Nordic Virgin Islands

It is like a big black hole in history books – the fact that Norway and Denmark managed the Virgin Islands together until 200 years ago. Much too little is known from the prosper in ‘The Golden Age’ of the Caribbeans around 1700. Those communities collapsed when the new Russian Empire’s declared ‘Great Nordic War’ and Caribbean resourses were withdrawn. Anyways, there must have been some Christmas celebrations at the Virgin Island at that time too. Wonder how that was. Well, the Danes have made a Christmas Calendar TV-series called ‘Nissenes Ø’ (The Gnoms’ Island). Not quite any historical truth, - but it should inspire to make TV series about the Virgin Islands around 1700. Much is written about this in the UU Theme ‘Tordenskjold’s Pirates (from UU 2016.jan.08 to UU 2016.mars.11).

Nissernes Ø - Nisse Calypso
Dane Jule songs – playlist