Music - The B-52s and The P5GO Lobster

This Week’s Selected, The B-52’s, relates to the previous focus at the 11/9 Manhattan events. But first, a portrayal of the band and their concerts.

“The B-52's are rooted in 1960s rock and roll and combined it with genres ranging from new wave, post-punk, pop and rock with dance-friendly rhythms. The band formed in 1976 for an unplanned musical jam session in Athens, Georgia, - a hotbed for alternative music. That was, after sharing a tropical Flaming volcano drink at a Chinese restaurant. Next, they played their first concert at a Valentine's Day party for their friends. The bandmembers had little or no previous musical experience, and performed most of their earliest shows with taped guitar and percussion accompaniment.

“The band's name comes from a particular hairdo resembling the nose cone of the aircraft B-52. Keith said that he had a dream one night and heard someone whisper in his ear that the name of the band was ‘the B-52s’.“

“Hoping to expand their musical approach, the B-52s recruited friend and fan David Byrne (Talking Heads) to produce their third album. He emphasized a darker, funkier sound and minimized Ricky Wilson's guitar and the group's playful side. By all accounts, the bandmembers and their record labels were not happy with the results. Byrne and the B-52s walked away from the project, and six completed tracks were released as an EP, 1982's Mesopotamia.” Some resemblance between B-52s and Talking Heads seem obvious, like the critique in ‘Life During Wartime’, the synths and the maximized ‘Jerk Suite’.

“After Wilson's death in 1985, the band found it impossible to promote the new album and spent the next several years on break. The B-52s finally returned with the album Cosmic Thing, which became their most commercially successful effort to date, including the party smash ‘Love Shack’, ‘Roam’ and ‘Deadbeat Club’. They became more famous with a live-action feature The Flintstones and toured periodically.”

The B-52's Live - In Dortmund 1983 + Time Capsule 1979-1989 + Lyrics

Extra UU – Rock Lobster

This extra UU continues the 50 additional stars of P5-GO (5th Pyramid – Game Over) - and the 11/9 events causing the rise of the Trump Tower at Manhattan. Essential to keep in mind, is that oligarchs sell most anything to the highest bidder. An annulment of TPP is definitely a high prize for China, as well as the long-term fatalities for other Asian nations, - and US itself. Nevertheless, first about the song.

“The B-52's first single, Rock Lobster was an underground success. There are also two earlier versions of the song. After gaining confidence to venture into a recording studio, the B-52s pressed up a few thousand copies of the single which became a modest hit on the alternative rock circuit. The band soon traveled to New York City, playing their first paying gig at the famed rock club Max's Kansas City. Later appearances at CBGB brought the group to the attention of the New York press. Island founder Chris Blackwell flew the band to the Bahamas, where they quickly recorded their self-titled debut album, a collection of manic, bizarre, and eminently danceable songs that scored an underground club hit with a reworked version of Rock Lobster.

The song ‘Rock Lobster’ does appear absurd at first. Its lyrics include nonsensical lines about a beach party and excited outbursts about real or imagined marine animals accompanied by absurd, fictional noises attributed to them and the chorus consists of the words ‘Rock Lobster!’ However, the video is rather well planned when knowing some about circumstances, performances and icons used.

The song also had some cultural impacts. “John Lennon, whose post-Beatles music career had been on break for nearly 5 years while he helped raise his son Sean, was prompted to record again after hearing Rock Lobster. According to Lennon, "it sounds just like Ono's music, so I said to meself, 'It's time to get out the old axe and wake the wife up!' His return to the studio led to the release of Double Fantasy. At a 2002 B-52's concert in New York, Yoko Ono joined them onstage for the performance of this song. The song also appears in the TV-series Family Guy, The Story of Brenda Q and in the movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Even early Commodore Amiga 500 units had ‘B52/ROCK LOBSTER’ etched on the main circuit board.”

Anyways, the main association in this xUU is the zodiac sign Cancer and its number 69. These memes appear in numerous association in unexplainable events, like popstars’ sudden death at 69 (Extra UU3 2016.mai.06), 68-movements/pre-69 (UU 2014.okt.03), and even Hillary’s present age at the US democracy’s unpredictable collapse. There seems to be mythical occult influences related to the zodiac change of Age/Era. Some quotes from Wikipedia shows the relation between lobsters and occult mythology. “Astacus and Cammarus appear in various classic writers, while it is called Nepa in Cicero's De Finibus and the works of Columella, Plautus, and Varro; all of these words signify crab, lobster, or scorpion.” “Athanasius Kircher said that in Coptic Egypt it was Κλαρια (Klaria), the Bestia seu Statio Typhonis (the Power of Darkness). Jérôme Lalande identified this with Anubis, one of the Egyptian divinities commonly associated with Sirius.”

The B-52's - Rock Lobster (Official Music Video)