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It is time for a ‘Music Break’ again, - after 3 months of continuous writings about the theme 'The 5th Pyramid'. 'Strasbourg Square' provides associations to the 12 last blogs of the theme though. The association relates to the European parliament in Strasbourg. The German sounding name indicates the rivalries in the area that too many people have suffered. It is also reflected in the lyrics. Unfortunately, Billy passed away some years ago and was rather unknown for his career. The early album ‘Sulk’ of the Scottish duo Associates’ (Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine) was particularly innovative with Billy’s unique voice and Alan’s music compositions. The second to the last album ‘Wild and Lonely’ is a favorite, but also indicated a sad end to the career.

Billy Mackenzie/Associates - Strasbourg Square (Live)
Billy MacKenzie - Playlist
Associates - Playlist

Extra UU - 50 more P5GO stars – Index

The continuum of 50 more stars did in fact start without any pause. The issues of ‘5th Pyramid Game Over’ escalated due to the unlikely outcome of the US presidential election at 11/9. As mentioned in the afterword of UU 2016.sept.23. “This extended blogging of 12 stars does hint to Europe. The other ‘western’ continent is America. At some point of time, not now, there might be further extension of 50 more blogs relating to the US vs SU rivalries in this period of the 5th Pyramid Game.”

Following is a listing of links to those blogs.
UU 2016.sept.30 - Billy Mackenzie/Associates - Strasbourg Square
UU 2016.okt.07 - Røyksopp & Robyn – Monument + playlist
UU 2016.okt.14 - Underworld – Barbara Barbara Live UK 2016
UU 2016.okt.21 - Bob Dyland – 50 covers
UU 2016.okt.28 - Editors - Live at Best Kept Secret 2016
UU 2016.Nov.04 - Muse - The 2nd Law, Live at Rome Olympic Stadium
UU 2016.nov.11 - Trentemøller - Roskilde Festival 2014 UU
2016.nov.18 - Leonard Cohen - Cover tributes