The ‘Global Human Rights Law’ (GHRL)

The ‘Global Human Rights Law’ (GHRL) is the 10th and last issue to this subtheme about the ongoing 4th Industrial and Social Revolutions. GHRL is a formalized concept to implement the Human Rights that the united nations’ Legal Powers signed for their citizens - half a century ago. Still, most of the obligations are dysfunctionalized in the parliamentary LEJD powers during the of Cold War – the 4th Pyramid Game. The quality of the nations’ LEJD powers are illegally corrupted by such anti-HR powers - and consequently, the LifeQualities of the citizens too. Still, the GHRL is in align with the new UN global agreement called the 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG). Moreover, the effects 4th Industrial and Social Revolutions are already working and will influence the development of humans and nations, as well as the technologies. Ultimately, it all ends up in no less a struggle between the UN and some anti-UN - where the outcomes will irreversibly change humanity during this 5th Pyramid Game. In order to argue this, there will be some presentations of the GHRL, the 17 UN SDG, The Quality of LEJD and LifeQuality.

The Global Human Right Law (GHRL) and the LifeQuality (LQ) are presented several times in several blogs, - like UU 2017.mai.26: “Despite knowing that the UN has not eliminated warfare of all kinds, there is a valid Belief that the UN’s collective conscience has prevented a nuclear ww3. This lead to the conclusion that any human needs and deserve a Global Human Right Law (GHRL). Also, knowing that the UN do not have the legal powers to make nations live up to their obligations, the path is to make multi-lateral NHRL. “All NHRL (National Human Right Laws) should at least include UNC (United Nations Charter) that provides the UN powers to investigate and mediate in international disputes and authorizes international economic, diplomatic, and military sanctions and force to resolve the disputes, - as well as the ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and ICESCR (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).” (UU 2014.okt.17)

The appeal to GHRL action was published as a petition on the internet 3 years ago at Avaaz. There is also a Facebook page for GHRL. Soon there were a few, but quickly blocked after a Ukrainian signature during the Russian proxy warfare towards them. Not long ago, the number was reduced to the number 18, - which is a meme that sometimes is immaturely abused as a theocratic omen. Anyways, the message, rather than the signing, is the objective. Therefor the publication is hereby presented in full text. (Also see the links hereunder).

“A determination of the Parliamentary Quality is based on the term ‘LEJ quality’ that is based on the 3D political model, the 3^3 psychosocial model and the definition of LifeQuality. In brief, the model can be used to determine the balance between the LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical). The 4D model includes time as a factor and shows changes over time. The 5D model can be used to determine future scenarios as well as alternative historical dogmas and facts.” (UU 2015.nov.06 and UU 2017.feb.03) However, realizing that ‘time’ was not originally the 4th dimension, but a factor, the 4th dimension in the political model is dedicated Democracy, i.e. LEJD.

“LifeQuality is defined as: A person’s totality of properties and potentials to satisfy stated and implied needs.” “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows 5 main categories; Physical, Safety, Social, Respect and Self-realization.” The ‘stated needs’ are similar to the ‘Human Rights’. “The 193 UN member-states are obligated to secure their citizens’ rights concerning; private properties, self-determination, security, privacy, family, work, education, in addition to freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, expression and more.” Unfortunately, and evidently, anti-democratic nations oppose the Human Rights and Needs, sometimes aggressively with conning Underworld Games. Their need for self-defense in obvious, - even though opponents denies such existence, motives and actions.” (UU 2014.okt.17)

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is the present joint agreement from all the united nations in order to heal humanity. It was presented in UU 2017.juli.07:

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is also a reasonable solution to the HR and SDG obligations of the united nations. The relation to GHRL was presented in UU 2017.mai.26 and UU 2016.juli.29.

The Qualities of the LEJD powers (Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic) is a main concern in this UU Theme ‘The 5th Pyramid Game’. The following UU 2016.juli.01 elaborates on that.

The LEJD qualities of UN, as well as the ‘western’ EU and US, were dysfunctionalized as Cold War strategy as stated in the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions (UU 2016.sept.23). This is a main concern in the blog theme ‘The 5th Pyramid Game Over’ (P5GO). Although not a main concern in the GHRL relation, the following lists of quotes touch upon some grave foundations. Any people are entitled GHRL, - including those that were bound and forced to do Cold War crimes due to the lack of implementing the Human Rights.

The new term ‘Hyper-Democracy’ appeared when realizing that the Democratic dimension of LEJD was revitalized by the 3rd IR and SR and elevates by the ongoing 4th IR and SR. This was a focus in UU 2016.juli.01, UU 2016.juli.22 and UU 2016.juli.29.

Finally, - here is an indisputable conclusion about the LEJD Quality of all the united nations. The ratification, implementation, executing and judging concerning the obligated HR are documentations of any nations’ levels of corruption, dysfunctionalities and mass-psychosis. The Anti-HR exists and is more powerful than all the powers of the UN, - or else the state of the nations would be far better. The LEJD quality of all the united nations are evidences of that. Said more directly than the UN can express, - the healing of that global dysfunctionality must be the main objective for the civilized humanity’s existence and progress. The ongoing disrupting IR4 and IS4 will tip humanity to dystopian or utopian states – dependent on the healing processes expressed by the UN SDGs.

“Howto stop the anti-Bourgeois masspsychopathy, then. PROSA agents know that they can operate and hide in confidence - due to secure bondage to Red Union oligarchs and Red Mafia anarchists. However, the original protectors are probably past away long ago. Now, PROSA agents might, as adults, have second thoughts since hyper-democracy provides truth far beyond the propaganda and realize that the euphoric masspsychosis of youth was just bait for Pyramid ‘suckers’. They might be more open now to testify, convert and retribution. Lenin himself said; ‘follow the money’ for his ‘search and destroy’ tactics. Likewise, reverse identifications are just as straightforward. The secret PROSA agents are most certainly ‘Red Unionists’ and anti ‘Yellow Unionists’. Most certainly, people with ‘take all from all’ -politics ends up with lots of money and power themselves, well cloaked somewhere. Not merely in 5th Pyramid ‘Panama accounts’, but also in plain sights in public domains, as Party and Union position and with cloaked ‘pirate’ treasures and pensioners’ deals. Such Anti-LEJD crimes by masspsychopaths should not be rewarded anymore, but dealt with according to national penalty law.” (UU 2016.juli.29)

Consequently, the ‘parallel Courts apparatus’ and PROSA Judges of the 4th Pyramid Game are the fixated powers that have hindered fully ratification and implementation of any NHRL (National Human Rights Laws) and consequently a GHRL. Civil servants are protected from the civil courts despite the high level of crimes in the public sectors and towards the citizens. The only solutions to end this decay is to reconstruct the Juridical Power according to national penalty laws. It is now very possible with IR4 automation of the LEJD powers (UU 2017.juni.16) and by re-hiring of all publics servants with contracts referring to national penalty law (UU2016.juli.22). Still – a massive prosecutions of para judges will be controversial.

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Extra UU – the Global Human Rights Law (GHRL)

“Every united nation should ratify a complete National Human Right Law (NHRL). Most nations have signed the UN HR conventions, but merely bits and pieces are yet ratified. Therefore, every member nation should have a NHRL in order to justify the Global Human Rights Law (GHRL). Such a legally valid ratification is surprisingly easy and quick to do. It happened in Norway in 1999.” “The Human Rights are like a global ‘One for All – All for One’ declaration. The need for this became well understood by most humans and nations after ww2, - due to all the inhuman doings and destructions of nations and civilizations. Think about it, - it is now a 100 year since the world wars started. What would be the outcome with an operational UN and GHRL at that time? It probably prevented ww3. However, a national regime can suddenly turn bad to its citizens and neighbor nations. Everyone needs a protection against that and NHRL/GHRL is an insurance.
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