908. The introduction of a 4th space dimension opened up for occult Belief in para-beings from alternative ‘worlds’. Anyways, major established Belief systems collapsed in the ‘Western’ world.

There should be no doubt, Royal girls and boys were played in Games of 4th degree by the rivaling State and Temple. Possibly, the youngsters were abused like some ‘lab rats’ in castle cages like the ‘Winter Palace’. Situations might very well have been scripted and responses registered, in order to plan and cause future cascades of CCD, - ending up in some Global ‘Dagmar Effect’ (UU 2013.mai.17). The faith of Queen Maud of Norway indicates the upcoming Games. She probably had insight knowledge of the Games schemes when she went back to London. She was not accused for any crime, but seems to be killed, covered up as some surgery accident. That even probably turned on alarms in Norway for the up-coming CdE and invasion. (Ref Wikipedia)

Queen Maud is probably one of the greatest heroes for Norway. As a prey for the 3rd Pyramid Game, her alarm warned the throne, exposed the treasonous government and caused the stalinazist invasion fleet to be sunk. However, the following Coldwar history books, folkshool assimilation and propaganda mass media has covered it all up thoroughly. Such silenced 5D heroes does the difference between irreversible catastrophes and fixable disasters.

Matriarchs and Patriarchs, like Kings and Queens, should be enabled to let the next capable generation take over - peacefully. This was concluded in UU 2016.aug.12 concerning the UK Throne and Brexit.

A reminder from UU 2016.sept.02 that the true DNA line for royal heritage might have been altered in Games toward the Thrones. “Contrariwise, it is highly unlikely that The Masspsychopathy’ speared Tsarina Maria (alias Dagmar of Denmark) while executing all her royal emperor family and related. It is more likely that she was executed too, - and that one of Dagmar’s ‘doubles’ was put in her position as a remote controlled imposter. If so, this might have been discovered by DNA testing in the royal crypt in Denmark some years ago. Anyways, the body was surprisingly returned to Russia for a second and discrete funeral.” Wikipedia writes about royalty and abdication.

With the present DNA technology and preservation of royal DNA in crypts, - it is relatively easy to quality ensure with facts the historical DNA line from the original to present royalties. Per definition, there were probably several ‘Sexual Games’ in the Thrones’. The heritage is important to quality assure, because most Constitutions depend on true inherited royalty. With all respect and sympathy, such words must be hard to comprehend for orthodox royalists, - however hopefully not so for the modern royalists of this century. It should be realized by all, though, that innovative and adaptive renewals are vital for a sound continuum for Thrones and Temples as well as States.

The Superior State power need to realize that their dominance is an unsound unbalance in the Parliamentary system. Their priority this century should be reduce their own Drive for power in order create sound balance of LEJD Parliamentary powers (Legal, Executive, Judicial & Democratic parliamentary powers). “Collective terms like mass-psychosis and double-moral (standards) are related to psychological terms like psychosis and schizophrenia.” (UU 29.Juni.2012) Merely PROSA agents of the 3rd Pyramid Game want such unbalance in order to cause CCD and CdE, - and as obligated by the treasonous 21 Conditions of the 3rd International. The Democratic Parliaments of European nations need to realize they are obligation to the national Constitution and Rule by Law, - not the 21 Conditions of a potential invasion force. No single nation can resist such international organized crimes. The only solution for European nations is to cooperate in organizations like Europol, Eurojust and Cepol. In Denmark and Norway, the international criminal organizations have won the first round of the Game DAC (Divide & Conquer). Denmark and Norway, with the rest of the ‘Western World’ need to win the second round UAC (Unite & Conquer).

The Belief of Temples are in even more turbulent changes than the Thrones and States were in the previous centuries. No theocrat can hinder the all-changing destiny that every Age, Era and Testament has an ‘expiring date’. The transition to a new Age/Era is at its dawn and will escalate throughout this century. It is based on a simple Egyptian astronomical illusion and is not different from what the Mayan 2012 showed out to be. Still, the Mayan theocracy was eliminated 1000 years ago and had no propaganda power in 2012. On the other hand, there were epic rivalries last Era/Age shift when Rome1 tried to unite with Egypt around year zero. The conflicts did not end, but escalated and climaxed after 1908 with the Tunguska event and the new theory of a 4th Space Dimension. Anyways, such worries are not concerning true Believers of the first philosophy, but all the occult diluted theocrats of the 2nd and 5th Pyramid Game. Such forces can very well be tamed, if uncloaked and healed in time. Such themes are talked through in particular in the UU Theme Charlie from UU 2015.jan.09 to UU 2015.april.10 and UU 2015.okt.09, - and this year’s Easter mini-theme, UU 2016.mars.18 to 2016.april.01.

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Music: Talking heads was the only band to play at the theme, 'Det er noe galt i Norge - også“. (UU 08.juli.2011 to UU 19.aug.2011) It was based on a mini TV-series about 6 main political faults in Denmark. In the UU Theme – similar faults were related Norway. The Theme became a follow-up to UU 01.juli.2011 about the drug crimes towards the Stoltenberg family. Talking Heads and David Byrne also appears in UU 2013.aug.30, UU 2013.nov.29, UU 2014.april.11, UU 2015.feb.27 and UU 2015.nov.27.

The title 'Stop Making Sense', is the title of their final concert, expressing the logic throughout the whole concert. The nerdy and autistic character David Byrne has apparently ended up at a wrong place. It is an expression of complete normal insanity, for ‘Making Sense’ is the essence for the scenery and the music. There are advanced music and lyrics entertained with small acts of wrong things at the wrong places. Even serious lyrics becomes funny. ‘Burning Down the House’, for example, hints to his name and the logical humor, like turning around ‘365 degrees’. That DVD should be experienced uninterrupted on a high quality multimedia, like PC with earphones. It is simply worth its low cost of 10 € and much more, although available free at the internet. The song ‘Mind’ is excluded from the concert, - although a recording exists. The association is the diluted minds of Game Players of Mass Psychosis.
Talking Heads - Mind (studio)

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3. Nick Cave - Messiah Ward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfV27kyar8g
4. David Bowie – Starman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRcPA7Fzebw
5. Goo Dolls - Iris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdYWuo9OFAw
6. Aquarius – Hair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOov9xbc9Ec
7. Peter Gabriel - Blood Of Eden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy0LJnvWpus
8. Gary Numan - Listen to my voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzaXjd5FGfs
9. Alice Cooper - My Stars live Texas April 1973 https://vimeo.com/157823624
10. R.E.M - Losing My Religion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-8BQtZjdsU
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12. Bjørn Eidsvåg Skyfri Himmel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzs64a7-6V4