Microsoft and subcultures' anti-IPR

Sub-cultures in Microsoft occasional breaks through with anti-Microsoft misdeeds. So is the Global IT market warfare (see link). Like politicians; people apply, get assignments and manipulates their rivals from within. Most such sociopathic activities are prevented, some damages are normalized, yet a few breaks through with irreversible damages for the customers, the company and the civil society. However, the Underworld Game masters, remain hidden behind the scenes. The real Motives of such Games are relative market Gains by directing the angry reaction from customers, users, authorities with shitstorm towards the prey company.

Not to claim that such is the real reason for isolating these UU blogs from the Internet. Yet, it certainly seems so, since such a violation of IPR and HR is quite the opposite of true Microsoft visions, values and ethics. Nevertheless, O365 announced last year that all its customers’ SharePoint Blog sites would be blocked from the Internet. For this UU Blogs site, there are 7 years of weekly blogging, i.e. 350 blogs of 1000 A4 pages, with considerable work for each one. That violation was, however, postponed for a year due to escalating to Microsoft’s true ethics of customers Intellectual Property Rights and Business Critical failures. This year, such escalations are block to supporters’ incapacities to deal with business, ethical and legal issues. The suggested technical alternatives are practically unrealistic – which anyone involved understands very well. The SharePoint Blog App that is used to the UU Blog is unique and complex. The IPR content in the blogs cannot simply be migrated to another web site. Yet, Microsoft could offer the O365 SharePoint web-app as a Azure web-app, - but simply choose not to, - knowing very well that the consequences of such decision-making is global silencing of all public web block hosted on O365. This is practically censorship of public blogs by autocratic technocracies, – governed by anti-Microsoft values.

People should not worry more about artificial intelligence than artificial idiocy. As previous mentioned in UU Blogs, “Microsoft should be aware that anti-Microsoft is far stronger than its single departments, - such as Microsoft Denmark.” This certainly goes for departments like Office 365 and Azure too. Be extra alerted by anti-Microsoft Cloud sub-cultures. Until 2018 March - the rivalries are talked through in series of blogs like UU 2014.mars.14, UU 2014.mars.21, UU 2014.mars.28 and UU 2014.april.04.

Consequently, these last 3 months, before this global technocratic violation of the ‘freedom of speech’, - will continue as virtual memorable by other means in other spaces.

Windows XP error song
The association to this song is that some alerts have become so frequent that it is perceived as a norm – and ignored like in denials for dysfunctionalized organisations.

The announcement: “SharePoint Online Public Websites to be discontinued”
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