Music - Ray Parker, Ghostbusting and P5GO

Ray Parker Jr. and the monster-hit Ghostbusters, relates to the unexpected rise of a WTF tower at 11/9 in Manhattan. More about that in the extra UU, but first a portrayal of the artist, his band and the jamming seminar video.

Parker started out as a teenaged session guitarist. He soon became well known and played behind the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, the Spinners, Gladys Knight & the Pips and other Motown acts. He also played on Wonder's albums and on sides by Leon Haywood and Barry White. He worked with Motown producer Clarence Paul on Ronnie McNeir's debut and appeared on Uptown Saturday Night.

He decided to become a recording artist and his first LP ‘Raydio’ went gold and #8 on R&B. Several hits followed, but ‘Ghostbuster’ became real a monster-hit.

There just a few live recordings with Ray Parker Jr. However, the unique recording from his jam seminar should be interesting for musicians. Ray Parker Live

Extra UU – Ghostbusters

The phenomenon ‘Ghostbusters’ awakens some associations to the monster-hit movie. – like the fall of 3 WTC towers at 9/11 and the rise of a WTF tower at 11/9 in Manhattan. Anyways, about the movie and the song.

Manhattan. Anyways, about the movie and the song. “Ghostbusters was one of Parker's biggest hits and best-loved songs. Initially it was submitted for the background score of the Dan Aykroyd/Harold Ramis/Bill Murray/Ernie Hudson comedy. The music video is one of the most star-studded videos ever made. However, Huey Lewis sued Columbia Pictures and Ray Parker Jr. for copyright infringement, claiming that ‘Ghostbusters’ was a rip-off of his hit, ‘I Want a New Drug.’ Lewis received an out-of-court settlement. Later, Parker filed a suit against Lewis for breaching the secrecy settlement.

Here is a plot-spoiler to the original Ghostbuster movie: “3 Parapsychologists are called to investigate the ghost of a dead librarian. Therefor the trio establish a paranormal investigation and elimination service known as ‘Ghostbusters’. They develop high-tech equipment capable of capturing ghosts and open their business in a disused, run-down firehouse. As paranormal activity increases in New York City, they hire a fourth member to cope with demand.” “Dana is demonically possessed by Zuul, which declares itself the ‘Gatekeeper’, and Louis by a similar demon, the ‘Keymaster’. Both demons speak of the coming of the destructive Gozer and the release of the imprisoned ghosts. The Ghostbusters learn that mad doctor and cult leader claimed humanity was too sick to survive after World War I, designed the building as a gateway to summon Gozer and bring about the end of the world. After reaching the roof of Dana's building, the Ghostbusters are unable to prevent the arrival of Gozer, who appears in the form of a woman. However, the Ghostbusters cross their proton pack energy streams and fire them against Gozer's portal and terminates it all.”

Wikipedia provides some other perspectives of ‘ghosts’. “In folklore, a ghost (sometimes known as a spectre or specter, phantom, apparition, spirit, spook, or haunt) is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living.” “According to the Gallup Poll News Service, belief in haunted houses, ghosts, communication with the dead, and witches had an especially steep increase over the 1990s. A 2005 Gallup poll found that about 32 % of Americans believe in ghosts.” Note that over 80% of the humanity is religious and believe in ghostlike beings. However, psychological explanations of ghost are not physical or external. “Nietzsche argued that people generally wear prudent masks in company; but that an alternative strategy for social interaction is to present oneself as an absence, as a social ghost – "One reaches out for us but gets no hold of us" – something later echoed (if in a less positive way) by Carl Jung. Nick Harkaway considered that we all carry a host of ghosts in our heads, in the form of impressions of past acquaintances – ghosts that represent our maps of other people in the world: our reference points.” “Object relations theory sees our personalities as formed by splitting off aspects of ourselves we find incompatible; whereupon we may be haunted in later life by such ghosts of our alternate selves.” Furthermore, “A ghost is a term used to describe the artificial intelligence of a machine in the anime title Ghost in the Shell and likewise in the episode Ghost in the Machine (The X-Files).”

The main theme ‘The 5th Pyramid – Game Over’ is based on the 3^3 psychosocial model. In that sense, ghosts relate to the UnderConcience Drive and OverConcience Belief. The model is summarized in P5-GO blog UU 2016.sept.16, and is connected to the several blogs in the development of the theory about 2 years earlier.

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