Custom Duty Piracy (CDP)

The Norwegian trial ‘Police vs para-Police’ is mostly related to organized crimes of Custom Duty. The trial hearings were to prove that the para-police supported the mafias in importing drugs without Custom Duty servants’ interference. Yet, proof of similar crimes has been apparent in plain sight for 25 years by organized ‘Custom Duty Piracy’ (CDP). It is ‘business as usual’ for millions of Euro. It is easy prove, though; just load up some cars of legal goods, according to the EEA Treaty, on the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo, and monitor the activities and passitivities of the public servants involved. Proper reactions for violations of the ‘Rule by law’ should be enforced by the international authorities of the Internal Market. This is most relevant for the Europol, since it is international organized crime in the EEA region, involving the Netherlands as well as Denmark and Norway.

The blogging about the ‘Police vs para-Police trial’ started in UU 2017.aug.18. It is a spin-off from the main theme ‘The 5th Pyramid’ from UU 2016.mai.13. The theme was focused in UU 2017.sept.01 and UU 2017.okt.06, - but is also mentioned in the succeeding ones. The blogs 2017.okt.13 and UU 2017.Okt.20 relates to the on-going Dane case ‘Rocket Madsen’ (UU 2017.okt.13). A reflection to the cases was: “… some kind of political ‘Bermudian’ triangle of The UN City (United Nations), The Norwegian Embassy (UD) and DIIS (Danish Institute for International Studies). The harbor to the Copenhagen-Oslo ferry (DFDS) is in the triangle. The embassy (UD), the DFDS ferry and a parallel harbor to the Gdansk/Poland ferry was moved to this area when the UN city was built some years before. (See UU 2012.jan.20). (The Gdansk ferry is ended now.) Anyways, the case is frequently reported in the global media as grotesque discoveries are fed into the press.” How to get insight in the ulterior Moves of Underworld Games? Such a metaphor might help to get the picture.

Verifying the LEJ (Legal, Executive and Judicial) quality is as easy as it is obvious. Use the principle of the so-called Black Box analysis. Send something in, see what comes out, and then conclude what it is and is not. Some European authorities should ship legal goods in legal quantities, according to the EEA and TEU Treaties, from the ‘Bermudian Triangle’ in Copenhagen/Denmark to Oslo/Norway. The shipments should simply be like they normally are between any other EEA members states. The legal transports should be well monitored, documented and reported to both the Dane and the Norwegian authorities, in addition to the relevant international authorities. However, the Norwegian CDP practices are still as before the ratification of the EEA Treaty. There are numerous complaint from several nations in the EFTA and EU. Still, the CDP violations concern the legal amount for private consumers for food, beverage and other goods. For enterprises, it is the illegal taxation of the same kind of goods, where the illegal taxes are sometimes even higher than 100%. That is not merely criminal confiscations of legal goods, - it is topped with economic penalties and possibly black-listing.

The Dane CDP is gone in hiding and is not that apparent any more. Traces of the ‘Bermudian Triangle’ affairs are sometimes exposed though, like the major ‘Panama Papers’ cases. They are related to the previous Dane/Norwegian Virgin Islands, - close to the real Bermuda Triangle. A long-lived CDP ritual is their confiscation of cars. The custom duty was over 100% when the TEU came into effect and forbid such a custom duty. In order to continue the practice, the Dane tax authority renamed the illegal tax to ‘registration fee’ (registrerings afgift). Still the CDP takes over 100% in tax from EU citizens moving to Denmark, which is in practice is illegal confiscation of private property. Still, no European authority dare to confront the Dane or Norwegian CDP, - which merely proves there are a too strong international criminal organisational within the Dane LEJ powers too.

The legal obligations are stated in the Norwegian EEA Law (EØS Loven) as well as the TEU. (UU 2017.aug.18 and UU 2014.okt.24). The TEU Chapter 2, Tax Provision, Article 110 (previous art, 90) says “No Member State shall impose, directly or indirectly, on the products of other Member States any internal taxation of any kind in excess of that imposed directly or indirectly on similar domestic products.” The same is stated in the Norwegian EEA law (EØS loven, part 2, chapter 1, article 10, 11 and 12). Both the TEU and the EEA apply to the national Penalty Laws too. However, the organized CDP in both public sectors have been going on since the ratifications – over 20 years ago. Still, the CDP is parallel to the Police and do indeed reveal some of the nature of the para-police forces.

This process does actually involve several departments of all the LEJ powers. All parts of the LEJ powers should be quality verified accordingly. It is as easy and obvious as for any system. Have some trusted professional outsiders to test for real by doing exactly what the system is made. Then monitor the outcomes, - just like a ‘black box’ analysis. Compare the outcomes with the intended result. Finally report to related independent authorities. Most important, - publish the results to engage the Democratic powers to support the progress.

Why haven’t the authorities fixed this properly decades ago? The only explanation seems to be that neither the national polices, the governments, nor the courts dare interfere with this international organized crime. Not even the legal international organisations of ‘rule by law’ like EFTA, EU, Norden or Europol dares to fight the international organized crimes of CDP. However, the new federal Europol could and should.

EEA and TEU treaties
Dane and Norwegian Penalty Laws
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