Coup d' Etat

The ongoing Coup d’ Etat towards the White House is like the song ‘Elected’ by A.C. The horror-rock artist certainly made a horrifying campaign. That theatrical scene was a practical joke, though. The present President-elect is such a 3rd Party candidate that the lyrics describes, - like an occult script. Trump is neither a Republican or Democrat, although both parties were infiltrated on the way. Originally, he was an Independent candidate, a so-called 3rd Party candidate, an outsider to the constitutional two-party system. Such a joker can be anyone, - even a plutocratic oligarch that sells anything to the highest bidder. Such a candidate, ‘of lust, greed and glory’, is no true politician and certainly not of presidential qualities. Trump is only in it for the money, - for fortune or by threats.

UU 2016.aug.05 focus on Oligarchs. “Pyramid Game Over provides 12 suggestions to promote ‘Western’ Parliamentary Qualities. ‘P5GO05 –PROSA Oligarch’, aims to reduce criminal corruption in the Parliamentary Powers. Such acts are violations of ‘Western’ Penalty laws - everything from petty thefts to high treason. Oligarchs of the 5th Pyramid Game are the main puppets placed as ‘Kings of the Castles’ in order to execute the 21 Conditions of 3rd International. This UU sets focus on such moles that have earned their status as secret peer agents. As a final point, some thoughts are presented about the obviously main prize of this 5th Pyramid Game, - the Puppet Presidents (PP).” (PROSA is short for ‘Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatist and Anarchists’.)

“PROSA Oligarchs are thoroughly selected and tested to earn the most powerful positions in unions, parties and the rest of the European and American Parliamentary systems. It was treachery before and under WW2, during the Coldwar and is most definitely treasonous by Penalty laws in this century. Here are some examples of their obligations according to the 21 Conditions of 3rd International: C3 “In almost every country in Europe and America the class struggle is entering the phase of civil war. They have the obligation of setting up a parallel organisational apparatus which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution. In every country where a state of siege or emergency laws deprive the communists of the opportunity of carrying on all their work legally, it is absolutely necessary to combine legal and illegal activity.” C11; “… parliamentary factions to review, to remove all unreliable elements from them and to subordinate these factions to the party leadership, not only in words but also in deeds, …” (That Extra UU contained an adaption of the 3rd International to the 5th, by replacing ‘communist’ with ‘putinist’. There are certainly some revelations, when re-reading it. However, the hypothetic 5th International text was disabled on FB, but is still available on the blog site.)

“These 21 Conditions documents that the PROSA Oligarchs’ corruption of ‘Western’ Parliamentary systems have been extensive in this 100 years’ war against ‘The West’, - by building high treasonous para-organizations in European and American parliamentary systems.” “The present 5th generation of PROSA Oligarchs seem to overrule national parliamentary systems on vital domains and events. They are still obligated to such crimes “systematically and pitilessly” with “legal and illegal activity” (C3).”

“The Pyramid Games are described in the initial UU 2016.mai.13. “Pyramid Games are based on the illegal ‘Pyramid scheme’, ‘Eight-ball’ and ‘Gifting circles’. 8 people are lured by one to ‘invest’ in illusions of repayments in a distant future, - not realizing that the Game is built to collapse and rather cause their ruin. The ethics to such Game masters are ‘honesty is for suckers’. The 5 Pyramid Games in this UU theme are related to the 5 Internationals. Those ‘suckers’ are lured to contribute to domestic CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that weakens their prey nation enough to enable the main gains of CdE (Coup d’ Etat). (About related sub-Games UU 2014.sept.12.)” (UU 2016.juli.15)

Belarus, rather than Russia, should be in focus when identifying the real 5th Pyramid Game-players, - because Russia adapts to the Belarus, not vice versa. PPP & PPT act like some puppets of an Oprichnina legacy. The Rexit (Russian Exit) was focused in UU 2016.sept.23. “The 18/9 Russian plebiscite demonstrated the Secret Services well. Voting was openly monitored and the urban oppositions’ participation was scared down to 1/3. The average participation was merely 48%, even though aided with collective methods as carousels and cruises, where oligarchs and officers pickup and monitor their subordinates’ voting. An internet video even shows an unaware clerk submitting numerous voting bills. Actually, the election is per definition a kind of CdE Game. However, normally, constitutions require over 50 % majority to be elected as a president. Similarly, that should apply for the participation rate. The Russian participation, including all the illegal votes, was less than half. Maybe the Russian vote should be annulled, like the presidential elections has been in Austria (2016), Ukraine (2004) and South Ossetia (2011). However, the REXIT seems rather to follow the concept of the staged referendum in Crimea to apparently legitimate the illegal annexation, the massive football match-fixing and the doping of OL athletes. Overall, - the concept is ancient like the manipulated Greek plebiscite that got Plato’s philosopher friend executed.”

All the ‘western’ states and nations of America and Europe are now aware of the massive electoral frauds and corruptions of their democracies. There are many kinds of electoral fraud, like; Electorate manipulation of demography, Disenfranchisement and Division of opposition support, Intimidation, Vote buying, Disinformation, Misleading or confusing ballot papers, Ballot stuffing, Misrecording of votes, Misuse of proxy votes, Destruction or invalidation of ballots, Tampering with electronic voting machines, Voter impersonation, and Artificial results.

However, such criminal corruptions can be prevented by; Mores, Secret ballot, Transparency, Statistical indicators, Prosecution, Voting machine integrity. (See the link to Wikipedia for details and the concluding UU 2016.sept.23.)

What can be expected from a parroting PPT? Most of the masspsychotic projections that comes out of RT TV.


The association to the song Elected by A.C. is most certainly the ‘3rd Party’ candidate’s infiltration and manipulation of the both the Democrats and the Republicans. Third party of what? Here is the ending lyrics of the song that is faded. "And if I am elected I promise the formation of a new party, a third party, the wild party. I know we have problems. We got problems right here in Central City. We have problems on the North, South, East and West, New York City, Saint Louis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago. Everybody has problems and personally, I don't care." (‘Elected’ was the Extra UU 2016.jan.01, to the New Year’s omen in 2016.)

Elected - Alice Cooper + Lyrics
‘Reflected’ from ’69 (the album Pretties For You) is claimed to be the original to ‘Elected’ of ’72.
Alice Cooper - Reflected (1969,) + lyrics