A Coup d' Caliphate

Turkey passed its 2nd phase of CdE (Coup d’ Etat) this month. It was a scenery, covered up like democratic referendum, in order to elevate a democratic Prime Minister to an autocratic President. The 1st CdE phase was a scenery too, played out as an attempted military coup, in order to legitimizing a marshal law and autocratic purging of the parliamentary powers. The 3rd phase will probably be to re-create the theocratic Caliphate like the annexed Turkey in 1517–1924. However, such Games of Temples (GoT) are not of true religious Belief, but rather blasphemous Games d’ Etat (GdE). In facts, Turkey appears to be just another ‘prey nation’ in a cascade of political CdE - like the rest of the NATO nations experience in these days of the 5th Pyramid. Similar to Greece and Italy, - Turkey has a historic foundation of millennia that has to be considered when making future 5D scenarios.

The 2nd Roma, the present Turkey, is a recurring topic in these blogs. It has become more relevant than ever during this UU theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’. Still, the Caliphate was, and still is, as ‘anti-western’ and anti-democratic as it can possibly can be. It contests ‘western’ parliamentary foundations by claiming the man-made perception of Islam, like the Sharia law, is superior to any parliamentary constitution. In fact, the so-called IS (Islamic State) was originally named ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), which includes the south Turkey as well as Syria. Therefore, there should be no doubt by now that the present anti-constitutional processes in Turkey is a remote controlled CdE Game in order to convert Turkey to a nova Caliphate after the fall of IS in Syria.

The issues of ‘The 5th Pyramid’ and the nova caliphate is certainly too comprehensive to put in some blogs. However, here are some previous quotes to set some perspective relation. These first three subsections elaborate on the present CdE Games in Turkey.

However, historical perspectives are necessary to get a grip on the main objectives of this Game of the millennia. The present moves are not surprising, when doing a simple 4D analysis. Here are some subsections from previous blogs.

“Conclusive, an Imam might be a despotic caliph wannabe and intent to annex the residential nation, overthrow its government, annul the national law and take autocratic powers over the State, Throne and Temple. This is napoleonism (UU 2014.mai.16) and janissarism (UU 2014.jan.10) that violate the most serious paragraphs of any national penal law. Hesitation by authorities to act on the law is violations of the penalty law too.” (UU 2015.mars.27) Likewise, a remote-controlled puppet president is necessary to trigger and promote the CCD (Colony Collapse disorder). Blaming God or Allah for own misdeeds is blasphemous and should be dealt with by true Believers – if anyone left.

Such attempt to trigger Korean nuclear war is certainly not in NATO or Asian interest. The massive infiltrations on PPT via PPP is now evident. However, related manipulations in the PPP, PPT and PPE trinity is also discovering. “On March 24, 2017, former Director of the CIA James Woolsey said that Flynn, while working for the Trump presidential campaign, attended a meeting with top Turkish government ministers to abduct Fethullah Gulen and get him to Turkey without going through the U.S. extradition legal process. Gulen is an opponent of the Erdogan regime and has been accused by the regime of plotting the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt.” (Wikipedia)

It is evident that the PPE is played in Games by the PPP. Although PPE gather support from Muslims in conflict with parties of nashism in Europe, the political messages are towards the European Leaders, even though they have sacrificed a lot to minimize racial and religious conflicts. The escalated conflicts towards Europe during the referendums were that; the Turkish mass-media intensified personal conflicts with Europeans daily; the new regime will legalize death penalty in contrary to the basic human rights; and the constitutional alternations are directly in violence with Turkey’s membership in the ECHR. The Turkish government insisted on doing Turkish campaign in the Netherlands just a few days before the Dutch parliamentary election, which probably would have caused riot and promoted the domestic nashi party. The mass-media escalated expressions from Erdogan that he called several European leaders for ‘Nazis’, although the Dutch authorities actually prevented such racial riots. Erdogan also have proposed a referendum to end the negotiations with the European Union. The PPE even parroted the PPP by calling the Netherlands a ‘banana republic’, just like PPP did towards US when exposed to the US electoral fraud.

The present Turkey was originally called ‘the second Rome’ and ‘the Christian Rome’. Therefore, it can be interesting to reflect the on the development in relation to the 5 present State empires that were suggested in UU 2013.mai.03 – UU 2013.juli.12. A brief (meta) T.A. analysis might be that; Roma3 wants Roma4 out of Roma2 in order to re-open the trade-routes with Roma5. This nova Marco Polo drama is not any less intriguing than the previous. Most of all, Roma3 plays desperate Games of ‘Want Out’ towards the destined 13th conflict of Roma2 vs Roma3. The ‘human tsunamis’ towards Roma3 is tried to be re-directed towards Roma1 instead. However, the PPP Game is discovered and counter-moves are taken.

In comparison to the US CdE Scenarios, - the US seems now to be able to stop its PPT at ‘5D-0 Contra-CdE’ (UU 2017.feb.10 – UU 2017.march.17). Turkey and PPE have passed an equivalence to the ‘5D-2 – RAF White House’ (UU 2017.feb.24) and their 2nd CdE phase do escalate towards an equivalence to the scenario ‘5D-3 – PRUSA ‘the Peoples Republic of USA’’ (UU 2017.mars.03). Anyways, similar analogies of 5D P5GO scenarios can be related to most nations involved in CdE Games.

What happens in Turkey now? First of all, the 7 days has passed, so the ‘Arbiter coup’ is per definition a ‘success’ (UU 2017.jan.27) Turkey has now an anti-ECHR constitution – in the same concept as Belarus (UU 2017.april.07). Therefor the next step will probably be a major cleansing of accused supporters to the exiled rival. That is simply another BGGG Game (Bad Guy – Good Guy) of the 4rd degree (civic war). The PPE will do such illegal cleansing of Turkish citizens since the altered law appears legal. Any objections will be violently silenced, like in other dysfunctional autocracies. Still, Belarus represents Roma3, not Roma2, and is autocratic Russian orthodox, - which makes such relations highly anti-Islamic, heretic and blasphemous.

What might happen next in Turkey? There are a few 5D scenarios for the 3rd CdE phase in Turkey. There might be a counter CdE, where democracy and the relations to European human rights are re-established; the defense alliance with NATO is normalized; and there is a clear a rejection towards caliph-wannabes and other remote controlled puppet presidents. Another 5D scenario is a real military coup like in Egypt with permanent marshal law instead of a civil parliamentarian constitution. One more 5D scenario is that Erdogan will be replaced with another caliph-wannabe when all the dirty work of the first ‘scape goat’ is done. No matter the scenario, the present caliph wannabe is merely a remote-controlled puppet president and will be replaced, - either he fails or he succeeds.

Anyways, all the damages on the outside world is not mentioned here. Yet, the situation is as when the Christian Roma intended to make ‘Heaven on Earth’ in Constantinople and caused ‘Hell on Earth’ on most of the real world outside its walls. (UU 2014.april.25)

Council of Europe: Venice Commission:

King Crimson is an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The band has undergone numerous formations throughout its history of which 21 musicians have been members. Robert Fripp is the only consistent member of the group and is considered the band's leader and driving force. The band was seminal in the progressive rock genre in its first five years with its standard of instrumentation and complex song structures. Their debut album, ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’, remains its most successful and influential, with its elements of jazz, classical, and experimental music. Fripp disbanded the group in 1974. In 1981, King Crimson reformed with a change in musical direction which lasted for three years, resulting in the trio of albums. Following a decade-long pause, Fripp revived the group in 1994. Since then several musicians have pursued aspects of the band's work and approaches through a series of related bands collectively referred to as ProjeKCts. In 2000, the band reunited once more. In 2009 the band undertook a tour to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and continue to perform live in various capacities. Fripp recorded the second album with the Giles brothers, Collins, and Keith Tippett as guest musicians. The group considered hiring Elton John to be the singer, but decided against the idea. Lake then agreed to sing on the album except on "Cadence and Cascade", which is sung by Fripp's friend Gordon Haskell, as a guest vocal. King Crimson’s also appears in UU 2013.Mai.24 and UU 2014.mai.02. The bassist Tony Levin has played with Peter Gabriel ever since his split from Genesis.

The association between the song and this blog is the cascades of cadences related to Games of CCD and CdE. Yet, the lyrics can certainly be interpreted in many ways, though.
King Crimson, and cascade, Greg Lake guide vocal.

Extra UU – The Coup d’ Etat in the Christian Rome

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