Roxy Hamlet

Yet another music break – this time with Roxy Music. This is a unique recoding of the original band with both Brian Ferry and Brian Eno, - plus the other skilled musicians. This song is also rather different than most pop rock songs at that time, - both in music and lyrics. In the first part, Ferry appears with reflecting hindsight in his sexy sulky way, - like some Hamlet. In part two, the musicians seem to express the frustrated agony to the conclusion. Eno do not appear often on stage, but is rather a studio synth guru. Here, in his earlier days, he appears like someone out of this world with most of ‘the science the Rocket Man does not understand’ (UU 2017.Okt.20). He even wears feathered wings, which also can symbolize relations to drugs and ‘blown up mind’.

Wikipedia writes:

The lyrics might ignite several associations about caged with ‘lifelong room service’ in privileged families. As indicated, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one. Associations are made in three recent blogs; UU 2017.mai.05 UU 2017.april.07 and UU 2016.feb.05.

Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home a Heartache + Lyrics