Today, might be a 5D shift of the century. The US parliamentary system proved itself unable to prevent a Coup d’ Etat of their White House. A remote controlled plutocratic oligarch has passed the constitutional procedures and defenses. Apparently, the US constitution suffers from ‘acquired immune deficiency syndrome’ that can cause its own ‘colony collapse disorder’. Anyways, such an analogy is typical for the theories and models of this theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ - and will be the main concern in these 50 additional P5GO blogs (The 5th Pyramid Game Over). (UU 2017.jan.06.)

This blog focus on the psychosocial archetype ‘Firestarter’ that the band Prodigy projected at the US with its hit 20 years ago. Although a different dress-code, the Prodigy projects an image that have become grim meme is to millions. However, believing that Trump is still a true American is like believing that Prodigy’s meme is real. Yet, it can still be proved wrong by proper use of parliamentary self-protection. Still, per definition, a CdE becomes successful when the position is held for a week. It appears a mystery, though, why the Conservative party stays paralyzed like a prey for so long. Hopefully, ritual is just a trap that snap to “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out”. (UU 2016.sept.23)

“Donald Trump is not a legitimate president”, seems to be a fast-growing opinion. Michael Moore elaborates on John Lewis arguments:

  1. The fact that 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than for Trump (proves a faulty system).
  2. Trump is not well and needs help. He has serious mental disorders and is unfit to hold office.
  3. The Russians interfered with the election to get him elected. Even Trump admits as much now.
  4. The FBI Director interference helped to shift the balance to the FBI’s preferred candidate, Trump.
  5. Trump nominated one of the world most powerful (oligarch) as the Secretary of State.
  6. Trump committed felonies, including hiding the tax returns, and thereby probably major tax fraud.

(See link below for the full text.)

When realizing that there probably is an illegal coup, and not a legal inauguration, there should not be too many surprises of what come with this temporary occupation. There have been cascades of omens presented through official and unofficial election campaign for a year.
Here is a shortlist:

In addition, there are certain issues focused on in previously UU blogs.

One of the few analysts that predicted the Democrats’ failure, Allan Lichtman, also predicted that Trump will hold the office no more than one year. The reasoning is that the Republicans will get rid of Trump, in favor for vice president Mike Pence, when they have seized control of the White House and before Trump can do too much damages. However, as a European, the advice is rather to abort this desperate Fool’s Game within a week, - before the Coup d’ Etat is per definition a success for very powerful and ruthless rivals of the US. (See the TV series, ‘Putin, Russia and The West’ in UU 2014.nov.07, UU 2014.nov.28, UU 2014.nov.21 and UU 2014.nov.14.)

In ‘the 5th Pyramid’ perspective – this is the 3rd Pyramid script modified to the 5th Pyramid in the US. Therefore, a major goal for this 5th Pyramid Game is probably to have the president signing a new kind of ‘Molotov-Ribbentrop pact’ between US-SU, like between SU and the Nazi party did in 1939. The national-socialist phenomena, here called stalinazism, is previously focused several times in these blogs and will most certainly be the basis for the coming blogs about the PPT & PPP alliance, here called Trumputin. The intention here is simply to use 5D modelling in order to, hopefully, reduces the damages by these puppet Firestarters. (see UU 2013.juni.28)


The Prodigy is an English electronic group from Essex. They are credited as pioneers of the big beat genre, along with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, which achieved mainstream popularity in the 90’s and 20’s. The band sold over 30 million records worldwide, and won numerous music awards during their career, including two Brit Awards for Best British Dance Act, three MTV Video Music Awards, two Kerrang! Awards, five MTV Europe Music Awards, and two Grammy Awards nominations. The group's genre of music uses various styles ranging from rave, hardcore techno, electro-industrial, jungle and breakbeat and big beat, adding punk vocal elements in later times.

The association to this blog is a PROSA separatists. See the UU 2016.aug.12 for fully description. The Game’s ‘suckers’ are made to believe that they will harvest some ‘spoils of war’ from the Game DAC. (‘Divide and Conquer, i.e. splitting a prey nations in two ‘anti-each-other‘ -factions that are setup to clash in a ’civil war’ and cause their own CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) - and thereby enable a CdE Game (Coup d’ Etat).
The Prodigy - Firestarter (Official Video) + Lyrics