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This final blog before 2018 focus on an imaginary personality called ‘Dane Edna’. Yes, the main inspiration is the infamous femme fatale – the Australian Dame Edna. That figure is a royalty wannabe whom seems to related to the British throne, which the common Australians are distant to. Yet, Down-under, there might as well be some upside-downs. Yet, down here, at Zealand – the queen-to-be is an Australian native, which will connect the continents in unforeseen ways. She will also have to deal with numerous Dane Ednas of the past, the present and beyond – even some 800 years old ghosts of Minsk (UU 2017.mai.05).

Anyways, having been put through some programs of historical assimilations, yet still able to double-check with the internet, - there are obviously some major Black Holes in the Dane historical writings and perceptions. Looking back on a over-due application for citizenship, - the next years’ bloggings will provide some re-discoveries of such historical Black Holes. That will be done by combining the theories of real Black Holes with the 5D model of historical scenarios (UU 2015.juni.26), - not by exposing their undetectable natures, but by realizing the virtual realities of their Event Horizons with slightly bent truths.

However, the association to this weekly selected (UU) is about some collectives of ‘queen wannabes’ that exploits the Queen’s imunity from the Juridicial power, the influence of the Executive power and some manipulations of the Legaslative processes. There are indeed some bent and covered realities by parallel Constional powers of some spirits of long gone Crimson Kings and Queens (UU 2013.Mai.24). The Australian Dame Edna reveals that the joys of xmas is as spooky as true democracy.

Dame Edna - Christmas Is The Spookiest Time Of All
The Dame Edna Experience

UU Extra - Danish Dane Ednas

Dane Edna could be a fictional character - a Danish Dame Edna, a royalty wannabe, representing the collective psyche of some present Nille – with the ambitions of conserving some outdated royal court’s power, rather than the nation’s Constitution. This association does not in any sense claim that the true royalties threatens the Dane Constitution, - but that a long-lost court of some puppet Kings and Queens might have. Here are 3 examples of Dane Ednas. Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm is a fictive Danish person that acts like a senior correspondent at the press and a cultural reporter for a newspaper. She has taken an educating role in the Dane society and do not spare any commons, that simplifies the fine arts by their simple existence. In this video, she is at the annual employee evaluation, where she sees through the Games that are played, takes control and still dominates.
Den Korte Radioavis' MUS på Radio24syv
Cirkusrevyen is the largest Danish cabaret, held at Dyrehavsbakken, north of Copenhagen – that was established in 1935. The actor Pilgaard is famous of many parodies – amongst a queen wannabe.
Cirkusrevyen 2016 Dronningens nytårstale med Ulf Pilgård
Linie 3 is a performance group from Århus. Their show consists of musical and entertaining acts. One favorite parody person is a recurring queen wannabe.
Linie 3, 25 års jubilæum - Dronningen