Music - Robyn & Røyksopp P5GO Monuments

Following up the theme ‘Music Break’, Røyksopp & Robyn is presented as a unique Scandinavian collaboration, - the Norwegian electronic music duo Røyksopp and Swedish artist Robyn. The ‘Do It Again Tour 2014’ featured shows in Europe and North America. The background is that Robyn collaborated with them as early as 2009, - and returned to work on new music with Røyksopp in early 2013, after her ‘Body Talk Tour’. There were generally positive reviews from music critics, who praised its music as flawlessly-produced and adventurous. The song ‘Do It Again’ reached number three in Norway and number 20 in the United Kingdom, while becoming the first number-one album on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Albums chart for both artists. The song ‘Monument’ is not promoted as a hit, although chosen for this presentation.

The band Røyksopp consists of Berge and Brundtland that were introduced to each other through mutual friends. After experimenting with different genres of electronic music, the band solidified their place in the electronica scene with their 2001 debut album, ‘Melody A.M’. The band makes use of various genres, like ambient, house music and synthpop. They gained critical acclaim and popular success around the world. To date, Røyksopp has been nominated for one Grammy Award, won seven Spellemannprisen awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums which have topped the charts in several countries, including four consecutive number-one albums in their native Norway. Btw, the word Røyksopp is a stylized version of the Norwegian word for the puffball mushroom. The band has stated that the word could also evoke the mushroom cloud resulting from an atomic blast.

Robyn (Robin Miriam Carlsson) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and record producer. Her debut album ‘Robyn Is Here’ spawned two Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit singles. Robyn returned to international success with her fourth album Robyn, which earned her critical acclaim and a Grammy Award nomination. She released a trilogy in 2010 of three mini albums of the Body Talk series. The albums received widespread critical acclaim, three Grammy Award nominations and produced three top 10 hits. Robyn followed up with the release of two collaboration EPs ‘Do It Again’ (2014) and ‘Love Is Free’ (2015).

Röyksopp & Robyn – ‘Monument + Playlist