Intro 5PGO (the 5th Pyramid - Game Over)

Last year’s first blog was a wish and a warning against the unlikely, - that the 3rd Party’s oligarch will be put in the US President seat. In 2 weeks, that omen will come true. The PPT (Puppet President Trump) is going to be a remote-controlled puppet – just like the PPP (Puppet President Putin) of Oprichnina. (UU 2016.jan.01)

This plutocratic CdE was announced at 11/9, - like the bureaucratic CdE of SU in 1999. Such a Coup d’ Etat is per definition successful if the position is held for more than a week. February will therefor show if the 5th Pyramid cyberwar towards ‘the West’ is official - if there actually will be an annexation the most vital property in US – the White House in 2017, - like the CdE of the Winter Palace in 1917.

The main aim of this UU Theme, ‘The 5th Pyramid’, is to reduce the societal damages that the US CdE will cause America and Europe, - i.e. ‘the West’ in the 3rd International’s diluted war-declaration. The focus will be on positive Parliamentary-, Democracy- and Life-Quality - and thereby also on the negative sociopathic and mass-psychopathic Games with ethics of BDW (Bad/Destructive/Wrong). Most theories are partly summarized in UU 2015.nov.06, concerning the Dexit.

To sum up so far, the theme started with UU 2016.mai.13; the theory is summarized in UU 2016.juli.01; and the European 12 additional blogs are summarized in UU 2016.sept.23. The theme was meant to end there, but continued as Extra UUs to weekly live concerts, - when realizing that the omen was about to get real. The theme is therefore extended for a year, one blog for each star in the US flag. The 5D scenarios and events will be commented weekly.

Such a jumping jack puppet, causing cascades of unpredictable intrigues, even before taking office, - will cause ad-hoc blogs as well as the planned ones. Still, - the future 5D events are not entirely unpredictable, when using the models related to the P5-GO (5th Pyramid - Game Over). The puppets of the 5th Pyramid Game act to scripts from the 5th version of the 3rd International’s 21 conditions, - Condition # 3 in particular. The full text is available at Wikipedia for anyone to read (See UU 2016.sept.23 and link below). In brief, this 5th wave of ‘War against the West’ is basically to make cascade of collapses to the nations of Europe and states of US - like done prior to ww1, ww2 and ww3 (the cold war).

The ‘parallel organisational apparatus’, have become powerful enough to cause hostile infiltration and manipulation of ‘western’ nations. Related EU CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), there are the Brexit, Dexit, Nexit, Grexit and Spexit, topped by the Russian Rexit (2016) and the American Amexit (2017). These high treasonous 5D events are of global concern and should be dealt with the United Nations – in order to prevent their total collapse - an Unexit. Most unfortunate, - the Security Council is already paralyzed.

One way to GO (Game Over) is not to play along with those hardcore sociopathic Game players. A start is to realize that actually Brexit began as a practical joke – and still is. Such scams, ala Monty Python & John Cleese, will stop when the oligarchic mass-psychosis, projected via the mass-media, are revealed and judged for what they really are – organized sociopathy. America and Europe need to strengthen their bonds to minimize this 5th Pyramid war-Game towards the democratic parliamentarism of ‘the West’. NATO needs to realize that cyber-war, terror-acts and electoral fraud towards NATO nations is in their mandate too, - especially when the Commander in Chief (the President) trusts the SU president, FSB, GRU and Red Army, more US’s own ‘organisational apparatus’.

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Supertramp - Crime Of The Century + Lyrics

The association to the song ‘Crime Of The Century’ is certainly the electoral frauds that legitimized the plutocratic CdE of US at 11/9. It also relates to the ‘Crime of the Era’, at the year 0, mentioned in the previous Extra UU 2016.dec.30. The shockwaves of that historical 5D event do still return as political tsunamis. This one might crack a dam.

Extra UU - The man who slept through 2016

Brexit is a practical joke – ala Monty Python & John Cleese. It is about time to get real now. It is time to end this ‘silly walk’ through Underworld Games of LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), HDYGOH’ (How Do You Get Out of Here) (Want Out). It seems to be founded on a failed French-English inter-parliamentary negotiation tactic of ‘Take it or leave it’. It was a Game, never meant to actually leave the fellow Europeans. The only solution to minimize the damages of such a failure is to exclude all MPs involved, as soon as possible. However, as hinted in this video, the second ‘Blair Project’ is to do a UK CdE. There are numerous alternative outcomes to such Sucker Games of the 5th Pyramid.

Man who slept through 2016 finds out everything he missed