Brexit and Pexit

‘The Pexit’ process in Poland has become a constitutional international crisis - including Russia, Europe America and China. The political party ‘Law and Justice’ (PiS) dominates the Legislative power, the Executive power and tries to overrule the Judicial power. Critics say PiS alters the balance of parliamentary LEJ powers, while PiS says the Judicial power is already too corrupted. Still, the roots of the Pexit crisis is the Katyn massacres in WW2 and 2010. Now, Russia’s largest nuclear submarine and 3 Chinese warships do war-exercises just outside Poland and the Russian nuclear base in Kaliningrad. Poland’s voting power in the EU is also at risk. Consequently, Poland’s president rejected 2 of 3 of the Legislative power’s reform proposals. However, this Pexit Game is merely a symptom of a pan-European constitutional schism that the Cold War para-courts caused - and still do. In order to argue that, and after an introduction and before presenting some concluding scenarios, - this blog provides some elaborations on the history, theories and politics for this potential Pexit.

First of all, Poland has a long and violent history of massacres, invasions and wars. This psychosocial Pexit process involves many Move in an endless war-Game. It peaked with Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon and the Stalin/Hitler alliance. At the present, it is re-opened with the Russian massacres of the previous polish president and his associates in 2010. They were flying to honor the remains of Katyn massacre of WW2, but ended in another massacre themselves. Europe cannot heal and cannot settle until the protectors of the Cold War crimes are replaced. The LEJD powers in every European nation need similar normalization in this century. However, this Pexit process might initiate conceptual procedures to quality ensure the ‘western’ Judicial powers – and finally set judicial standards for other EU nations.

The parliamentary politics in Poland are extra ordinary. The Russian nuclear threats, the EU constitutional pressures, the US sanctions towards Russia and the Chinese warships do document so. The Moves are like a dystopic initiation to some Game of War of 4th degree, - like the movie ‘The Day After’. What can provoke so many that seriously? First of all, there is the political party.

Poland’s foreign politics have been provoking towards Russia in the PiS period. Yet, Poland is not in conflict with the EU, NATO and US – quite the contrary. Here is a summary from Wikipedia.

The present conflict also concerns energy politics to Europe, that also includes US and NATO. The Gazprom pipeline seems too contraversive to be realized in this decade – and probably never at all. However, some journalists of the mass-media rather present it as conflicts of EU vs Poland and US vs Poland. (See newspaper links at the end of the blog.)

Still, the Katyn massacres is a main focus for Poland. It caused traumas that are deeply rooted in their culture. This is personalized with the Kaczyński twin brothers in the dominating political party PiS. Wikipedia provides some more information that.

The cultural trauma of the Katyn massacre cannot be ignored, projected or disillusioned anymore. Yet, the war-crimes that triggered the WW2 towards all the European states is protected with the Cold War para-courts, assigned as spoil of wars, so the crimes could continue - safe from civil justice. There are certainly parallels between the Tupolev Tu-154M and the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 MH17 over Ukraine. See the video Documentary in this week’s Extra UU. The foundation of RAF operations is often elaborated in previous blogs, like the following:

Basically: “A determination of the Parliamentary Quality is based on the term ‘LEJ quality’ that is based on the 3D political model, the 3^3 psychosocial model and the definition of LifeQuality. In brief, the model can be used to determine the balance between the LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical). The 4D model includes time as a factor and shows changes over time. The 5D model can be used to determine future scenarios as well as alternative historical dogmas and facts.” (UU 2015.nov.06 and UU 2017.feb.03) However, realizing that ‘time’ was not originally the 4th dimension, but a factor, the 4th dimension in the political model is dedicated Democracy, i.e. LEJD.

Now Russia has engaged China warships in Europe to prevent the unavoidable investigations of the two Katyn massacres. These quotes provide some insight to the Moves of the Game.

Kaliningrad is like the Russian missile base at Cuba, - located to the Baltic sea and next to Belarus, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuanian and Ukraine. Actually, the nukes to Cuba in 1962 came from Kaliningrad. It is the most threatening place to northern Europe. Some previous quotes from UU 2015.mars.20 relate to the issues of Kaliningrad and RAF.

Starting nuclear war-Games outside Kaliningrad, even a cold one, is the most terrorizing political Move that Russia can possibly do to hinder the investigations of the Katyn massacres. All the northern European nations knows that too well. Poland did finally alter the parliamentary reform proposals though, - with support from EU and US. However, it might prove unwise in the long run to appear like some Rasputin Jr that re-assembles Mongolian hordes, like some Ivan with doomsday machines. Still, fair trials are civilized.

Is there a CdE in Poland? Not likely at all. Poland is very determined to the western alliances of EU, NATO and US – and not Russia or China. However, the Pexit Move in this P5GO (The 5th Pyramid Game Over) do appear so and sets of alarms in most involved nations. As a CdE Move, it might appear like failed Arbiter and Veto coups. However, PiS do not play Games, per definition, but operates by constitutional procedures and Law (Work). Therefore, the national Parliamentary powers has started a procedure that escalates the Quality insurance procedures to international levels of EU and NATO.

A federal Eurojust is just as important as the new federal Europol. The Pexit might trigger the necessary procedures in EU to create a pan-European Directive and procedures to quality ensure its member states Judicial Powers. The Pexit might even open for Eurojust to overrule, if national Judicial powers acts illegal. Furthermore, Europol might even be involved in eliminating organized crimes in the Judicial powers – even by judges. The determination to remove Stalinist mafia is not only in Poland, but a pan-European concern. This should also concern EU nations like Greece, Italy, France, Spain and England.

The solution was concluded in UU 2017.juni.23 about the Frexit. “An IR4-way to view a solution for proper Quality of LEJD, lies in the previously comparison of the Legislative power with a computers’ Operative Systems (UU 2017.mai.12). The analogue goes for computer bugs, computer viruses and computer parasites as well. Therefore, an efficient and realistic quality assurance for the Judicial powers will be to reconstruct and innovate the whole Judicial powers by means of virtual IT and automation. Besides, a success in healing the French Legislative power is particular important for the rest of the EU nations, since France is a dominant Juridical power for all of them. Still, the infectious bureaucratic system is pandemic and has been so throughout the cold-war. Such projects must involve all of the Quality of LEJD. The IR4 & SR4 (4th Industrial & Social Revolution) are the waves that can be utilized progressively for this and provide the power to surf it through. In conclusion, the major 5D events to come is not that unpredictable anymore, - when using relevant models for analysis.” The EU Commission should provide proper designs and applications for IR4 Judicial powers to all EU member states for free, - at least for all EU legislations, but also consolidations with national legislations.

Still, the escalation of Russian nuclear war-Games is most alarming to European nations, EU and NATO. The timing, the nukes, the Chinese involvement rises the diplomacies from Games of level 2 to potential level 4. The Move was probably just to distract ‘the west’ by some ‘false positive’ alarms. However, it was probably not the intention to set a main focus on Russian and Chinese intentions and means for the northern Europe. It has caused new questions that requires Pan-European answers: Do china install spyware in the Baltic sea? Is the Gazprom’s Stream 2 pipeline also hosting military equipment? Do they move nukes from Kaliningrad to the Pacific? Do China provide new weapon systems to Kaliningrad? Will Russia participate in simulated invitations of Taiwan in the future after all, - and will China participate in the Russian simulated invasions too? Does Chinese business involvements in Europe also include military agendas. What are the joint operations in Europe by the Chinese MSS and the new Russian MGB (Ministry for State Security)? When will China/Mongolia finally Move to reclaim Siberia? The Underworld Game KYFCYEC (Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer) seems to apply in the ‘Joint Sea’ maneuvers. Such questions are out of the bounds of this blog. However, it most certainly escalates the ambitions to create a confederal EU Defense. The issues remain for later blogs though.

Law and Justice Party
Newspapers about the legislative unrest
The Katyn Massacres https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_Uprising
The joint Russian-Chinese military exercise

Pink Floyd is previously presented in blogs like UU 2016.aug.12, UU 2015.sept.04 and in UU 2012.Juli.20. “The song ‘The Trial’ centers on the main character, Pink, who having lived a life filled with emotional trauma and substance abuse has reached a critical psychological break. The very different arrangement of the song is because Bob Ezrin was strongly involved in the production, orchestral arrangement and music. It is the fulcrum on which Pink's mental state balances. In the song, Pink is charged with ‘showing feelings of an almost human nature.’ This means that Pink has committed a crime against himself by actually attempting to interact with his fellow human beings, defying the mission towards self-isolation that defined much of his life. Through the course of the song, he is confronted by the primary influences of his life, - and a new character – the Judge. In Pink Floyd -- The Wall and the concert animations, the Judge is a giant worm for most of the song until his verse, at which point he transforms into a giant anthropomorphic body from the waist-down (bigger than the marching hammers in ‘Waiting for the Worms’), his face constructed from various elements of the buttocks and genitals. A prosecutor conducts the early portions, which consist of the antagonists explaining their actions, intercut with Pink's refrains, ‘Crazy/Toys in the attic, I am crazy,/Truly gone fishing’ and ‘Crazy/Over the rainbow, I am crazy,/Bars in the window.’ The culmination of the trial is the judge's sentence for Pink ‘to be exposed before your peers’ whereupon he orders Pink to ‘Tear down the wall!’ “ “Chiptune, also known as chip music or 8-bit music, is synthesized electronic music which is made for programmable sound generator (PSG) sound chips used in vintage computers, consoles, and arcade machines. The term also refers to tracker format music which intentionally sounds similar to older PSG-created music and music that combines PSG sounds with modern musical styles.” The association here, to this 8bit version of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Trial’, is primitive the Cold War Judicial powers and para-Courts appears. It needs upgrade to the IR4 technology. 8bit - The Trial (Pink Floyd cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SURMlcRzuK8 The Trial (Pink Floyd cover, from The Wall) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8g5WNuxR1o Pink Floyd: The Wall (Music From The Film) - 24) The Trial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrJQhFz4H2E 8-bit playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBVoONryE3s&list=RDUBVoONryE3s#t=18

Extra UU - The Katyn massacres

The Katyn massacre is a cultural trauma that cannot be ignored, projected or disillusioned anymore. The war-crimes that triggered the WW2 towards all the European states is protected with the corrupted Cold War Judicial powers and para-court. These 3 videos will put the focus on the 2 Katyn massacres and supported with the similar case of the Air Crash Investigation of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2015.
A Letter from Poland - Manipulations of the Tu-154 crash
The Katyn massacre, a truth revealed
MH17 Crash: What Really Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight? | Special Report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pU3KluWRkg
Katyn Trailer 2009 (English Translation) Music Lisa Gerrard