Music - The Bangles

The Bangles is an all-female pop-rock band from Los Angeles. The hit ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ relates to this New Year and Xmas, as well as the theme ‘the 5th Pyramid’. More about that in this week’s Extra UU. But first a presentation of The Bangles and the concert.

The band was originally named the Bangs. They had to change though, since a New York- group was called the same. The Bangles combined the chiming riffs and catchy melodies of British Invasion guitar pop with some of the energy of New Wave. The critical success came with their self-titled debut EP and full-length album ‘All Over the Place’. The popular success came once they polished their sound, added some synthesizers, and deviated slightly from their trademark jangling guitar hooks. The album climbed to number 80 on the American charts, which got them to radios, MTV and gave them strong reviews.

Their second album, ‘Different Light’, was preceded by the colorful, neo-psychedelic single "Manic Monday" that was written by Prince under the pseudonym Christopher. ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ was another major hit, spending four weeks at number one in America. ‘In Your Room’ the album's lead single, made it to number five, and the ballad ‘Eternal Flame’ became the group's second number one single.

However, the Bangles did not stay together long after selling to platinum. The band members divided into different careers in the early 90. Still, the bandmembers drifted back together and teamed up for the first time in nearly a decade to record a song for the second Austin Powers film. The band were regularly touring and were playing some big shows in the following years, like this concert.

The Bangles: Return to Bangleonia (Live Concert 2000) + lyrics