The Frexit contra-revolution

‘The Frexit contra-revolution’ is the 6th issue in this P5GO sub-theme. The attempted anti-EU Coup d’ Etat failed and backfired. It caused an absolute pro-EU regime. The brand-new French regime is like an entrepreneurial project-organization for a total Constitutional make-over. The goals are to re-functionalize the 5th Republic, to innovate France to this 4th Industrial & Social Revolutions (IR4 & SR4) and to fully integrate France and the European Union. In order to do so, the Government will acquire bureaucratic powers from the Parliament by a so- so-called ‘ordonnances’. They can even declare Martial law, if considered necessary. In relation to this blog theme, ‘The 5th Pyramid’, the traditional definitions of CdE (Coup d’ Etat) are challenged. Therefore, for the arguments sake, after an introduction and before some concluding remarks, - this blog provides some elaborations on the theories, history and realities for this reversed Frexit.

The new French regime seems to be in alignment with the introduction to the previous blog. “Those (cold-war) bureaucratic systems are unfixable in their current states, and evidently unable to heal themselves. The public sectors have to be re-designed and re-build completely, in order to meet this century’s qualitative requirements and needs. The dysfunctionalized public sectors is a main reason why the ‘Western’ civilizations do not reach their intentions and goals, but rather goes through self-destructive crisis. Still, this can be fixed in a decade, if the opportunities are handled well.” France, and Paris in particular, will go through the innovations of the IR4 and SR4. In this blog series, it is related to the so-called 5th Pyramid Game Over (P5GO). (UU 2017.juni.16)

Is there actually a French revolution going on? Maybe, - the President announced that to the campaign ‘La République En Marche!’ and his book ‘Revolution’. First of all, the party did not even exist two years ago and did not even have representatives in the Parliament. Its representatives are rather from the non-public sectors and the politics are rather like some European entrepreneurship than parliamentary rivals. The traditional parties of the cold-war period are practically whipped out of the parliament. Rather than a political party, ‘La République En Marche!’ is a brand-new project organization that completely dominates the presidency, the government and the parliament. The government will probably acquire some bureaucratic powers from the parliament by a so-called ordonnance. Surely France found a cure against the parliamentarian ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’. The system turned the nation from anti-EU to pro-EU. With this, France will execute the policies in this eve of the 4th Industrial & Social Revolution. There should be no doubt that France will utilized it to the fullest extent with a main focus on the Euro and infrastructure. In brief, revolutions do not have to be violent or dramatic. The IR4 & SR4 can be executed as innovative projects at national scale.

However, although won by democratic means, the likely outcomes of this French revolution are yet too early to predict. The simplified categorization of CdE (UU 2017.jan.27) is here elaborated from Wikipedia. Still, the revolution is not a CdE, but rather a preventive contra-CdE. “A coup d'état, literally ‘hit of state’, putsch or overthrow, is the illegal and open annexation of a state by elites within the state apparatus. Three types of CdE are identified as: 1) Breakthrough coups, 2) Arbiter coups; and Veto coups.” It is considered successful when power is held for at least seven days. A 2016 study categorizes coups into four possible outcomes; 1) Failed coup. 2) No regime change. Such as when a leader is illegally shuffled out of power without changing the identity of the group in power or the rules for governing. 3) Replacement of incumbent dictatorship with another. 4) Ouster of the dictatorship followed by democratization. The Brexit, Dexit, Nexit, Grexit are Veto CdE with no regime changes.“ The ‘La République En Marche! Revolution’ can develop towards a CdE of category 4, - a replacement of the dysfunctional LEJ followed by democratization (D). (LEJD: Legal, Executive, Judicial and Democratic powers.)

Some brief background information to the new actors of this French 5D revolution is taken from Wikipedia.

The political party ‘La République En Marche! (The Republic Forward!) is centrist and liberal. It was founded in 2016 by Emmanuel Macron. The party runs by candidates of the 2017 legislative elections, including members of the Democratic Movement, dissidents from the Socialist Party, the Republicans and minor parties. It won an overwhelming majority, becoming the country's largest party. Macron considers En Marche! to be a progressive movement.

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is a former Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs and investment banker. The president is also an ex officio co-prince of Andorra. He studied philosophy at Paris Nanterre University, completed a Master's of Public Affairs at Sciences Po. He worked as an Inspector of Finances, then became an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. Macron was a member of the Socialist Party for 3 years. He was appointed Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, where he pushed through business-friendly reforms. Macron became the youngest President in the history of France. He appointed mayor Édouard Philippe to be Prime Minister.

The spirit and the logic of the 5th republic is settling in France with ‘La République En Marche’. It is a union of the royal and republican form of parliamentarism. There were several changes when de Gaulle and his 5th republic seized the power; the colonialization was reduced; the economy improved; and the culture was re-vitalized. However, the cold-war block rivalries in the parliament made the 5th republic dysfunctional. That is a main reason for the present state of France.

There are ancient relations to consider for the superior power of the Throne, State and Temple. Some are even strongly related to Norden. Although not main issues here, such have been focused in previous blogs. (UU 2017.mai.05)

Some previous French revolutions became epic. The French Napoleon made a Coup d’ Etat in a rather peaceful manner. He even declared himself an emperor, without violence, when the pope refused to do so. However, the warfare towards Europe was catastrophic. That 5D event of European history involved and influenced Norden significantly too, even for the present conditions. The following paragraphs from UU 2014.okt.31 provide some brief summaries about this.

Still, the historic French-Russian relations are more obvious. Macron and Putin had a joint press conference in celebrating that Tsar Pyotr (Peter) declared Russia an empire 300 years ago and made plans in France. The conference was not for the massive warfare towards Norden though, but rather an opportunity to settle some common interests and differences for this century. Most of the present conflicts are aftermaths to the mutual paranoid SU vs US cold-war crimes. Putin did also indirectly get some clear warnings against Russian mass-psychotic propaganda and national computer manipulations. Now, National Front pays dearly for the dilutions and corruptions. The Russian creditors will certainly figure out some way to collect, even though the debtor is broke. Anyways, the war against ‘the West’ is a recurring issue in this 6 years of blogging. Here are a few related pinpoints:

Merely 8% of the French workers is in labor unions. Yet, merely 2% is sufficient to operate some PROSA RAF organizations. Such are positioned tactically in the infrastructures. They can relatively easy cause major damages to the France by disabling planes, trains, busses, ports, etc. This is Jackal RAF guerilla tactic, where sociopathic destruction and terror are used as negotiation means. Why Paris? Since the alpha-Jackal is imprisoned in Paris, the under-dogs concentrate their actions there.

Surely, there is a true purpose to restore the original intentions of the 5th Republic with this entrepreneurial project called ‘La République En Marche’. This time, teamwork and integration with Europe is a foundation. The Legislative and Executive powers were acquired. However, the cold-war Judicial power is still as powerful and corrupt as in the cold-war. No nation can impose ‘rule by law’ and fight a ‘parallel organizational apparatuses’ in the public sector, if the Judicial powers are corrupted by international criminal organizations at ‘high treasonous’ level. Crimes will continue until the para-police and para-courts cannot guarantee protection anymore.

An IR4-way to view a solution for proper Quality of LEJD, lies in the previously comparison of the Legislative power with a computers’ Operative Systems (UU 2017.mai.12). The analogue goes for computer bugs, computer viruses and computer parasites as well. Therefore, an efficient and realistic quality assurance for the Judicial powers will be to reconstruct and innovate the whole Judicial powers by means of virtual IT and automation. Besides, a success in healing the French Legislative power is particular important for the rest of the EU nations, since France is a dominant Juridical power for all of them. Still, the infectious bureaucratic system is pandemic and has been so throughout the cold-war. Such projects must involve all of the Quality of LEJD. The IR4 & SR4 are the waves that can be utilized progressively for this and provide the power to surf it through. In conclusion, the major 5D events to come is not that unpredictable anymore, - when using relevant models for analysis.


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Extra UU - The Frexit contra-revolution’

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