Genetic engineering

‘Genetic engineering‘ is the 9th issue to this sub-theme of P5GO. This might be the most contraversive issue of the 4th Industrial and Social Revolutions, since it is said that the previous IR changed the way we do thing, while this IR4 will change the way we are. In order to focus on its hazards, - this blog relates to some recurring issues of the cold-war para-courts and the organized psychocratic abuses. Such grave criminal activities corrupt the Parliamentary LEJD powers that can path the way to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), National dysfunctionalities and even Dystopias. Therefore, this blog will focus on taboos and denials that hinder the necessary realizations to heal the LEJD Powers, - and ultimately ourselves. Furthermore, there will be some in-depth theoretical talk-throughs and presentation of 3 Scandinavian taboo cases of dysfunctional characters.

First of all, some explanation on what the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Genetic Engineering are:

Still, para-courts of the 3rd Pyramid Game have jeopardized civil Laws, ethics and morals for a 100 year. The general reason of such corruption of the quality of the Judicial powers is described in previous blogs like these quotes:

Since the obligated activities of the 3rd International is illegal according to ‘Western’ penalty laws, - they had to be built parallel courts as well; in Labor unions for the workers so public servants did not face civil courts; in forensic psychiatric para-court that can veto the civil court and dismiss the case; and as well as doping the civil courts with 3rd Internationalists judges and civil servants. These corrupted para-courts are fully functional in this century too, - as the 3 Scandinavian cases will focus on.

Proper regulations of the biotechnological Revolution are required from the LEJD Powers in order to prevent some dysfunctional worst-case scenarios. Such issues of moral, ethics and laws have been in focus throughout this 6 years of weekly blogging. Here are some pinpoints from such ‘first philosophies’, primary taken from UU 2015.feb.20, UU 2015.jan.23, UU 2014.dec.19 and UU 2014.sept.05.

The 3 alarming Scandinavian cases are presented here in order to highlight on the taboos of denials that hinders the realizations that are necessary to heal the LEJD Powers. The 3 cases are; ‘The Swedish woman behind Thomas Quick that manipulated the civil courts of both Sweden and Norway’; ‘The Dane psychiatric abuse of minors with drugs and psychocratic methodes’ and ‘The attempted coup by the forensic psychiatric court in the Norwegian terror cases of 22/7-2011’. (See more in the blog ‘P5GO09 –PROSA Psychocracy’ UU 2016.spt.02).

Such a Scapegoat Game would probably work as well for the assassins of Olof Palme, - that probably was a wide-ranging and well-organized GRU operation.

‘How to heal Dane psychiatry’ is an issue presented in blogs like UU 2015.nov.06. “Consequently, diagnosis as psychotic, neurotic, paranoid, manic, phobic etc. are as legitimate for organizations as persons, mainly because organizational cultures are founded on the personalities of matriarchs and patriarchs. The reasons to such unsound conditions are basically the same – immature Superior-Ego/Superior-ID relations.” Therefore, the psychosocial model can be used on unhealthy institutions as well as any family.

Taking all the blame for the bombing of the Government Building in CdE Nor2011 is certainly considered heroic in Nashi and RAF cultures. It misleads the focus on the para-police, para-military and para-court. Moreover, the truth will not be exposed in 60 years, when all the involved have passed away unnoticed, - just like the CdE JFK1963.

Surely, terms like ‘Psychocracy’ is taboo, feels repulsing and is intensively denied. Yet, the irrational emotion is a main reason for denials of its existence that hinders the necessary progress from denial to acceptance. Ultimately – it continues the western societies’ dysfunctionalities of the 3rd Pyramid Game. Such mass-psychotic denials will be fatal for the outcomes of the 4th Industrial and Social Revolutions too. Let’s talk like Adults about this.

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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) was introduced in the previous UU 2017.juni.30. “OMD had an unusual concept with a vocal on bass and another on synth. The synth pop group were inspired by artists like Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. With the release of the first single ‘Electricity’, they were able to build a studio, which allowed them to record on four-track with four musicians.” ‘Genetic Engineering’ released as the first single from their fourth studio album Dazzle Ships. The synthesized speech featured on the track is taken from a Speak & Spell, an educational electronic toy. The critics of the contraversive song is diverse. It was praised as a ‘soaring’, ‘enjoyable’ single in a retrospective piece for AllMusic, asserting: ‘Why it wasn't a hit remains a mystery.’ Some noted that the song is not an attack on genetic engineering, as many assumed at the time. A critic stated: ‘I was very positive about the subject.’ ‘People didn't listen to the lyrics... I think they automatically assumed it would be anti.’ The association here is two-folded, - one is the positive opportunities of innovated LifeQuality, - the other is the disastrous path of the manipulated cold-war LEJD powers of the 3rd Pyramid Game.
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Extra UU - Genetic Engineering and psychocratic dysfunctionalities

It is said that the previous industrial revolutions changed how we do things, - and this 4th Industrial revolution will change the way we are. Serious ethical awareness is therefore required now, based on the knowledge of some fatal outcomes in the past. It might feel repulsive, but it is very necessary to talk like Adults about the abuses of the psychocratic para-courts. This STV documentary provides crucial evidence of the Psychocratic existence – and the denials. Following are some other important videos related to the Genetic engineering of the 4th Industrial and Social Revolutions.
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