P5GO12 Antithesis - Hyper-Democracy

‘Pyramid Game Over’ provides 12 proposals to promote ‘Western’ parliamentary qualities. ‘P5GO12 - Hyper-Democracy’, aims to strengthen the 4th Parliamentary LEJD power, Democracy, to balance the Parliamentary powers. Europe continues its path as a confederal cradle of democracy. ‘Nova Russia’ took a U-turn towards autocratic feudalism when democracy deceased at REXIT 18/9. Their new MGB (Ministry for State Security) is like the Coldwar KGB and the Chinese MSS. Yet, in contrast, global Hyper-Democracy escalates as the 4th Parliamentary dimension. It will certainly cause unforeseen 5D events for the 3 superior powers; the Throne, the State and the Temple, as well as the 3 Parliamentary LEJ powers (Legal, Executive and Judicial). This is the final blog of this extended ‘The 5th Pyramid’ theme. In order to conclude, there will be a brief summary, then some theoretical pinpoints and finally some suggestion on how to pass this period of the 5th Pyramid Game.

This UU theme, ‘The 5th Pyramid’, was made to explore the nature of the psychosocial Game. The uncloaking of the war-declaration from the Comintern towards European and American states became fundamental. The first 7 blogs built the 5 triangles on a core and was finally encircled. The 5 triangles represent 5 Pyramid Games of half a century periods; 1813-1863, 1863-1913, 1913-1963, 1963-2013 and 2013-2063. The complete meme is a black star on a core and with a sphere. However, on completion, there was an association of a ‘black hole’ with its ‘event horizon’. Moreover, images of the 4th Space dimension was related to the 4th Parliamentary power, Democracy. It also revealed an idea of the 4th dimension, hyper-democracy, as a potential parliamentary power at play. Then, the blogging could not end with these new revelations. Therefore, 12 additional blogs representing 12 enlightened stars encircling the event horizon of the all-consuming black hole.
In brief, each blogs proposes solutions to the 12 issues; 1) Politicians, 2) Pensions, 3) Workers, 4) Bourgeois, 5) Oligarchs, 6) Separatists, 7) Anarchists, 8) Plutocracy, 9) Psychocracy, 10) Technocracy, 11) Belief, and finally, 12) Hyper-Democracy.
(Please, note that the main objective is to encourage own thinking and that the writings are merely spin-off products.)

All the 19 blogs also relates to the theories presented in the introduction blog of UU 2016.mai.13. They are explained in UU 2014.sept.12 as; a consistent definition of “LifeQuality; a 3D ethics model, a 3D ethical system of GCR (Good/Constructive/Right); a 3D political model relating to the constitutional LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical); a 3^3 (3*3*3) psychosocial model of Drive, Will and Belief; an extended psychosocial Game models; a 5D scenario model for past as well as future (UU 2014.sept.12); and extended terminology by extended use of suffixes. (2015.juni.12).

Nevertheless, a new hypothesis in this final blog is that the Russian democracy deceased by the REXIT, - the quasi-referendum at 2016-09-18. It seems similar to the plebiscite arranged to legitimize the CdE annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea. It has become like a ‘Black Sea Cuba’. Russian Secret Services are now recreating the Coldwar KGB, STASI and RAF by making the superior MGB (Ministry for State Security). It is remaking the Coldwar of 1963 - as well as revitalizing the Leninism of 1913. A fully uncloaking of the 5th Pyramid Game is yet too early, though. Kremlinology is as hard as Vaticanology.

However, history is certainly repeating. Clues of such nova conservatism can be done by using 5D history analysis for 5D scenarios. In order to do so, the dictations of the ’21 Conditions of the Third International (Comintern)’ is here slightly modified for this century, by simply substitute the word ‘Communism’ with ‘Putinism’, - just like ‘Leninism’ was used to legitimize the cold war crimes. The modified text provides ideas of what a ‘Putinism’ can be. Possible cloaked Gimmicks of the 5th Pyramid Game is thereby pointed out. The following is an extraordinary exemplification of what to come for the ‘Western World’, i.e. Europe and America.

Condition 1.1: “All propaganda and agitation must bear a really Putinist character and correspond to the programme and decisions of the Putinist International. All the party's press organs must be run by reliable Putinists who have proved their devotion to the cause of the proletariat. The dictatorship of the proletariat must not be treated simply as a current formula learnt off by heart. Propaganda for it must be carried out in such a way that its necessity is comprehensible to every simple worker, every woman worker, every soldier and peasant from the facts of their daily lives, which must be observed systematically by our press and used day by day.” See all the modified full text in Extra UU2, exposing ‘Putinism’ instead of ‘Leninism’ and ‘Communism’.

The Comintern is not of GCR ethics (Good, Constructive and Right). However, extended measures of positive nations is possible and is actually done: ”The GCI (Good Country Index) is a composite statistic of 35 data points that are mostly generated by the United Nations (UN). The data points are combined into a common measure that ranks the seven categories; Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality, Health and Wellbeing. The extend value system from ‘rich’ to ‘good’ was made because of unexpected side effect of the globalization. Problems that once were local, now have worldwide consequences. However, nations still operate too independently, as if they do not quite realize their inter-dependencies.” “The scores of GCI might surprise. Nine of the top 10 countries are in Western Europe, where 4 are of the 5 Nordic nations. (Iceland is #17 due to the global financial crises.) An explanation can be the European balance between Supply & Demand, whilst SU over-focused on Supply and US on Demand. Besides, Norden was not as damaged in the previous century’s war as the rest of Europe. Other relevant rankings are that US = #21, Russia = #95 and China = #107.” (UU 2014.dec.12) Russia should rather be positive influenced by ‘The West’ than project negative influence toward it.

The 18/9 Russian plebiscite demonstrated the Secret Services well. Voting was openly monitored and the urban oppositions’ participation was scared down to 1/3. The average participation was merely 48%, even though aided with collective methods as carousels and cruises, where oligarchs and officers pickup and monitor their subordinates’ voting. An internet video even shows an unaware clerk submitting numerous voting bills. Actually, the election is per definition a kind of CdE Game. However, normally, constitutions require over 50 % majority to be elected as a president. Similarly, that should apply for the participation rate. The Russian participation, including all the illegal votes, was less than half. Maybe the Russian vote should be annulled, like the presidential elections has been in Austria (2016), Ukraine (2004) and South Ossetia (2011). However, the REXIT seems rather to follow the concept of the staged referendum in Crimea to apparently legitimate the illegal annexation, the massive football match-fixing and the doping of OL athletes. Overall, - the concept is ancient like the manipulated Greek plebiscite that got Plato’s philosopher friend executed.

In response, ‘Western’ nations need to eliminate the Leninist anti-western heritages before the ongoing 5th Pyramid Game irreversibly renew the 4th Pyramid Games of the Cold war. (See the Comintern 21 Conditions and the 11 previous blogs.) There should be no doubt that the Dexit, Nexit, Grexit and Brexit were 5th Pyramid Games of CCD (Colony collapse disorder) and CdE (Coup d’ Etat). Even the 18/9 Rexit, the Russian Exit from ‘Western’ collaboration, aligns with the same concept. This century’s remote controlled Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatist and Anarchists (PROSA) are like the previous century’s BRAF, RAF and GRAF. Cold War Puppet Presidents were voted away in European nations during the short period of ‘glasnost and perestroika’. However, new ones seem to be positioned in Games of CCD and CdE. Some does not even seem to be aware that they actually are puppet presidents, - like PPP (Puppet President Putin). ‘Democracy threatens’ is the title of an episode of the TV series “Putin, Russia and the West”. REXIT proves the paranoia of the Secret Services of the Oprichnina/Praetor (UU 2016.juni.17).

There will be many more 5th Pyramid Games of CCD and CdE in the ‘Western world’, both of violent GRAF terrorist attacks and BRAF ‘hooligan’ attacks, in addition to political referendum attacks - like Brexit. Wikipedia categorizes CdE: “A coup d'état, literally ‘hit of state’, putsch or overthrow, is the illegal and open annexation of a state by elites within the state apparatus. It is considered successful when power is held for at least seven days. A 2016 study categorizes coups into four possible outcomes; 1) Failed coup; 2) No regime change; 3) dictatorship swap; and 4) democratization. Three types of CdE are identified as: 1) Breakthrough coups, 2) Arbiter coups; and Veto CdE.” The Brexit, Dexit, Nexit, Grexit are Veto CdE with no regime changes.

Moreover, the Turkish CdE attempt at 2016.07.15 is particularly interesting and should be investigated further, since it seems to be a Game within a Game. The ‘failed breakthrough CdE’ seems to be unmotivated triggered, as if the soldiers reacted to a ‘false positive’. They were not supported by any alternative regime at all, like they were walking into a trap. Furthermore, the cleansing in afterwards seemed very well prepared and organized. Russia, that was a fierce enemy of Turkey before the CdE Game, became suddenly a close friend to the NATO nation Turkey. US was even accused for being involved in the CdE attempt. Russia was then allowed to arm the annexed Crimea without their objections. Anyways, who fooled the CdE para-organization in the Turkish army to attack their own government, - will remain a secret.

Taking 3^3 psychosocial analysis seriously, it should be possible, and professionally recommendable, to use means of ‘family therapy’ on the Moscow tribe. The cultural history of Moscow determines what it does in this period of the 5th Pyramid Game. Some clips from previous blogs indicates points of view throughout this blogging:

Without going to deep into the vastly complex psychosociology, - Thrones are still the major arenas for those rivalries - and they are revitalized in this 5th Pyramid Game of Putinism. Neighboring nations should not be too involved - and get dragged into such never-ending Games in the Court of Crimson Kings. (UU 2014.mai.02)

No doubt, the 500 years of history proves that the tribe is a danger to itself and its surroundings. Therefore, the world society is obligated to help healing, before irreversible harm happens to its members and its neighbors. It is too much to go into what approaches might be positive. Dealing with international criminal organizations influenced by ‘Red Mafia’ and ‘Gulag’, should be comparable to how some nations deal with their national mafia. Such issues are talked though in the previous 3 blogs; UU 2016.sept.02 UU 2016.sept.09 and UU 2016.sept.16. “Finally how the idea Superior-ID became: “The Oprichnina/Praetor is like a definition of psycho-social Games. The Actors and the Games are ulterior and concealed like the very nature of secret services. It is however, a problem if the democratic Quality of Life is not respected. It is serious if the organization consider itself as a Superior-Ego and individual as inferior. It is catastrophic, if it also inherited the properties of Ivan’s murky mentality as a collective obsession.” The theory of Superior-Id is talked through in UU 2014.jan.10 and the OD (OverConscience Drive) in UU 2014.aug.22.” (UU 2015.nov.06) Unfortunately, the 3rd Pyramid Game made the “inherited the properties of Ivan’s murky mentality as a collective obsession”. That must not be repeated in this century of the 5th Pyramid Game. However, theoretically, it is as easy as adapting the attitude “I am OK – You are OK”. (UU 2016.juli.29)

Hyper-Democracy is as real as virtual reality is. Surely, everyone knows how a slogan, a meme and a picture can influence the demos (people) and cause mass-movements. Politician, in particular, uses this in their campaigns before referendums. Now, that the global neuro-system for humanity is almost developed, there will be radical enlightening, communications and inter-actions. There will be consequences too. Everyone knows, however, positive pro-activity seems too few and too late. The idea was blogged before calling it Hyper-Democracy: “Humanity grows and is at the state like a 3 years old infant. (UU 2014.april.04) The association is based on the tremendous growths in individuals, the telecom, computing and big-data utilizations. The figure of speech is meant to help ourselves realized that even though we personally might have reached adulthood, - humanity has not and it goes through tremendous inner changes we ourselves long ago forgot. Most vital, there are ongoing and upcoming opportunities, challenges and dangers of crucial outcomes. We can, if we will, influence the outcomes. The changes humanity goes through is when an infant’s neural system finally is developed, the senses fully connects to the brain and ability to sense, think and response is possible. We adults know it is important what is done and not. The outcomes are influenced on how we help or not. However, there is no adult humanity yet. What to do about that for the millennia to come? A global language that anyone understand is required. Any nation – any school could agree on that and start teaching right now.” (2015.april.10) Also see UU 2016.juli.01 for talks about theories of the 4th Space Dimension.

All in all, democracy is democracy, as real, as virtual as hyper. The traumatized Plato, the developed a demo-phobia, might provide a positive democratic contribution after all. Do quality-ensure plebiscites (referendums) against Pyramid Game Players. Annul obviously manipulated referendums and re-do the elections if right in a Parliamentary Democracy.

Finally, the model of superior powers called Throne, State and Temple are made to relate to the 3^3 psychosocial dimensions of Drive, Will and Belief, which again relates to the theories of Freud & Jung psychoanalysis. That means that the models apply to humanity as a single species. Not to dive too deep into that, but there are very different challenges, when humanity’s development is like infants at 3-5 years old, - with no parents. Anyways, there seems to be clockwise patterns for continental empires states of believes. For example Russia has the previous centuries been dominated by; 1500 Temple/Roma2, 1600 State/Oprichnina, 1700 Throne/Peter, 1800 Temple/royal and 1900 State/SU. Following that line, Russia, in this century, will be dominated by the PPP Oligarchy and the next century will be dominated by a nova-orthodoxy Temple in the predicted Eve of a New Age/Era. There seems to be some clockwise patterns for the empires of the other 4 continents too, - and are synchronizing.

Afterword. This extended blogging of 12 stars does hint to Europe. The other ‘western’ continent is America. At some point of time, not now, there might be further extension of 50 more blogs relating to the US vs SU rivalries in this period of the 5th Pyramid Game.

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Music - David Bowie - We Are the Dead

David Bowie’s requiem, ‘Black Star’ has been a thread to this UU Theme ‘the 5th Pyramid’. It is therefore proper to end it with the masterpiece ‘We are the Dead’. The song is taken from the album ‘Diamond Dogs’ and is the first of 4 songs written to the novel ‘1984’. This one is from the scene, after getting the fatal ‘I Love You’ note and realizing that their ‘sex crime’ will be a death sentence. The theme of 1984 is mentioned several times in blogs and this song was previous presented in UU 2010.okt.29.

The novels ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ are the inspiration to the Drive Game category AF (Animal Farm). It is describe in UU 2015.feb.27. They are also the inspiration to the dystopian term ‘Trelletopia’, where the ‘people’ in bondage Believe their dystopia is an utopia. (UU 2014.aug.01, UU 2014.nov.14 and UU 2015.juli.03)

David Bowie - We Are the Dead (lyrics)
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (1974) Full Album - 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Extra UU1, A very rude Bourgeois

Monthy Python swaps roles of the French and English in this sketch. The English occupied French ‘bourg’ (castles) in France. French theocrats tried to negotiate, but was mocked. Soldiers tried to invade, but were bombarded. Jean d’ arch tried to crusade, but was burned alive. Anyhow, peasants outside the ‘borg’ were envious of their mates inside, called Bourgeois (in French). The 3rd international is all about this jealousy and about swapping places. The 5th might be about being in or out of empires ‘borgs’ – being citizens (bourgeois).
French Taunter - Monty Python and theHoly Grail

The French do not share such English Monthy Python humor. OMD (Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark) made a synth song about Jeanne D'Arc, ‘The Maid of Orleans’. This extended double version of the song is mixed with the movie of the same name. Surely the English protestants and French catholics sees the same story differently, - which must have pleased the Russian orthodox in this LYAHF & TLM Game.

Monty Python - Holy Grail French Taunting

OMD - Maid of Orleans